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  1. this seems like a good game marred by a few launch issues that were made worse by pandemic influx of people and, well square aren't exactly known for their prowess in onling gaming and networks etc. im gunna wait to get it i think, looks fun though. just wish it were more like remnant.
  2. i had a dreamcast but never played theese games before, bought all 3 today so I'm gunna see what i've been missing.
  3. thanks for reigniting a war with microsoft and losing us access to future bethesda titles!
  4. i would have grabbed it day one if it was stable. i didn't because it was't, not just stability but awful aiming. And I would have appreciated my purchase more when amazing free dlc rolled in. but we live in a world where anthem and fallout 76 now exist, and games like Tlou 2 whilst still stand on their merits, suffered from over ambition and deceptive marketting to at the very least make you believe you were getting what ND wanted you to think you would be getting when you weren't. but from all of the interviews i've seen him in he's been very diplomatic and careful with his words, he was even on the original GoW creator's YT channel doing an interview recently, his exit came up and he shared some diplomatic thoughts on it, so if anything this seems a bit overblown, but even if it wasn't the guy had his entire studio gutted to feed drucman a few new disposable animators lol so i imagine he would be pissed.
  5. don't judge how good or bad you are by how fast you get through the game, it's one to be enjoyed at whatever pace your going at, but if you mean specifically how far in should you be on a thorough playthrough your right on track i'd say.
  6. parts of this game are easily a 6, maybe even a 7 for some people. but then i played it the hardest way possible so for me it was way more of a pain then it had to be. vast majority of the game is a 5. but first playthrough on normal has some difficult spikes made easier with underdstanding mechanics. 5 or 6 is pretty accurate (imo).
  7. loved every second of this game, every inch of midgar was memorable to me, i still remember the dialogue and laughing at bits; enjoying the levity i remember even now as i type. to each their own i suppose but i loved it.
  8. this is one of my all time fav megadrive games, i just loved the animations and the music, and the weapons, and well everything really. only game i liked more then this was ecco the dolphin, heh fun times. christ i feel old.
  9. i had this game on ps1. i was young so wasn't really on the level with everything that had to be done wasn't used to the gameplay was weird but i played it for months, not sure if i finished it though, i just remember it being like a weird voodoo duke nukem type thing. i want parasite eve, nightmare creatures, soul reaver series.also the suffering!
  10. baldur's gate dark alliance psi-ops silent hill 2-3 Thrill Kill (never officially released) FF X
  11. Hard Reset Redux, Shadow Warrior 1&2, Blasphemous, Val Faris, Rive, Slain back from hell, 2064 read only memories, Salt & Sanctuary.
  12. as a massive fan of the pc original this is fuckin awful in every way but especially the ai, they don't act like the ai i know. they are fucked like ubisoft ai, they see you through dense foliage it's obnoxious and rage inducing. pretty bad remaster. and so is the aiming, no acceleration whatsoever. feels so slow on dualsense even with maxxed sensitivities.
  13. it's a japanese game so expect it to swallow up half your life, like cancer. as far as i'm aware you literally have to "be" one of those youtube 0.1% of the world type speedrunner pros to get the completion within a few weeks. lol. you need something like perfect, flawless unbroken combos in everysection without ever being hit or missing a combo for the entire game on hardest difficulty.
  14. for me i've only drifted when playing ps4 games on PS5 and here's the funny thing, it'd drift non stop but when i restarted the console it never did it again. personally i think all the messing around with sony's servers have caused this on their end, i know some youtuber made a vid "exposing" the drift issue but in all honesty i think it's BS. the drift I had didn't seem like drift more like some sorta firmware issue or something, since the controller has it's own firmware doesn't it. but in every case where i've had drift a restart fixed it permanantly for that specific game and it never came back.
  15. shitty gimmick that has cost us all really. it just adds more things that can break inside the controller. and they serve no purpose. I don't need my hand held when pushing triggers lol, idk what exactly they're supposed to adapt to, it's just unnessercary pressure and strain on plastic cogs that shouldn't exist.