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  1. SotC is good but like every great masterpiece there are flaws. First the time attacks are hard but on hard mode it's hell itself with the 3rd and 15th colossus plus Wander being a living rag doll. Second the fruits and lizards are a chore. Third the credits freeze if you don't press the PS button on every colossus remains. Not sure if I would play the remake once I get the PS5 but this spiritual successor/prequel to Ico is good.
  2. 1. Far Cry 2 2. Splinter Cell: Double Agent 3. Splinter Cell: Conviction
  3. Platinum Trophy - Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Pro - Single player on campaign mode. Cons - Co-op, guerilla mode and multiplayer mode.
  4. Me too, dude! I am in the same boat as you. I have no love for leaderboards but I absolutely hate multiplayer.
  5. Is there still a connection problem for players to do co-op on campaign? Also anyone avaliable to do it? Those who joined never respond.
  6. Ghost Recon Future Soldier. Multiplayer and guerilla mode is 007 Blood Stone all over again. I'm a Battle Buddies trophy away to a platinum.
  7. I never played the series but now I can hope into series soon. I donated to Kickstarter and I'm so excited to get the key and see my name in the credits. It's very likely the other Ty games will be remastered to consoles. Let's hope Krome Studios will continue the series!
  8. Never played this game (thank God) but you can't denied music from Sonic games rocks!
  9. Hey I've been waiting to complete the game and nobody is answering. Is this game dead or what? Just want to finish this chore of a game before Ubisoft close the servers for the PS5 or whatever.
  10. I have. Here's the following: Singularity (Multiplayer) Resident Evil: Revelations (Raid mode) James Bond 007: Blood Stone (Multiplayer) Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (Camaraderie and AI parts) Demon's Souls GoldenEye 007: Reloaded (Multiplayer) Ghost Recon Future Soldier (Currently)
  11. Well, campaign is great but waiting to co-op it. Guerrilla mode is so goddamn annoying and keep getting slaughtered at wave 47 at the airstrip. I'm waiting for MP and I know it's going to be a living hell. 😡
  12. I got to wave 47 solo. Lots of fails. Need help but invites are not letting a friend join me.
  13. Damn it. Want it like the original not the BFG Edition.
  14. Oh yeah. I had my PS3 for years and I didn't the PS4. With the PS5, I can play both versions in one console.
  15. Didn't like MGS4. I prefer MGS2 over 4 the only thing I didn't like in 2 was the VR missions.