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  1. Only Uncharted 3 Goty version in disc is the option to play on LAN? I have a regular version of U3 on disc and the DLC downloaded, can I play still in LAN? Or i need to get a copy of the GOTY version? I'm planning to try getting the most possible trophies I still left on this game in a near future, if someone in the future wanna try the harder trophies using the xlink software ping me. Still works the xlink method to play with another person using LAN?
  2. In theory playing a game on PS4 or PS5, but I played a game on PS4 and didn't get the "prize".
  3. RD2 is a great choice for a 200th platinum. On my case, I never thought on milestones, and my only regrets are maybe Uncharted 3 as my 10th platinum (is a game that I didn't get the 100%...) and Prototype 2 as my 125th plat. All my milestones came out playing naturally, for example my 100th plat is RDR, and is a great game and milestone, but my 99th plat was GT5 that maybe will be more interesting as a milestone. 1 - Driver: San Francisco 10 - Oddworl: Stranger's Wrath 20 - Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception 30 - Deadly Premonition 40 - Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time 50 - Final Fantasy X HD 75 - Tales from the Borderlands 100 - Red Dead Redemption 125 - Prototype 2 150 - Bulletstorm 175 - Wet 200 - Superhot I got 200 plats in 11 years like the OP haha.
  4. On PS4 I only have Monster Hunter World incomplete, I try it and sell it because I don't like the game, and the grind is too long to plat this game, so I don't know, if it gets free on psplus or something maybe I will try again (I know its in ps+ collection, but only if you have a PS5, that I don't have and maybe never will).
  5. This concerns me, I thought that the trials pops the trophies but didn't shows in the trophy lista until you buy the full game, I want to use this feature, but I dont want to risk my conpletion rate with a game I don't wanna play, so the safest method should be to use the trials with a dummy account.
  6. Gonespy is open source, and IIRC the CRT allows it, even the sote's owner allows it if the requirements for the trophies were the same (no autopops and shit like that)
  7. The online trophies for Bulletstorm can be earned with the gonespy server, tricky to set up and need another person with the gonespy server aswell for some of them.
  8. I tried yesterday after finish the impossible run, I died on the 20/25 level "office" just at the start, but seems a fair challenge, I'll keep trying! Edit: I got it second try, not hard at all, my only advice is try it just after the impossible run (norestart unlocks when finishing impossible) so you get the pace to play carefully, now I'm working towards speedrunrt, and feels a different game totally.
  9. Spending digital money into games rewards points in every store that have the stars program active? Or only in specific areas like the US? I read the terms in the spanish store, and the only way to gain points is completing campains and buying specific games (already expired). I expect nothing and I'm still let down.
  10. Injustice 2 for my UR I. Axiom Verge is changing sometimes from Very Rare to Ultra Rare, so, until I get an stable UR A, some days I will be an Epsilon Master! Edit: Today Axiom Verge is UR again, so technically I am an Epsilon Master! Hahaha
  11. Injustice 2: Cat Fight Catwoman must defeat Cheetah with the final hit coming from Cat Call Annoying trophy, I know that with my luck in RNG trophies, I will need to do the legendary multiverse route, even with that, Cat Call was the last abilitie that appears to Catwoman, I needed 150.000 guild credits as I had already some abilities.
  12. Thanks for the tips, I never have luck in the rng trophies, so in the end I was working towards the legendary multiverse method, I pay for crystals to level up quickly everybody to level 20, and I left the turbo controller a lot to acumulate 3000 minutes woth catwoman, I unlocked the requeriments and the first try was a random abilitie that is not cat call, now is question of time farming more guild credits, I open a lot of boxes and the spawn rate of abilities is too little, also played a bunch of garantee abilities events in the multiverse with no luck at all for cat call, I don't download the DLC's but even with a little pool of possible abilities I can't get cat call yet.
  13. Something similar happens to me with Injustice 2, I download the game a few days ago in extra tier, now that is in PSPlus trying to execute the game appears with a locker, adding the game to the library in the store solve the issue but wtf
  14. This thread is now 4 years old, is this the safest method right now? I'm planing to start the game now that is in ps+ premium (or extra, can't remember) and this trophy seems too time consuming and difficult. The game is the digital version so I cannot unpatch it, and shows legendary edition in the title (but with no DLC included). The method of delete player data is working with the current patch? How is the online? I know the first game is still online, but with this fighting games you never tell, I have on my backlog the MK unnovtainable cause Warner decides to shut down the servers.
  15. Since Underground 1 and 2 I only played NFS: MW (the PS3 version) and NFS Heat now. MW seems too much like a Burnout to me (cause the crashes that break the rythm a lot) but in the end I think that I liked that game more than NFS Heat, is not a bad game at all, but a bit boring and a strange system to drift and progression.