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  1. one of the dlcs was really good, loads of challenges you have to do, and you get items that you have to place down on the thrones of the gods. towards the end i noticed a ton of the items were glitching, but ubisoft accounted for that and has fixed it, so if you see any weird glitches don't worry.
  2. i love this game allot, cringe dialogue in places but its so moody and atmospheric and the guns are fun. excellent audio design, really booming moody music, the voice acting and sound is great but the dialogue is so "jill sandwidch!" level bad they must have done it that way on purpose to pay homage to the shit dialogue of the past. the collectibles and notes are quite well written and tell interesting little yarns sometimes.
  3. i played it through without a single crash or issue. sucks.
  4. I love goin for URs, long harder games or even weird glitchy messes. because somehow I come to appreciate them all in some way. then occasionally i wanna turn off my brain get nutted and play a chiller but i don't wanna do a super easy 80+% game so i do something 40-60 only to discover it required more thought then I was willing to give it and it pisses me off a bit lol. i find harder UR games to be easier as I go into them in the right mindset, get the loops down and smash em till done. and most of the time i enjoy myself.
  5. first was really good for it's time, great humour and banter. second was mindblowing. third was meh 4th was prententious boring tosh hated every second of it. didn't finish it. lost legacy was ok. I like chloe and the other woman was just, a hammer in uc4 so to see the other sides to her was nice, she was cool.
  6. there is an armor set that gives you increased resistances to magic, the one you find inside the labyrinth is the best but obviously you need to get past a ton of hammer dudes. if your really struggling you can suicide your way through them all just sprint and hope. but you should have an armor set that gives suitable protection i remember going toe to toe with the hammer guys the whole time and having no issue whatsoever. i just remember hating that shitty magic hammer and using something else i forget what i smashed the game pretty quick.
  7. i don't buy new games anymore. so i'll probably wait a few years. my backlog is like a back catalogue. Did anyone else see sony's bait and switch move? quite clever.. people uhrming and arring over whether to spend the money on forbidden west at launch. they say "you gotta do digital if you want the upgrade" then walk it back asap to win them over and change the conversation behind the purchase. haha.
  8. Hi guys, just wondering if anyone has encountered this? Im playing Ziggurat and the trophy "Ultraviolence" 5k kills required hasn't unlocked. I tried everything from clearing cache, reinstalling, rebuilding database, deleting profile, nothing.. so i started again, PS4 this time, and i got to 4950 kills, backed up save to usb and then did like 10 attempts accross PS4 and PS5 and nothing.. i emailed the dev he responds with: " I don't know what else to try tbh. From our analytics, the trophy isn't bugged and people has been unlocking it no problem. The trophy unlock is attempted once per session, even if you load a save with a kill count above the required amount (the attempt will be done the next time you kill an enemy), as long as the system is reporting you don't have the trophy unlocked yet. While I don't have the game's source available right now (it's been over 5 years since its latest patch), I'm rather sure that kill count was saved in the game's save data, so if you already tried with a fresh save and installation, I don't know what else can be tried. I don't know if the game being from the NA region can be a problem or not, we're not doing anything special in regards to that so it should follow the common behavior for these cases. Also a single trophy failing would be even weirder." TL:DR game is refusing to give me a trophy because it believes I already have it i guess...
  9. i never played the original quake so im looking forward to this, hafta get the old pen drives out and make backups of my backups cuz this shit sounds bad, still gonna do it though. here's hoping quake 2 comes out and they fix this shit because that game is amazing. same for quake 4 that had a great story, more of a re-imagining then a true sequel still great though.
  10. i remember doing them on dreamcast, thanks opti.
  11. on ps5 it's fucked, if you go afk for an hr the game just utterly breaks from memory leaks and you gotta restart to get the normal experience back. one funny thing though is i had infinite ammo in my pistol yesterday, was pretty fun, jack bauer'd my way through the whole of chapter 3.
  12. aye melo it's a broken little bastard of a game. I had the wirdest shit happen to me yesterday, i threw open a door trapped a zombie behind the door and the wall, it fell through the floor and then somehow teleported above me and super mario'd me into the ground and i just died. also the rotating disk puzzle, that opens the water fountain. one of the disks were broken took me hrs to realise west and east had to be shipping to let me through, even though it should be hunting.
  13. it's broken beyond belief, fallout 76 / cyberpunk levels of inherent borked-ness. I imagine they were either inundated with refunds, or just got sick of it after CP and will pull anything that is more hassle then it's worth.
  14. the devs are lgbt friendly. and have made games in the past that have embraced characters that are gay or bi etc. that and it's actually a damn fun flashy little arcade game, it's a recipe for 10/10s all round with 2021s mainstream media. I for one love the look of it, not played it, but i got it sealed still, so I'll dive in eventually.
  15. crashland 2 was very fun, but definitely needs a patch. on ps5 it was every hour, and always on a quick/auto save just to fuck you over that bit more, and make you dread saving. on pro i read it was very often, sometimes just 10 mins apart. happened to me allot at the end aswel.