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  1. I need to trade some item with someone for a trophy. PSN: Steven-Spiegel
  2. 12 games 18 Super Meat Boy 7 Titan Souls 6 FURI 5 Gran Turismo 5 4 Gran Turismo Sport 2 Oddworld New'N Tasty 1 LIMBO 1 RDR II 1 RDR 1 Project Cars 1 SotC 1 Lara Croft and the temple of Osiris
  3. With the servers down, what is the best way to level up? I imagine that the 4 milion XP for 4H Nurbirgring now they have become into 1? Thank you.
  4. Hello,I get the in game challenge for driving 24 hours, but the game trophy didn't pop, anyon with this problem? How can I solve this? Thanks EDIT: My bad, i'm looking playtime and not driven time.