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  1. I put my first song on SoundCloud

    check it out if your interested.

  2. I just started playing from where i left off on ps5 but now I’m in mobile, is it okay to grind on mobile? And will trophies pop when I get back on ps5?
  3. It’s impossible, I spent countless hours in this game to obtain that trophy… plat takes around 250+ hours so prolly a hacker
  4. For me coup de Gracie was bugged has to do it few times on the move popped first time, yoka isn’t popping even after nearly 8 minute payload game without dying and healing shit ton
  5. All new dlc trophies are bugged… I’m kinda sure you have to do them 3/4 so they pop, or they’ll pop first try junker queen, I did the requirements 6 times for the trophy to pop, so be patient I guess
  6. I see, kinda sucks but dlc ain’t that expensive so it’s all good thanks for the info ❤️
  7. I’m referring to the ps3 collection with origins, I already own ps4 collection and yes everything is included
  8. Does buying Batman Arkham collection includes all dlc for Arkham origins and Arkham city?
  9. Honestly this is beyond disappointing, I was one of the first to get 100% when they added the final dlc echo I thought ow 2 would be a new game and at least have a new launcher… like why the …. it’s even called “2” It’s just an update to change the system free to play, I have a feeling ow”2” won’t last 2 years and will shut down for good they are clearly milking the game in it’s final days, such a shame ow in 2016 was one of the best games I ever played
  10. Patiently waiting for overwatch 1 shutdown to see what will happen…

    hoping for 2 new stacks, there could be regional stacks like fall guys lol

    it's been so long since I last gamed, now I’m feeling the hunger to smash more insane games muehehe

    1. Yukiko Amagi

      Yukiko Amagi

      Same here old friend. I go for something extremely powerful for my next milestone. :)

  11. Ayyy congrats bro. It’s been a while since we talked ! I am glad you smashed it like a BOSS
  12. Chill out, even fox girl isn’t pissed that much, it’s fine to exchange opinions it’s a part of a healthy conversation and I know haser personally, haser is cool, I don’t know why you are so triggered by him commenting on a thread.
  13. Man this really sucks, you didn’t do anything wrong nor reply with hate towards that person, I don’t understand the mods sometimes they want the forums to look like haven by deleting threads and posts instead of giving a warning to the person who starts the beef, why not banned these alt accounts created just to harass people, they clearly create them to harass people. unbelievable… I haven’t gamed or touched the forums for around 2 months and man not seeing some toxic people here can make your life better for sure lol anyway good luck to you man, but don’t leave! we need more people like you for this community to be better. Have a great day!