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  1. Why should I appreciate him for having a basic feature? thanks Jim Ryan for letting me buy games in the ps store with my money lmao
  2. Looks EASY (;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)
  3. I played yakuza 3 on ps3 before, it’s the weakest in the series, I haven’t played 4,5 but my friends told me they are much better
  4. Exactly, he never explains he just fills out a page filled with irrelevant stuff
  5. I am really exited for this game!
  6. How is this your only account when almost every game you have has fastest time achiever why not link us your original account, because if you do that you will prove yourself that you weren’t a hacker before, if not then don’t keep crying when they call you a cheater,
  7. I’m such and idiot I spent 3 hours fishing as majima trying to get the salmon and eel fish for the friendship bar only to find out that they only spawn on the other side of the river that I didn’t know it even exited, fuck.

    1. Copanele


      Hahah welcome to Pro Bass Sotenbori fishing xD 

    2. MidnightDragon
  8. You people have to understand that Sony hired this guy to make money, Jim Ryan and Sony dosent give a single fuck about any of us, we are just numbers to them. and I know a lot of us are pissed but we aren’t even %1 fo the PlayStation community, normal gamers don’t see the old store going down as a big issue because they are probably playing fortnite or cod. Sony main focus are on casual gamers, we aren’t as important, even looking at trophy lists they became a joke, nothing challenging anymore they just want casual gamers platinuming there games like compare farcry2 with the latest far cry game, there is no creativity with the trophy lists anymore, just beat the game and some side quests and here ya go a new platinum. I’m really disappointed and angry myself but I understand now that I don’t mean shit to Sony so I should either accept this or move on with my life and do something else.... I hope you guys look at this the same way, because it’s not worth it getting angry on something you have no control over.
  9. Will definitely check this one out
  10. I haven’t listened to a lot but my favorites are impulsive podcast gotta get it podcast and I would love to see this thread get more comments so I have it as my podcasts recommendation thread.
  11. Don’t change ur psn name, finish your ps3 games then change it
  12. I don’t know the game but that’s unfortunate, the only solution for you is to buy the game on NA account
  13. Can you fully 100% genshin impact without spending money because honestly the prices are insane $100 for 50 wishes, hell no

    1. starcrunch061


      While I don't know, from the info I've gathered from others, I think the answer is "yes". Even the staunchest of anime/jrpg/etc. fans tend to call out complete "pay2win" mechanics, and everyone who plays this says pretty bluntly that you can enjoy it just fine without paying a dime.


      I would nonetheless wait for someone else to speak, but that's been my experience perusing threads here and on gamefaqs.

    2. Sir_Bee


      I cannot speak to any trophies after the expansion, but you can absolutely get all the original trophies without paying any money.  Only reason I don't have them is because I got bored of the game, not anything else preventing me from getting them.

    3. Atoya


      Thanks for the answers, I just wish this game was normal priced because all the cool characters are in packages, and I don’t like gambling with my money because in fifa 15 I spent more than 1k on packs, so I’ll stay away from this game for now.

  14. That’s cool, if you have any questions regarding a game that I completed feel free to message me