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  1. I lost the clean race bonus once, if there is a yellow flag (rare), don't overtake any AI. Edit: No, takibg the last hairpin wide does not avoid the clean race bonus, only overtaking with a yellow flag voids me the bonus
  2. It seems that on may 18th the ford will be available again.
  3. I'm going to be on a trip from may 27th to june 7th, I have a feeling that the jag will be available on this window and when I return will be sold out, and wait another couple of months...
  4. Cause closed servers I have a several UR platinums unearned Mortal Kombat, Starhawk, Crysis 2 and GTA V (also almost every DLC trophy of Uncharted 3). The only two platinums unearned that are UR are GT7 (I hope get all legendary cars in a few weeks) and Catherine, puzzle game are not my best and seems too difficult.
  5. Yes, High Speed Ring was difficult for me too. The key was the last turn, follow the demo line on the outside to maximize speed out.
  6. I use the same strategy as @goodoldbismarck, but with the Mazda Vision, this car works better in this circuit than the RCZ, at least for me. Fuel 1 all the time, racing mediums and try to do 1:58. Pit every 20 min. If the AI is too fast try change difficulty. Win by less than a second, this race is hard so good luck!
  7. Just got gold on Nurburgring, I had to use TC 1, slower but safer, brake balance 5, abs default, nothing else despite lots of patience and perseverance. On Le Mans I had to use ASM on, Counter Steering light, TC 0, ABS default and Brake Balance 5. With this settings the last corners were so much manegable, at least for me.
  8. Ovals should be easy, Interlagos too, Spa, Monza and Red Bull Ring are quite easy as well. On the other hand, in my experience (only Nurburgring and St. Croix left to gold), the hardest for me are Le Mans, first sector of Sardenya road track, first sector of Suzuka and Autopolis. Deep Forest, Laguna Seca and Catalunya are difficult too due the cars. First and eight sectors on Nurburgring are quite hard too, I get all sectors gold but in my only completed lap I am 12 seconds behind gold... St. Croix is a pain, at least for controller, the Bugatti is strange to drive. Edit: On reddit there is a list quite accurate regarding the difficulty of the circuit experience, search "Circuit Experiences Listed by Difficulty (my opinion)" created by the user u/Iphroget
  9. Is available right now one of the safest bets to get the trophy? I'm saving right now 20M doing Tokyo with the tomahawk, don't now if waiting and saving until we know for sure what cars are needed for the trophy.
  10. I'm planning to play Hunted: The Demon's Forge for my UR H, any advise?
  11. Some changes: 15 Super Meat Boy (-1) 3 Quantum Conundrum (=) 2 Gran Turismo 5 (=) 8 OlliOlli2 (=) 4 GTA: IV (3 base game + 2 TBoGT) (=) 4 XCOM: Enemy Unkown (=) 3 Gran Turismo Sport (=) 1 CoD: BO II (-1) 5 Quantum Theory (NEW) 2 FURI (=) 1 Batman Arkham City (NEW) 1 Project Cars (=) Bulletstorm and Titan Souls trophies leave the top 50 and enter trophies of Batman Arkham City and Quantum Theory.
  12. RDR2 had online trophies in the release, and the RDR Online came out like 5 months later. Also there are a lot of games with unnobtanaible trophies at launch that still are unnobtainable, sony does not give a shit.
  13. I can confirm that accelerating with X button works fine and can get gold first try on that mission. On license S8 using R2 I can get gold, but on S9, I only manage to get silver at 0.4s, using X I can get gold without any problem. It's really a handicap and now I'm looking for a new controller.
  14. With the 1.08 patch, there is no wind in slipstream missions.
  15. Thank you, I didn't know this useful page. Yep, my L2 works at 1.00, R2 only 0.93-0.96 depending on preassure.