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  1. fuck 2k games in future. I bought this but after seeing thread after thread on how fucking broken it is, seriously just fuck 2k games in the future lol, all of em.
  2. if so, skippadeedoooo
  3. aye but it didn't seem like a dumb move, it seemed blatant because they said they wasn't going to backpeddle it, and if it "ruined your friday" they did mean to do it? seems blatant and purposeful imo. maybe it's just a typo and im just hopeful
  4. Silent Hill for ps5? a string of tweets that are, just a bit too blatant came a few hours ago I dunno bout everyone here but I spent the better part of my childhood playing that game so for me the hype is just a bit too strong to ignore. I wanna be realistic about it. but im really excited too. I was so shocked to see stalker 2 revealed aswel I'm hoping next gen is better then this one.. it hasn't been bad at all, but I miss dead space, silent hills, metal gears of old, even the turn based jrpgs with survival horror mixed in there like koudelka and parasite eve. I hope the ps5 brings theese back. anyways just wanted to share the nostalgia, peace
  5. there's another good build.if u give aerith hp absorbtion linked with enemy skill, and warding linked with subversion, atb boost, magic up x2 and a fury ring. u can instantly give yourself atb with atb boost, use self destruct and have a good chance of surviving the blast, you'll do 9999 damage and instantly fill your limit break, arise if needed which costs less then a curaga, use aerith's physical defense limit break which lasts for ages and then blow it up again. bioga is really good because it kills the tonberries for you when hellhouse spits em out, and whenever it changes colour press TP and check what it's weak to, arcane ward and Ga spells. when it's flying if it lowers it's shield u can knock it out the air with a ga spell
  6. I quite liked it. I enjoyed the base game, i mostly rolled with the peaches and cheeseburger supremely overlevelled, did the hard mode ng+ legit on my own, really enjoyed it, loved the dlc weapons, the martian one was the best and i was pleasantly surprised to get those ridiculous af op guns for the base game, made the hard mode a bit easier but it was still really tough. the vietnam dlc was a bit of a letdown and the ai must have had surgically fitted binoculars to see you that fuckin far away. all in all I really liked far cry 5, zombie dlc sucked solo having to scrutinise the kills for extreme points just to pass it. did it on xbox 1 x, only thing i really didn't like was the sluggish frame rate even for the 1x it felt slow and aiming was unresponsive dunno bout pro.
  7. You won't be getting ps5 games for years, just compatible ps4 ones. give it 2-3 years i reckon, before you even get 1 a month.
  8. the damerung is a reward for beating pride and joy on hard mode only. thats what i'm on, struggling with atm, funny how it gives me the reward when I don't need it lol. if i can't do this i have to level another shitty hp try with barret instead of tifa. sigh saw a guide where you go in full glass cannon with no h[p up or heals or anything, just fury ring and crazy atb gain, i managed to do shiva straight away, fat chocobo in one stagger before i even saw a tonberry but leviathan just completely ruined everything. 2nd time i got arcande ward up straight away and put 6 thundagas into him and he still didn't stagger
  9. it's ok but gives me a serious headache.
  10. from the moment you hit walled city on hard mode literally every encounter is a white knuckle fuck fest, and bahamut is absolutely impossible. he can't be staggered, he destroys 70% of the health of any character that i switch to without even so much as an attack warning. is there some illusive cheat mode that cheeses this game to a 5? because after playing it for a bit i get bored and just find myself watching youtube or something. edit: game has a weird adaptive difficulty thing, if you do well it gets really hard, if you die it makes it get easier. i guess thats why it's a 5, never noticred till now.
  11. breach mode made me want to shoot myself, but the rest was ok
  12. ff7 remake is turning out to be a bit of a bastard, on hard every encounter is a pain in my ass
  13. if you want a 100% account your going to have to work at it like many others have. it pushes you to finish games you definitely wouldn't otherwise, and deleting trophies won't give you that discipline, but it's fuckin stressfull sometimes, even on games you would otherwise find easier. so be warned.
  14. this game is really annoying. I like the story changes. but the gameplay doesn't feel like ff much.
  15. the gameplay is fine. but this version is beyond shit. for a start the controls have such insane input lag that they just could not be arsed to fix, they tore through the gamecode removed the multiplayer and left it as is. it was just a cash in to make it feel like you got more then you did if you bought the gold edition of odyssey. i got it but haven't been bothered to do it