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  1. Sheit, just a few weeks ago I started MP in TloU, and I planning for do U2 and U3, but in barely 3 months that's impossible.
  2. I'm years late to the party, and now I can't be able to get this trophy, sheit.
  3. I want to buy all the DLC with trophies for GRID 2 but this is unaibalable in Spanish Store, anyone knows what happen? Copyright issues? In others stores like the USA is available, but I can buy with another account and install with my main account? EDIT: NVM, Is not showed in the extensions of GRID2 neither the searcher, but finally I find it. I can't delete this topic.
  4. 4 days, 20 hours, 35 min. Now struggling farming xp.
  5. After a few months, I started the online mode three days ago, I'm level 14 and I missing the trophies for the horses and the craft ammo besides reach lv 50. Will be a long ride, worst online than RDR, that was already shitty, unbalanced economy and xp, boring, slow... I hope at least that R* don't add in the future more trophies for online mode, because I don't want to return to play RDRO...
  6. Tbh, if the possibility of the cloud/USB save not exists, I will not be able to adquire the platinum trophy. I'm farming xp for a week in NG+ because I can't defeat the final boss again. In NG I suffer a lot with that badass. Using all the life items available, including jizo for reviving 4/5 times. The first two phases are easy, but the final two are far beyond my skills.
  7. USA is not the center of the world....
  8. I need to trade some item with someone for a trophy. PSN: Steven-Spiegel
  9. 12 games 18 Super Meat Boy 7 Titan Souls 6 FURI 5 Gran Turismo 5 4 Gran Turismo Sport 2 Oddworld New'N Tasty 1 LIMBO 1 RDR II 1 RDR 1 Project Cars 1 SotC 1 Lara Croft and the temple of Osiris
  10. With the servers down, what is the best way to level up? I imagine that the 4 milion XP for 4H Nurbirgring now they have become into 1? Thank you.
  11. Hello,I get the in game challenge for driving 24 hours, but the game trophy didn't pop, anyon with this problem? How can I solve this? Thanks EDIT: My bad, i'm looking playtime and not driven time.