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  1. Yeah I saw that guy one a lot of games and he has been there for a long time, I should be the second fastest achiever in one piece burning blood but thanks to him I am the 3rd, all the other ones seem to disappear quickly but this profile isn’t going for some reason.
  2. Thanks for the advice, I am planing to start the trails soon, I am just waiting to buy a hit box or an arcade stick because after doing UMVC3 my fingers are fucked I can’t handle the controller anymore, thanks again and I will platinum it for sure! good luck with C to shinning C, the trophy is toxic for sure
  3. Assassins creed brotherhood You only need the multiplayer which I know is annoying but you can clean it if u feel like it, good luck
  4. The game isn’t easy for sure but it’s not 10/10, it’s really luck based but I give it 8/10 and you can always boost so that’s a good thing, personally I got 90% of the trophies legit with the help of my friend PTOYA, he was using zarya most of the time to help me gather them up and it took some time but that’s how I got most of them, the dlc ones are complete bullshit, I had to boost Baptist and doom fist because no way I’ll spend unnecessary time trying these bs trophies because what they are asking isn’t logical imo.
  5. I don’t know but I managed to get it for you
  6. No problem, and good idea I hope it turns out great!
  7. I found this site that displays all of your platinum trophies with the really cool advanced settings, make sure to turn the game titles off because it gets bugged. here is the website Here is my my trophy image
  8. My habits while gaming are: - I drink a lot of water and red bull while gaming I don’t know why but it’s a must thing for me. - I have an ( iPad Pro 12.9 inch ) that I use for guides and I also hate when the screen goes black lol. - I can’t focus if my neck is resting backwards, it needs to be forward lol that’s why my neck and back are completely fucked. - I am always in a party chat talking to my friends because without talking to someone gaming becomes boring for some reason unless it’s a story game that I am interested in. - I listen to discussions while gaming on YouTube in topics that I am interested in and listen to music of course.
  9. I should be in the great seal rank I have platinumed 4 persona games. persona 3 dancing moon light persona 4 dancing all night persona 5 dancing start light persona 5 vanilla version
  10. Platinum 53

    One piece burning blood 


    nice game, I got the 3rd fastest achiever since the first one is a hacker, I should be the second

    it was a good speed run but as usual when ever I make a speed run something happens that makes me go for some time, I lost more than half an hour but it’s fine I am quite happy with it.

    thanks to my friend PTOYA for the help in online

  11. I agree man what a weak sale, hopefully there is more, I have been waiting for skull girls 2nd encore to go one sale and some other games
  12. I would love SKATE 4
  13. I have faith in u bro, I am sure the guide will be amazing, I will buy the Witcher and plat it using ur guide for sure!
  14. Thanks for reply, will do that for sure!
  15. My sister did the glitch and got 20 million in 5 mins lol when it took me months, now if she buys all the stuff with zeni will she be flagged?