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  1. I'm on the final boss with all seals unlocked with 18 hours on the clock. Looking at the platinum rarity seems a very easy game, but in my opinion is not that easy, some seals are a pain in the ass, about 700 deaths and for what I've been looking, the DLC seems harder than the base game. I'm getting rusty/old on skill based games...
  2. My newest PS3 games are CoD MW2 and 3, GTA IV and XCOM EU USA version for trophy cleanup reasons. My next and I hope last physical game for PS3 will be CoD BOII (luckily i've got the league trophy, not so lucky is that I hate black ops games, zombie mode, and the DLC are fucking expensive...)
  3. Anyone knows if the Modern Warfare 3 dlc in turkish store works with EU disc? I had the collections back in the day with elite of cod but I was not into trophies a lot and now years later I can't access to them, and cost 14,05€ each, 8,25€ in the turkish store...
  4. I gave up on MGS2 for years cause of that sniper VR mission (first of those sort of missions). After almost 7 years I try again and finally pass that BS, and when the next one appears (in theory harder than the first one), a cold sweat invaded me, but surprisingly I pass that one on second try. On MGS4, I tried long time ago, but my no deaths run failed at the end of first act, I didn't have any save from the begining and gave up for good. Maybe now that I have the game due to PSPLUS I'll try again someday, but it's my least favourite MGS and the emblems are to grindy...
  5. Any recent official statement about this issue? Stats will be innacurate unless the autoupdate feature works for every tracked user on this site.
  6. Almost perfect timing to start with Nioh 2 ;p
  7. But in digital for U2 and 3 there is no way to apply the glitch for the tweaks right? Or there is a way to download the 1.0 version?
  8. When I heard that Uncharted Collection Remaster will be in PS+ I thought in replay these games, but when I saw that bullshit of brutal and speedruns DLC for 100%... I pass...
  9. Gran Turismo 5 on 16th of january 0,63% This 2019 I clean up some old games.
  10. Technically was 'Crushing' of Uncharted 4, but I prefer to say that it was 'it...'
  11. I thought it was an exaggeration, but I played 10 min yesterday and I had enough...
  12. I'm in chapter 4 and I didn't notice any issue yet.
  13. Yes, I was doing a recollect order for Timefall Farm, and while cleaning the MULE camp with the van running over the MULES, Die-Hardman notice me that I've killed someone. i finish the order and then I carry the body to the incinerator with the van, in the other fucking side of the map...
  14. Wow, one of my favourites games ever, but age so badly... And for god christ there is no way to invert vertical view... Since Spyro 3 that I need to play with invert vertical view, this is gonna be hard...
  15. Private matches provides 0xp. The fastest method is to try on asian server and find a boosting group playing in Sector mode. In 7h of playing divided in 3 sessions I just about to hit Echelon VII. Sector mode boosting is based on occupy the sectors when the teams are tied and the sectors are close enough and don't let any area be extracted, needs coordination on both teams and some randoms can blow up the method.