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  1. the game has some tricky enemies, made harder by awkward controls. but no it's not a hard game by any stretch. but it can feel like a bit of a slog.
  2. day 1 purchase regardless. they know how to curate a great experience linear or otherwise.
  3. this game looks amazing, is it? i want to watch a video just to see more of it but due to the nature of the game i'd rather prefer to keep the experience unspoiled.
  4. That shit was so good, i can't wait, it's not even that far away. It seems to really nail the visceral feel of dead space but further improved upon, Set in a Prison Facility built on a moon. I'm hyped for this.. but i gotta say that FF16 trailer was 10/10.
  5. I do sometimes hide 0% thumbnails before i pick which one to play.
  6. it's one of those games that rewards you if you stick at it, and becomes good if you enjoy it enough to stick at it, but if you go into it thinking yes this will be good, good scores. you;'ll be sorely dissapointed.
  7. i played syphon filter, i liked electrocuting dudes, that was hillarious. i'll play it again for trophies. I want Psi Ops with trophy support, make it happen! also the suffering 1 and 2.
  8. DS1 is the easiest, dark souls 2 has some hard bosses, and if your doing all the dlc, scholar edition for example. then sir alonne and fume knight are bastards, and getting to the lurker and doing those gauntlets is fucking awful aswel. still in general dark souls games are mostly easy, it's only the first time u go through one that makes it difficult.
  9. standard ps4 yeh. but ps4 pro was ok. they just made a terrible design decision, to enable vsync which didn't work properly, was broken.. all you do is turn it off and it unlocks the frame rate to a stable 40 fps.
  10. weird, plenty of games have had their trophy reqs changed. Like WWZ. the game tripled in size with no new trophies added.
  11. Cool, I quite liked this atmospheric little game, allot actually. Travel to the Blue Sun parallel dimension to experience a new layer of story that reveals the one true cause of the Merge cataclysm Three new sprawling areas explore and die in, expanding the interconnected level design A ton of new armors, characters, and bosses New “contract” system Dual wield weapons A variety of quality-of-life improvements designed alongside the Hellpoint player community, like stat respec and inventory management
  12. gotta 100% everything!
  13. the ps5 has small ventilation holes that surround the PSU and they easily get clogged with dust. you can take it apart and clean it, note that certain countries this voids your warranty. i've had it happen several times. i use a 500 watt air duster like the compucleaner xpert from amazon. spraying directly onto open circuity inside the ps5 can damage it, due to the power of the duster but if you spray it at the back of the ps5 directly the ventilation and console case prevent the full force hitting any components and the air just blows all the dust out nicely. i've had my ps5 overheat 3 times since launch, first time i had no idea what was going on.
  14. you could try clearing cache / uninstalling reinstalling. but unless you have a pro or something to test the game on, chances are it could be your save file and require a fresh save.
  15. speedrun the game for it?