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  1. bought this game months ago. kept it sealed as they never patched the ps5 version. then in black friday it was half price, so I sent it back and re-purchased it. definitely looking forward to playing the ps5 version.
  2. i played rise of the womb raider and well, never again. it's ok for a gamers standpoint but for completionist point of view, it's never ending, and boring aswel. I heard this was way worse then rise though.
  3. wtf was that? mouldy cheese on toast would be more appealing. just add a raid mode like revelations with a stonking epic sound track like 4th survivor hunk in re2 remake, and fully upgradeable weapons like revelations series, coop sponge fest i'd happily do that. but resistance and now this it's becomming like a forced trend, anything they can do to get more people playing.
  4. Maneater Plat
  5. if you go on the right side he will fuck you, just go left and as close as you can to him and he doesn't hit you much and you can heal through it if he does hit you.
  6. i bought the ultimate edition just recently, plan on getting all trophies, heard some people say the game is glitched though just trying to find out to what extent. and a collection of maps I may or may not need not looked into the game too much yet. I got several UR plats to do first.
  7. games like this should just get a bot update. let everyone farm hard difficulty bots for 6 weeks, I know some of the lifers are brazillians and play not just because they love the game, but because even ps4s are like the equivalent to 600 usd in their country whereas ps3 games are just pennies.
  8. fucking cancer. the game doesn't tell you what to do in any way shape or form, the first area is filled with enemies 10 levels higher or more that you apparently have to kill, there's no pacing or guide, just HAMMER SHIT BUTTONS REPEATEDLY hope game is over before controller dies.
  9. the metal thing inside the trigger housing is, as it was on ps4 a flimsy little paperclip bend it too much, as in pulsing the trigger constantly or playing allot of racers cause it to get hot, bend and snap when it finally gets cold and is used. also and unfortunately the cogs inside the block that are responsible for adaptive triggers are also tiny but made of plastic and renching the trigger when it's giving resistance can strip the teeth from the cogs.
  10. tbf knowing CDPR's history as I do, and buying all their games. they knew they pushed their engine too far, and they pushed a commitment too far, big names started investing heavily in their company, and again with the extra success of witcher 3 after the tv show on netflix. the game was no doubt years away, basic animations are still missing. this pandemic gave em cash fever and they knew it was years away from finished, so they took a payday now preferably right at christmas. they should have kept back the console version, because what they released was crap.
  11. problem is people just buy the unfinished shit regardless, and that teaches publishers what they can get away with,
  12. how does the game run on PS5 nice and smooth 60 fps or bad optimisation problems? seems like a bit of afternoon fun for a day or two.
  13. i'll believe it when I see it. theese guys literally invented games as a service.
  14. I personally dont, but i curated this account with the sole intention of finishing anything i start, however many people only got into trophy hunting after the fact, and have friends who came round bringing dodgy ass games they didn't or wouldn't have played on their own, or people just got experimental so there's every reason for people to want to hide games. sometimes, as is the case with killzone 2 now trophies are unobtainable and it's beyond your control, other times the game has dreadful servers that fail to save your progress or whatnot. but from time to time I do find a 10 year old profile with 100% completion and no hidden, and i tip my hat because that is an achievement.
  15. if you got a dual sense you can plug it into the ps3 and it picks it up and you can use that. also i think one of the trophies is many hours more of a grind on the ps3 version, so if that doesn't bother you go with ps3.