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  1. thats the thing, i like most games, and if a game gets a dlc i'll buy it.i've not got a problem with putting money down on something, i just personally focus on 100% completion over platinum, since nowadays dlc is where the challenge is. but from a practically mesmerising sp game, to a online raiding is just one extreme to the other. i'm not super mad in boycott mode lol, im really not i love sucker punch, but this mode for me was a bit of a sucker punch, because it just absolutely turned me off. honestly they could of added dlc where it said "finish ng+ on hardest difficulty" and perform 200 perfect parries accross playthroughs, i would have done it, but a raid? nope.. and how long will it go on for, how many raids? fuck that for a time investment. now i know, I know i'm mental it's optional, but here's the thing, to me the 100% is more important, so thats just how it is.
  2. as someone else pointed out if it was free, not only would all the fans try it but anyone up for raid. more players, modest microtransactions it would help drive sales for the base game. and keep the mp going with updates. but as it stands it'll be either undercooked, or drive all focus away from more sp content for the base game.
  3. since so many butthurt salty people in here can't possibly bare the thought of an inch of criticism i'll sum it up for all of you. FOR ME a completion is mandatory, and i'm well within my rights to be pissed off about a game i was looking forward to being POLLUTED with online raiding dudebro bullshit. as many have pointed out i don't own the game therefore, not butthurt about losing a completion. but both the sp, and the mp would have faired better as a whole if the mp was standalone. skipping dlc trophies for me on this account isn't an option if i start it I'll see it through. but adding trash like this to an otherwise great game was enough to piss me off it doesn't alter anyone's enjoyment of it? so stop crying. but by all means, if pointing out the obvious makes you feel better have it, I don't care anymore.
  4. it's not just the trophies. it's because I spent too many nights screaming at idiots about how they should shoot the red fucking glowing thing on the boss for 5 hrs a night every night when i played destiny/division and it's monotonous and tiresome and i cba. and tacking this on to a great single player game diminishes the whole, and i agree about adding a few micros to keep it good and just make it free and standalone, for those who don't mind raiding and doing all that. yeah as a completionist i find trophies a mandatory thing. but I don't mind MP per say, I just cba to raid.
  5. or multiplayer is just boring.
  6. well obviously because i was looking forward to getting it and playing it on ps5, but now won't be.
  7. i respect and appreciate sucker punch they're great devs, but fucking dudebro raid mp shit? REALLY?! granted it's a nice thing they've done but it would have been nicer standlone. Glad i didn't buy this now.
  8. if alphabetising is too much of an issue what about some sort of drag and drop feature to put them where you want? IDK but shmeefly make a poll and see who or how many people would want a feature like that. leave it to people to vote with a click
  9. talking shit is one thing, but shit like drug smuggling terrorism or whatever, death threats will be taken seriously enough if someone ever reported you. you may get trolls trying to abuse it somehow but I imagine it will be obvious and not exactly something you would just walk into. nothing to worry about really.
  10. i'd recommend against a blind playthrough. but thats just me. mainly because of breach mode and how much it sucks. I used a guide and am greatful ultimately because breach absolutely killed any enjoyment i'd had previously. breach is a monotonous pointless little game mode that does nothing but suck your soul out through your eyesockets. it's not especially difficult but it's 200 miles of long boring shitty road, after a cross country journey.
  11. I think i remember hearing something about this. The publisher for this game doesn't own the IP but they are acting like they do, pulling the game from retail because the devs of TSC wouldn't cave to their demands. and the demands were give us your ip so we can put people we feel are better suited to carry it further.
  12. it's a little janky in places but overall, it's very good, really creepy in places and im really loving how the story kinda flows from one insanity to the next, this game is similar to blair witch, but more creepy. BW kinda had better presentation, animations etc but nowhere near this atmosphere. totally worth the 2.50 or whatever it cost lol
  13. the game is 30 quid atm, Might have to buy it, does look good I was just waiting for it to be all finished.
  14. it might have just activated the mafia 3 license. the first mafia game isn't released yet tho right? IDK. although prepare for a mission because 2-3 are buggy.
  15. i bought the pre owned version of this game but it's so buggy and glitchy n shite on playstation i cba to even start it.I'll just sell it on i think