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  1. I don’t think it will affect any online trophies, having access to ranked and player match will grant you all the online trophies in the game
  2. Platinum 75:
    Ultra Street fighter IV + 100%


    Trophy Collector 
    Attain all Trophies! The path of the warrior demands this from those who walk on it!

    Man where do I start, I started this game last December when I used to suck at fighting games. I did it as a big risk big reward type of thing lol I was almost certain that maybe years will go by and I may not have this plat but I was wrong, after completing the online I abandoned this game for 8 full months, then I decided to come back and finish the trials, surprisingly they weren’t as bad as I imagined, my experience with other fighting games have payed off especially with umvc3  which is a lot harder than this game in my opinion.

    Arcade mode wasn’t that bad but that bastard Seth annoyed me a lot with some characters who I didnt know how to play with...


    Overall I really enjoyed it, I never thought I like a street fighter game but it was fun, not my favorite though but not as bad as I expected, this game is all about timing and patience, I recommend you play this game or street fighter 5 if you want to play a good fighting game!


    and shoutout to @Copanele for being my trial mate, enjoyed it a lot, I hope we do it with another game one day.


    Anyway here is the rating for the platinum
    Fun: 8/10
    Difficulty: 7.5/10
    Time: 107 hours


    P.s here is a pic of when I decided to start the game and the other one of for my trophy cabinet which is now full of games that are sub 1%


  3. Great pretender 10/10 A series of unfortunate events has led Makoto "Edamame" Edamura to adopt the life of crime—pickpocketing and scamming others for a living. However, after swindling a seemingly clueless tourist, Makoto discovers that he was the one tricked and, to make matters worse, the police are now after him. While making his escape, he runs into the tourist once again, who turns out to be a fellow con man named Laurent Thierry, and ends up following him to Los Angeles. In an attempt to defend his self-proclaimed title of "Japan's Greatest Swindler," Makoto challenges his rival to determine the better scammer. Accepting the competition, Laurent drops them off outside a huge mansion and claims that their target will be the biggest mafia boss on the West Coast. Jumping from city to city, Great Pretender follows the endeavors of Makoto alongside the cunning Laurent and his colorful associates in the world of international high-stakes fraud. Soon, Makoto realizes that he got more than what he bargained for as his self-declared skills are continually put to the test.
  4. Platinum 74 and my 4000k milestone:





    Champion of Fantasia

    Bestowed upon those who have been awarded with everything

    Battle Fantasia has to offer. Thanks for playing!


    Difficulty: 5/10 - 9/10 for new comers to fighting games 

    Time: around 75 hours

    Fun: 8/10 but collecting the 100% in gallery makes it go down to 2/10.

    Rarity: 0.60%

    Battle Fantasia is a fighting game released in 2007 developed by Arc System Works and localized by ArcSys Games, I had a lot of fun playing this especially the challenge for beating death bringer with a perfect victory while surviving his Ultimate which was insane because you have to parry 24 hits and if for some reason you couldn’t u will have start again, that alone took me like 18 hours because I was playing with Urs who didn’t have a good parry animation because you can barley see it, I didn’t have a lot of issues when I switched to coyori. And survival mode was hard and not forgiving you will have to defeat 30 opponents in a row without dying. The game is like 13 years old and very unbalanced.


    Going for the gallery was very boring to the point I was watching netflix while playing LoL, watched and finished Dark Knight trilogy and a good anime called the great pretender. I recommend both of these!


    I also struggled to find good information for some stuff I needed so I decided to write a guide for this game and it's nearly 50% done, it should be up in the next few weeks.

  5. I kinda didn’t like it but I had like 5 friends who aren’t trophy hunters who messaged me asking how my level is so high I just told them to get one trophy and sync, and man they were really happy for some reason so I kinda get why Sony did it so everyone feels good about them selfs, its just that trophy updates should be about what trophy hunters want not the whole community. either way I am starting to get used to it, its just weird because it took a month for me to level up and now I can easily, and the platinum icon on the ps5 looks dope as fuck, I wish I can get there one day.
  6. What are you trying to prove? this person dedicated time and effort to get good at the game, sadly I am not into guitar hero/rhythm games but my point still stand, if you put enough effort into a game you will get.
  7. Sadly you can’t
  8. If my grandma can do it then why yours can’t? have some faith in her man!
  9. Yeah I see, street fighter is kinda a unique game, not a big fan of it but the community is insane from what I see at EVO
  10. They honestly don’t give a damn, if you aren’t a hacker then you are perfectly fine to boost battlefield
  11. Do u seriously think gaming companies care if u boost trophies? you can message EA and they will unbanned you immediately, and they have a warning system same on with fifa you get 3 warnings, and I know that they can spot boosters but they won’t banned the account just you from the game ( unlikely to happen in none sports games ) and once you message them they will unbanned you, somehow the OP didn’t get banned but his friend did? Ok lol + I never heard of anyone get banned from BF Hardline if so then his friend should show the chat long with the PSN agent so we can confirm other than that it’s a lie imo
  12. No he didn’t get banned for boosting your friend got banned for playing with a jail broken ps3 or something, there is no way you can be banned for boosting, sorry to break it to you but ur friend is a liar 🤥
  13. None, I believe every game can be completed by every person, skill is obtained with time and patience. motivation is a different thing since the person doesn't want to bother with it, btw you can do street fighter the online can be boosted!
  14. I agree man, no good sales this year like flash sales, under 5$ etc... the big in Japan sale was basically copy pasted
  15. Thank god there is no new trophies, I would’ve fainted