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  1. Git gud. Jokes asides, at the begining any weapon you can find from the scenario or a enemy drop is enough to pass the first level. Just patience, hold your shield and when an enemy finish his attack counter attack. Read info online on how to create builds early on and don't worry the first souls is always the hardest.
  2. Fun: 6 (hostess in any form reduce at least 2 points...) Difficulty: 7 Duration: 80-90h Rarity: 3.76% Overall an enjoyable game, except several minigames (hostess in any form, I look at you...) and the needed of doing 3 walktroughs, being the hard one totally unnecessary (or the normal one, cause is needed to clear without reverting to easy, then one on hard to unlock ex hard, total bs).
  3. Storm Obtain the rank of Storm. Only 440k xp more...
  4. Currently is Just Cause 2 at 5.01%, a few years ago was at 5.62%, I guess is because the removal of cheaters, so maybe in a few months this platinum will be ultrarare at this pace. The next ones are Metal Gear Solid V and Assassins Creed III at 5.13%.
  5. Grand Theft Auto IV 8 years 9 months 2 weeks Metal Gear Solid 4 8 years 9 months 1 week
  6. Gran Turismo 5, too grindy and a peak of difficulty with Vettel challenge.
  7. Yes, I play on mute, also you cannot send invitations but the button to see incitations is visible, and you cannot wnter to the option menu ingame, I always play with the Y axis inverted, in this game I cannot do that, or I don't know how at least on multiplayer...
  8. Plat I mean for the A-Z platinum club hahaha (I also have Quantum Conundrum 100%!), Quake for PS5 is ultrarare too, but not for too long I asume. @NMErickson cause of this thread: Is my next objective after my recent cleanup to get 95% completion rate.
  9. It's, indeed, one of the worst games i've never played. The mechanics, graphics, control, etc are awful, and the multiplayer grind is absurd, twontimes in a row, making only 13k pernround (a total of 3 rounds because we goong 1-1) and i lost more than 50k xp in two games, this is fucking horrible, I wish i never start this shit, but being the only game ultrarare begining with a Q...
  10. I update with my 2021 so far: • 2012: 11 - Uncharted (17.83%) / Driver San Francisco (2.66%) • 2013: 17 - Sly 2: Band of Thieves (56.23%) / Shadow of the Colossus (2.49%) • 2014: 12 - Jak & Daxter (37.91%) / Grid 2 (3.57%) • 2015: 9 - inFamous Second Son (27.82%) / Project Cars (1.76%) • 2016: 13 - Gravity Rush (25.29%) / Super Meat Boy (0.24%) • 2017: 21 - Tales from the Borderlands (52.09%) / Titan Souls (1.88%) • 2018: 15 - Spyro the Dragon (47.26%) / Gran Turismo Sport (0.95%) • 2019: 17 - Gris (54.72%) / Gran Turismo 5 (0.58%) • 2020: 28 - Life is Strange: Before the Storm (64.15%) / Xcom Enemy Unknown (0.93%%) • 2021: 27 - A Way Out (35.77%) / OlliOlli2 (0.62%)
  11. Only 39, 170 total.
  12. I got a new letter and change some games: 3D Dot Game Heroes (UR) Alan Wake Bulletstorm (UR) Call of Duty: Black Ops II (UR) Driver San Francisco (UR) E Furi (UR) Gran Turismo 5 (UR) Hollow Knight ICO Just Cause 2 Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories (UR) Little Big Planet 2 (UR) Metal Gear Rising: Revengance (UR) Need for Speed: Most Wanted OlliOlli2 (UR) Project CARS (UR) Q Red Dead Redemption 2 (UR) Super Meat Boy (UR) Titan Souls (UR) Unepic (UR) Vanquish (UR) Wolfenstein: The Old Blood X-COM: Enemy Unkown (UR) Y Zombi (UR)
  13. My #8888 trophy! Child of the Elder God
  14. Furi is a great boss rush game, Hyper Light Drifter has a boss rush DLC, the game looks amazing but I'm not a fan of a boss rushers, I'm interested on playing it, but I wish they didn't add DLC trophies, the base game seems difficult enough and the boss rush seems even harder. Jotun is in my radar too, I love it like Furi and HLD, seems also difficult, Furi and Titan Souls are two boss rush that I platted, but I use a lot of save scum in some of the difficulties.
  15. 169 - Unepic Fun: 8/10 Difficulty: 5.5/10 Rarity: 4.79% (UR) Time: 35h Great classic metroidvania like, created by a single developer, his games should have more popularity, his more recent game called Unmetal is a Metal Gear MSX parody and looks awesome. This game is UR (not for long I presume) due the last grind of 10.000 kills in one character but in less that 3 hours repeting the same bat room I manage to get the last 5.000 without much effort. The platinum can be done in 1 walktrough on Hard++ but 2 walktroughs are advisable. I spend 23 hours in the Easy walktrough including the final grind and 12h in Hard++, there is a bunch of missable challenges that need to look a guide, and one phase in the second last area on Hard++ that if are you doing the Crow challenge is quite challenging. Overall a very enjoyable game! I hope more people play this. PS: I started the game on Vita and I had a little problem with the cross-save when I want to make a backup of the save on PS4 and me panicking when my Vita data got corrupted and the save on PS4 was from several vours before... But a database reconstruction on Vita and saving with the two games running and the same time do the trick!