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  1. Persona 3 FES Persona 4
  2. ps4 controller leaked. Its real
  3. Oh man that sucks. WHY??????? I've been waiting so long 4 this and i actually considered buying from the us store . Will it ever come?
  4. Dead space 3 and alien breed trilogy
  5. Batman the animated series Spiderman the animated series Teenage mutant ninja turtles (1987-1996) Batman: The brave and the bold
  6. 259
  7. Persona 4 arena. I'ts not even out in Europe yet
  8. 1.Vanquish 2. Heavy Rain 3. PlayStation all stars battle royale All three games are so damn good.
  9. The walking dead game
  10. So hard... here are my 3 favorite right now: Fist of the north star Bleach Persona 4 the animation
  11. Right know it has to be dark souls