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  1. I noticed that too, I hope this is a bug and not a new "feature". Other than that, the update didn't break anything for me.
  2. So, all my accounts (american, brazilian and japanese) are affected. I can't download games, DLCs and themes however I can download some demos (not all of them). Thankfully most of my stuff is already installed, but I was planning to buy the last games I wanted from the store. I have the faintest glimmer of hope this will be sorted out because the missing Ratchet & Clank Going Commando issue has been fixed. All I can do now is wait...
  3. Getting the dog tags is not that difficult, the hardest part is dealing with the bosses. The last bosses combo (Tengu soldiers, Metal Gear RAYs and Solidus) on Extreme difficulty is quite tough. To be fair the Solidus fight is not that hard but you'll have so little healh left that any attack will be an instant game over. Then there's the VR missions, a lot of them. Raiden's are the easiest while MGS1 Snake's are the hardest, especially the "variety 01" mission (protect the cardboard box with the sniper rifle). I'd say MGS2 is the hardest plat of the whole series.
  4. I was going to say just that, lmao. It's tradition by now, I'll be shocked if this doesn't release in April.
  5. The combat maps are by far the easiest and most enjoyable part of DLC if you like Arkham City's combat gameplay. The most difficult one is Joker's Carnival, but if you are just going for trophies then you can skip it. Predator maps are a lot harder. Campaigns can go to hell. If you strive for completion, then this is how you'll want your stat screen to look like: Picture taken November 19th 2021. This is the PS3 version btw.
  6. Control (PS4) "Director of the FBC" Rarity PSNP = 27.63% (Uncommon) Rarity PSN = 4.0% (Ultra rare)
  7. The only one lower than 0.62% I know of is Raiden IV at 0.40%.
  8. Wait is that possible now? I lost the MotorStorm updates after my fat PS3 got the YLOD. I imagine the people that got trophies legitimately when the official servers were up would be upset. Maybe this solution would be better applied to single trophies instead of whole games. For instance, MotorStorm Pacific Rift online trophies earned after a certain date (in this case the day the servers were shutdown) do not count towards the leaderboards, everything earned before then is fair game.
  9. That kind of put off me from playing Apocalypse tbh. I might get into it if there's a workaround. I remember I unlocked it halfway through the campaign and at the time I didn't even have the DLC packs. It's a bummer they introduced the save corruption bug, I could only play the DLC by earasing my save file and starting from scratch. Then I unlocked the Atlas Earthquake again lol.
  10. This is by far the most stupid thing about this game. Trophies should never be tied to anything in game, they are and always have been extra objectives.
  11. I have a tip for those completing the VR missions a second time: Turn the game console off right now! For real, I praise your patience and skill. Now go and protect that curry!
  12. Game servers will eventually all be shutdown, no doubt about that. The PS Store may go away as well, however as Sony removed credit card payment to prevent security issues I don't see any reason to close the PS3 store, even in it's current sorry state. Two things must be kept online at all costs: The download list and trophy support. Well, to be fair the former is far more important than the latter. For now I think PS3 trophy support is safe because of the streamable games offered by PS+ Deluxe. I'm much more worried about items from my download list mysteriously vanishing as it's the case of Ratchet and Clank Going Commando.
  13. While I was checking my PS3 download list I noticed that R&C Going Commando was missing. It's part of the digital Collection that includes the classic trilogy. Looking online what this issue could be I came across these reddit threads: A problem with Ratchet & Collection on the PS3 Ratchet and Clank 2 broken on PS Store How to play R&C Going Commando digital on ps3 It appears the inclusion of the R&C Collection on PS+ Premium broke something in Sony's servers. Given the neglect the PS3 has been going through, I assume this problem won't be fixed anytime soon. I'm lucky I still have the game installed, however I'm now hostage to the hard drive: if it fails or I swap it, poof, game's gone for good. I seriously hope this doesn't mark the beginning of digital PS3 games slowly disappearing from our download lists.
  14. I believe the milestone tracking is bugged. Pretty much half of my campaign milestones didn't count towards the "Argentas Paladi" progress bar.
  15. 2012: 2 [PS3] Prince of Persia (10.42%) [PS3] Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (17.39%) 2013: 4 [PS3] Uncharted: Drake's Deception (9.80%) [PS3] Assassin's Creed II (23.58%) 2014: 2 [PS3] Mirror's Edge (2.80%) [PS3] Enslaved: Odyssey to the West (11.12%) 2015: 9 [PS3] Portal 2 (5.09%) [PS3] Jak and Daxter (37.71%) 2016: 3 [PS3] Just Cause 2 (4.91%) [PS3] Tomb Raider: Underworld (15.72%) 2017: 4 [PS3] Assassin's Creed Revelations (8.12%) [PS3] Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (20.95%) 2018: 3 [PS3] Batman Arkham City (4.39%) [PS3] Alice Madness Returns (14.45%) 2019: 23 [PS3] Brütal Legend (2.74%) [PS3] Sly 2: Band of Thieves (55.52%) 2020: 3 [PS3] Metal Gear Rising Revengeance (2.36%) [PS3] Dead Space 2 (6.38%) 2021: 0 2022: 7 [PS4] Just Cause 3 (3.12%) [PS4] Concrete Genie (41.00%) Total: 60