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  1. I am trying get a few more wins for the last trophy for RE5. Is Team Slayers really dead?
  2. Just delete the PROFILE USER save and the counts would go to 40/60 I think. You replay the challenges you already earned the ribbons before the delete.
  3. I got it! Finally! This was done by the delete profile user save trick
  4. Damn it!
  5. I 100% Episode 2 but yet to do both 1999 mode trophies for the main game. While the glitch work after I get the platinum trophy?
  6. I played survivor on new game plus and haven't got the last two gold trophies. Wtf went wrong? Damn
  7. I did that. But there's no nuke on the helipad or even on the sides of the platform.
  8. I tried to extract nuke from rival FOBs but everytime I do nuke equipped FOBs search they NEVER have a single nuke. Why is that?
  9. Just keep trying, dude. You'll definitely get yours and score a victory over those damn bot loving scalpers.
  10. I know you'll get a PS5 soon. The secret is using Spiel Times on Discord or Twitter and trying to snag a PS5 bundle if you want to.
  11. When I heard about the PS5, I decided to skip the PS4 because I heard about the backward compatibility and I can save a lot when upgrading from the PS3. But the damn bot using scalpers made it impossible! Since November 2020 I've tried to get a console until early this year I heard about the tracking in Discord and decided to use to get a better chance of snagging a PS5 console. After many failed attempts, I decided to get a bundle at Best Buy and finally I did the checkout successfully!
  12. The PS5 is one of the hardest things to find and buy in these troubling times thanks to the shortage problem and scalpers who use bots and selling them at ridiculous prices. But thanks to tracking and security measures getting a PS5 console is a bit better than late 2020. So tell us your story on how you finally getting your hands on the beautiful PS5. Note: please don't give details such as specific locations and addresses because there's people out there will steal your PS5 at home or even at the store you're picking the console. P.S. No scalpers allowed!
  13. There are some from my trophy collection but if I have to choose the rarest would be Platinum Trophy from Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Soldier and the one with the fewest achievers would be Platinum Bond from 007: Blood Stone.
  14. Archive Collector - Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles
  15. SotC is good but like every great masterpiece there are flaws. First the time attacks are hard but on hard mode it's hell itself with the 3rd and 15th colossus plus Wander being a living rag doll. Second the fruits and lizards are a chore. Third the credits freeze if you don't press the PS button on every colossus remains. Not sure if I would play the remake once I get the PS5 but this spiritual successor/prequel to Ico is good.