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  1. motive didn't crunch, ea didn't mandate it, so bugs. I plan on taking my sweeeet ass time with this amazing game. so they'll no doubt be fixed before i get there.
  2. it's an embracer group game. so loaded with bugs and issues, unobtainable trophies, the lot. Sometimes temporary files within your systems cache can be causing the issue, unplugging your ps5 from the wall for 3-4 minutes will sort that out, but it probably won't stop a broken game from being broken. also sometimes the only way to fix errors is to deelete the game, install another game which is exceptionally large like 100g, then reinstall your broken game to ensure it isn't installed on the same section of the SSD as it was previously. that can sometimes also fix but again.. embracer group have more games with unobtainables then any other publisher.
  3. what a great game, seriously nerve wracking stuff, once i took the headset off after doing chapter 1 i felt such relief, like taking my head for a shit. the ai director is a cheeky bastard, but once you get kinesis you can just farm the necros for bullets using the arm blades as weapons from previous kills in the area. so far this difficulty rocks anyone else really enjoying it?
  4. I plan on starting with impossible any/all guns and finding collectibles without any guides or whatever. if I die i'll continue on hard and start impossible fresh and just keep pushing till it's done. the longer it takes, and the more I die.. the better. There's only one part about this game that I hate and thats the god damn leviathan boss fight. but i know they have removed the asteroid shooting mini game and replaced it with something pretty intense. i actually liked the mini game and associated trophy. Motive studios will save EA. 🤘
  5. i loved this game on pc, great enemy design for an indie and lush graphics. That old pc engine never translated well to console though, they gunna fix theese trophies lol, embracer group at it's finest.
  6. it's a good game, but if you miss a collectible in a level you have to restart the level yourself, if you go too far you gotta restart game, and sometimes you need a block in the next screen to not be destroyed so ucan use it as a platform to get a collectible, and you can easily destroy them off screen forcing you to restart the whole level. its not super hard just a bit annoying, good game though controls nice.
  7. i understand that brother, take breaks play soimething short, hard and fun at the same time like Rive or Valfaris or Slain back from hell, something amazing you'll really like. because the closer you get to the end the worse the puzzles get, and the dlc is way worse then everything from the base game combined.
  8. I really enjoyed the game allot, the thing that pissed me off the most was chasing that damn mage up and down that wind traversal section of the last area only to be repeatedly shot by the rapier guy up there and everything else. but other then that i thought it was really good. unfortunately the game is tuned for coop play, getting pretty good at the 2d games now i wanna try death's gambit, it's a motherfucker though.
  9. hey dude i actually wanted to ask after i saw that vid you put up. I guess I don't need to now, heh that gameplay looked great though, that audio too.
  10. Satisfaction/Fun 10/10! This game is absolutely amazing, and terrifying right from the start, 20 minutes into this bastard and you're going up against some of the most twisted, fucked up bosses that throw crazy ass summons at you over and over. to a point where the day after i earnt the platinum my ass is still sore. it gets some mixed reviews and views, and i think it's down to just how, sadistically brutal this game is but once you get used to it, the only real stand out difficult parts are the bosses in the first half of the game, and some of the mages + area traversal later on. the first game in the series, salt and sanctuary, was a fun sweet little game with a few tough parts. It pales in comparison to this.. this is a genuinely difficult non stop relentless fuckfest right from the start and i loved it.
  11. Gwent is the reason i ditched my first playthrough years ago, good game otherwise though.
  12. it's possible to get an old nokia battery slap it in there and get 40 hrs life out of it lol, bit difficult though, I did see a video.
  13. its really bad, but i liked the challenge, technomancer was better, not played greedfall but their new soulslike ish game looks ok.
  14. my 5 year old was running around and somehow got the toytinkerer trophy on her account, i swear she didn't meet the npc 5 times.. she DID have the googlide.
  15. I definitely can.