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  1. Yeah it takes time to get used to Grundy, I had a lot problems at first canceling the down M to H, but I got used to it with time, and never give up on your run, because I had a bad start when I first did it and lost all of my first bar, but as the run continued I made up for my mistakes, I will try my best to explain it!! it should be up in the next few days or so..
  2. Solomon Grundy, I hope it will help!
  3. I will be making a video of me doing the impossible run and I will add commentary to try and explain, I got it the first try in the NA version now I will be making the EU, it shouldn’t take that much
  4. Your account looks insane, keep going and you will have a insane account (:.

    1. Atoya


      Thanks bro, I appreciate your support

      btw congrats on crash ! Insane speed for sure !!!

    2. lmJokerr-
  5. I’m getting this day one for sure!
  6. Nice profile pic bro xD

    1. timpurnat


      haha thanks man lmao, my friend made it😂

  7. I got ultimate battler trophy today in injustice gods among us, I hope I don’t look like I am bragging because I am not this trophy is a joke even people who aren’t good at fighting games can get it, the whole plat is a joke, I don’t understand how a trophy like this is rarer than UMVC3 plat, THE MAX run was the hardest, I did the impossible run on my first try which was funny because I thought it will be a nightmare, tomorrow I’ll start the second stack!


    thanks @Sergen for the Solomon Grundy guide it helped a lot!

    I had fun today with @lmJokerr- and @timpurnat today, you guys are legends!

    1. timpurnat


      Had fun as well bro! congrats on the trophy legend🏆

    2. lmJokerr-


      You are awesome!

  8. "Short Guide" I thought it was gonna be like 6 minutes long not 6 hours, haha. I'll definitely be using th Lol well the game is really long so 6 hours in a guide is short imo
  9. Nice tips mate but following @Bushido_Cypher Guide will be much easier It has been confirmed that following this short guide will earn you the platinum!
  10. After having EA finally announced SKATE, I couldn’t help my self I wanted to play skate 3 so bad lol


    i ordered it and I hope the online servers will still be ON once it arrives 

    1. lmJokerr-


      Let's go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Hello neighbor
  12. Ok Abby
  13. pretty active even now because tlou2 didn’t come out with multiplayer, so maybe finish it quickly before the multiplayer gets added to TLOU2
  14. Bo3, I remember you from Overwatch boosting session hahahahaha, it’s been a long time tho