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  1. Acch I was seal my vita 7 days ago it’s really console handheld it’s dead
  2. Nioh - Cod - witcher 3 - dragon ball
  3. accch i dont like this 2 game
  4. Death Stranding- Trophy WE'RE WHOLE AGAIN
  5. It’s very boring like 40 hr farming police
  6. I love friends when I watch them challenge each other
  7. The main reason is to work and take care of other things. Not all of them play. There are things we deserve to do and develop. Games are free time and some time. i love longest time with platinum , but i have some game fast achive cause my friend he pro like me and he always challenge me and i love defeat him lol
  8. Worst service ever anyway
  9. I’m wait US Store , thx for shearing
  10. I have a lot game pre-order like cod - death stranding - days gone - crash - spider man .... and the big problem still not playing:(
  11. This brings back memories - Uncharted Drake’s Fortune
  12. After making planning roadmap and know every trophy - I am get platinum SEKIRO: SHADOWS DIE TWICE last earned
  13. Achhh lool beer 🍺 & pee that’s what I’m talking about :v
  14. Just lost money nothing else
  15. I can’t stop playing PS3 cause, I love Call of Duty all season in ps3 and I’m still enjoying when I played