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  1. there is a Glitch for get all mission and trophy Veteran 1- play the mission on easy 2- when you reach in last chick point quite the game 3- go select mission chose the mission have you playing chose the difficult Veteran when the screen loading - press home buttom in Ps4 then Close the game 4- back to game press resume you see now you are in last chick point with Veteran mode ( still working 2019/10/18 with all Mission ) you can get fastest achive too 😎
  2. congratulations then
  3. if still this trophy not unlocking try delete the save and repeat - i remember COD IW there is 1 trophy glitch is Domnation and needed asian sever or North A
  4. Excatly if this trophy not unlocking with you just let some Asian player great loby and invite you after beat 1 match the trophy is yours im do this for my friends before
  5. the fastest way for this trophy You should do all Challenge Mission on Easy mode => if you want fastest platinum you must started the mission and do as much as you could challenge after Complete the game come back for end the rest you need keep your mind in your weapon ( Farming every weapon ) ( Mission robot its good for you after Destroy the brain without end the mission there 5 - 6 robot come without weapon every 2 second after kill them the very important & Difficult thing you should beat the game on ( realistic mode & veteran mode without die or chick point & Complete the Training simulation on realistic => the simulation have glitch you can do this easy and still working now 2019/10/18 but offline not online you can use 2 controller & about veteran mode i can help you im not bad with cod if you went thats all what you need Regards
  6. thanks for shearing dude i wish some discount for the witcher 3
  7. i buy 2 game today Devil may cry 5 & Assassins odyssey
  8. The Lion King
  9. trophy need for speed you mean right ?
  10. i am 39 years old my account playstation network Since 2008 until now in PSNProfiles site i am new Member here even 3 months ago
  11. nice and good guide dude keep up
  12. i will give you some tips that i hope will benefit you by getting platinum in the fastest time first : we start with the player Powerpyx this player is not a single player are several professional players he got platinum to buy his own version of game ( delux edition ) there is a instruction book ( road map ) explain you how to get platinum with all detail you need to get it after he now all detail he starting the game second : some players before play any game or get platinum he read all detail information game & trophy and watch alot video available to this game after that he will training in second account when he done game 100% and need get fast achive in world he will repeat te game in his own account
  13. Welcome to family PSNProfiles i hope you will enjoying with all amazing guys here have good time
  14. Congratulations dude
  15. MMA

    Yah I love all self-defense