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  1. Tiny Temple was the most difficult for me, keep USF for entire two laps is too much for me... On the other hand at Oxide Station I beat Oxide's time unlocking N Tropy, and Dragons Mine is not that bad when manage to mantain SF from the pad to the spiral in each lap and you don't lose too much time on the spiral (Mistery Caves or Crash Cove cost me more than Dragons Mine). I'm glad that Velo's and Dev's times are not required for trophies, because I'm far from that level of mastery.
  2. Thanks for videos and tips, 3 more to go, Dragon Mines, Tiny Temple and Oxide Station. I don't know what order follow, at the moment my worst tracks are Crash Cove and Mistery Caves, Sewer is not that bad, at least the shorcut, if I got SF, was easy to get consistently, but for beat the time I needed SF for almost the entire race.
  3. I purchased the DLC too, and at least for european digital version, not recognise the DLC, I've purchased the base game too on hong kong store and DLC works fine, and language is in spanish too so I assume that every language is available to that version. Maybe the US digital version works with hong kong DLC like for example Xcom. 33,22€ in total, it hurts, but hurts more to see another unobtainable on my profile haha.
  4. I'm working on CTR:NF, only remains beat six oxide's times, but is tough.
  5. I still struggling with Oxide's times, 12 tracks left (Tiny Arena, Deep Sea Driving, Papu’s Pyramid, Hot Air Skyway, Polar Pass, N Gin Labs, Blizzard Bluff, Dragon Mines, Tiny Temple, Crash Cove, Sewer Speedway and Oxide Station). But until now, the most difficult time for me was Mistery Coves... I hate this track, i'm unable to do the shortcut consistently, unable to keep SF for too long, the fucking turtles and fire balls, the timer so tight... Also I had a lot of problems with Coco Park cause was my first attempt and I didn't understand very well the turbo system.
  6. I'm wonder what rarities would have the trophies for beat velo or dev times. I'm just finish the adventure mode on hard, it's funny cause tracks like Cortex Castle needed a better time to win than beating Oxide on time trial. Regarding on time trials, I managed to beat 8 times at the moment (the easiest ones) and I'm working slowly on them, seems impossible at first but with practice and watching videos are doable (will see the hard ones...).
  7. Just be careful with the bombs on phase three... Hahaha
  8. You need to finish the game at least once to unlock modifiers (and you collect points to unlock this modifiers among other features as filters, draws, etc).
  9. Former GrannyTranny (love that nick haha), insane skilled player, one of the first achievers on Super Meat Boy platinum and Mein Lieber runs for example.
  10. Easy, at the ens of every chapter (if you select permadeath by chapter) the game saves automatically, use that file to load after the encounter glitch. Well, clicking continue is enough, no manual saves needed.
  11. We never know... Besides the exploit, this game on PS4 only interest a small population fans of metroidvanias, and this site only track active trophy hunters nowadays, but indeed, in normal situation this platinum should be at least UR.
  12. The reason is that exists an exploit to become invincible that works for the pantheons.
  13. I find really easy the race on classic, I just ran clean and always on asphalt, try to accelerate carefully to avoid spinning and by the end of first lap you must be already first. Careful in the chicane in last lap, I didn't expect the truck and lost that race for a second...
  14. I cannot do the rock trick (I'm able to jump but not detect as a jump turbo...). I know my problem, I'm unable to do consistently the drift turbo at his max power, I notice if I wait until the end, the sacred fire lasts longer, but almont 1 of 3 tries I screw up and fail the turbo. I manage to do in my best try 1:29:55, at 17 ms of oxide sheit haha. I'm starting to regret starting this game, like I said before relates to this topic, I'm really surprised of this platinum rarity, compares to F1 Race Stars this is like 10 times harder, but with almost the same base player at this site, that platinum is ultrarare. Maybe is because it was a psplus game (and also is a terrible game...). PS: Finally, after countless tries, 1:29:12 at Coco Park,only 30 more to go...
  15. Thanks for the tips, I didn't know about the rock trick, either the shortcut of this track, but the main problem is the reserve system as you said, I can't sustain speed as high that in the video, I still need to shave like 12 seconds, and this is one of the easiest tracks... I dunno, maybe I must finish the game first and try to git gud later haha PS: Also I play at the moment with the classic control version, maybe I'll try the alternate just in case accelerate with R2 feel more natural nowadays. And for turns and control the kart I've using dpad, feels more precise imo.