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  1. I wouldn't ever fully commit to either, no point. 9/10 times having a physical and trading it in, the cash you paid minus what u got back is generally cheaper then digital sales. and even better when you stick em on ebay. but then I wouldn't go full physical either, on xbox I am purely dig because games are cheaper, and when u buy a game you know it's going to be compatible with every console. not so on playstation.
  2. just a shame you end up with that shitty list that has no plat. if I could skip that i'd buy theese 3.
  3. This game was not what I expected, all the guides say it's an absolute cakewalk but i guess they must have allot of experience with this type of game. however with persistance and more patience then im capable of usually tbh im getting there, this game is crazy
  4. thanks lol
  5. everything about this game is designed to waste your time. And not the normal, totally acceptable amount of time you'd wanna waste doing a handfull of mundane tasks like collectibles. but hrs upon hrs. because of how badly and forcibly every aspect of it's design has twisted the typical ubiscum open world formula into the most mind melting, boring fucking chore that they have EVER produced in their entire time as a publisher. puzzles, have their own set of puzzles, and you need to do one before the others activate, to do one to find the door, then do one to open the door and now the door is open, another to access the chest, and there is your mundane collectible 1/180 that has some pointless glowy shit inside it, but not much mind you, about 1/10th of what you need. that is this game.. in it's entirety,
  6. just bought this game for £8 looks like old skool FFs and thats a good thing. can't wait to get stuck in.
  7. making a game without a platinum is literally like saying "don't buy me" to many people me included. and it's pointless because this game in particular, is one of the best and most underrated PS2 games out there. the game is huge, and involving, and filled with interesting things to do, punchy satisfying combat, it's one of the best diablo looters availiable. so to give it a handfull of trophies is utterly unrewarding, and would also seek to prevent many people from seeing it through to the end. so yeah.. thats exactly what it is in my opinion. edit: also min maxxing this game towards the end, is a very enjoyable experience, there's easily potential for 40+ trophies if they wanted, more then enough.
  8. there is a walkthrough on true i haven't played the game, but i have read up on it, seems like there's a fair amount of rng, and you need really good enviromental awareness as a trophy requires a no compass run, so you have to use waypoints and islands/land masses to find out where you are and where you gotta go. so a walthrough will only help so much, but it does include a guide for individual trophies throughout aswel.
  9. those cheap bastards. whats the point in bothering lol.
  10. yes, because im a whore. but also I do like to do dlc, and push myself into games i wouldnt normally do, but I cba with MPs at the best of times and certainly not during this pandemic. but mp i mainly play for fun, on a different account or whatever. i will throw myself in blind to games that are difficult but after doing that a few times i got a bit burnt out so took it easy with some chillers and a few hard ones here and there.
  11. story is cool, game is shit though. pace is all over the place, play for ages earn a single trophy. getting fucking monotanous now.
  12. it was removed from US psnow a while back, and has been pulled without warning from EU now. the game is cheap as chips though.. and if you're in the UK. you should check out boomerang rentals. which is a bit more expensive then psnow, and are limited with the amount of games you have access to at one time, but you can get brand new games on launch day for a sub.
  13. I've noticed the ps5 is more prone to memory leaks then a ps4 pro is when running ps4 games. other then that, and the minor bugs that would happen, only ps4 game i've played on ps5 which was buggy, was little hope. the way the ps5 saves games, in that particular game caused some bug which prevented collectibles from saving unless i spread the save to other files.
  14. im familiar too but not that familiar lol, i struggled a tiny bit on the hardest difficulty because it just kept surprising me, i could do the previous hardest difficulty without ever seeing the creature the entire run, but i got surprised on ps4 version
  15. thats really good. fuck me that game is mental
  16. just make sure you know what your getting into, Don't buy a new game only to get fucked by it's dlc. rent the bastard play it on a second account if you absolutely must play a game you're unsure of. it's cheaper to rent, costs nothing to play online providing you play for plus on one of those accounts. generally capcom games have full bore cancer dlc. devil may cry, resident evil literally all their ips, just know what your getting into, other then that most games are easy
  17. creative assembly are the best team to do it. and all they would have to do to avoid major review bomb like last time was just clearly present a way to enter/exit the hub area asap and the levels could get more complex as time went on, the problem i had with isolation at first was just being turned around too much. and mainly because of the pacing it took many runs to figure out the layout. did a few speedruns it's a good game, on pc i could clip through doors with lean and use the crank to open them through the door and just enter the medical bay immediately. on console that wouldn't work.
  18. dlc have trophies.. because if they didn't much less people would purchase dlc. and it's a way for them to make money off us. I don't mind dlc if the dlc is good, but you can never tell what dlc will be like so in my case much of the time, i only buy games after all dlc has come out and i know exactly what im getting in for.
  19. there's a few sections that are difficult in the first play-through. the sauhagins in the sewers, some of the rooms near the big heat lamps under the plate, hell house etc. nearly all fights can be cheesed with good understanding of gameplay mechanics. find some videos on youtube, I finished normal, and instantly went to hard with every materia underlevelled, and still managed to do it all without much effort.
  20. Got all the way to the end and noticed over half of my collectibles hadn't registered as being found at all on any playthrough, even though i had 49/50. in my save file in gameplay, it said i had them, but in the title screen>collectibles tab it said more then half of them were locked. after looking about I noticed, the way the ps5 initiates a save game in this game can bug your save file. Normally your save file will say save file 1 or 2 but mine says -1 and it has caused collectibles to not save correctly. I am having no trouble getting them when starting a new save file instead of overiding in chapter select. so just a heads up if your save file reads -1 knowing this might save you some hassle.
  21. every game housemarque have done, has been good and in more then just lucky breaks, or a good idea, every game has a meticulously designed, thoroughly playtested, and put together in such a way it's never comfortably easy, always a mix of challenging, fun and unique - it's high time they had the triple a trust, they've more then earned it, and by just the creature design alone you can tell they are on fire at the studio lol. im looking forward to it, not sure when i'll play it though.
  22. slightly OT but just how broken is this shit, if i start it on ps5 am i gunna need to know any tricks beforehand for getting around glitches and bs or will it be ok? i love a good ac, binged the shit out of viking tv shows for it, was totally hyped and then, bugs bugs and my gold edition has just been collecting dust from launch.
  23. annoying, weirdly infuriating design, sideways padding for later backtracking, and just generally awful. like right now im going down, and down and down and sliding down the inside of this collectible filled shithoole, where 'lo and behold i'm not allowed to use my powers for most of it, implying i probably will later and will have another hr flying around this fuckin tree . collectibles are fun to get though, story is ok. but it lacks atmosphere so it mostly feels aimless. also it makes me feel a bit sick. it's just a bit too easy so doesn't require much focus, is a bit boring.
  24. loved the game. and done it twice, once on xbox and once on ps4. best tips I could give you would be, get the skill that improves your dmg when crouching, and use smg on boss weakspots for the first chapter, on harder difficulties use melee or brick throw attacks on secondary encounters as much as possible since ammo is scarce, in certain areas backing yourself into a corner is the best way to go, but if your getting overwhelmed with enemies that knock you down like bosses/mini bosses always stay mobile as much as possible, and really rely on secondary weapons more. knife and bricks and crowbar. make sure you get the skills that improve the speed and damage of secondaries, and as previously mentioned the crouch damage boost to maximise your damage when you do shoot. and just save your ammo. I did most of the first chapter with just the knife so i wouldn't have to mess about with the boss and enemies at the house. and managed to not let any in the house through the windows on invisible, by crouching and using the smg for headshots after a while of play you get a feel for how long you should press the trigger for a flurry of headshots and a kill, becomes second nature. if you find yourselg struggling to get the key off the corpse at the beginning, back yourself into a side room, a cell during the hall way section, and when it opens up back yourself into the kitchen and nail em away from the doorway, standing in the doorway it will help, use the knife only and store ammo, and when escaping with the key just back yourself into the room down there and knife everything, save your ammo. the first boss is easy you can kite him about and save grenades for the exit, the second boss (where you drop down and can't go back) use moira to tank the invisible shitheads at the start and edge in very slowly pulling the other ones, you can clear all but a few and basically grab all the ammo in the room before, or just as the boss spawns, you can bait his attacks with moira just as long as your careful to not be hit as claire, and crouch + smg will destroy that thing in about 20 seconds of solo damage. use the traps to damage the enemies, leave em on and lure to the rooms to save ammo for the end cuz it gets hairy. or you can approach the traps hallway from the back. and catch all enemies unaware for stealth kills. practice with your knife, and use it for dogs aswel, the entire dog area can either be knifed through or bypassed, (the sewers that is, leading to the factory) sometime after this you'll find yourself inundated with ammo and heavy weaponry on both characters and will have more then enough, just use your melee the most. and for late game, shooting and switching guns quickly allow you to burst bigger enemies down nicely aim with sniper, shoot and switch to magnum, burst pistol etc and instantly chain the hits. things will melt fast.
  25. cool thanks.