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  1. Here is some short reviews for you: 1. Player base is still crowd, it is always in top 20 game on Twitch for last 3 years 2. Match making: low rank survivor and high rank killer can find match under 1 min, otherwise it might take up to 5 mins 3. Region lock in match making has removed for a year; matching player's location will be depended on the time you play instead 4. Dedicated servers are on PC and Switch only; killers are host on consoles (peer to peer); mobile is on beta 5. Game has a lot of bugs and exploits , especially after every new chapter release (DLC update) 6. Game is not balanced and can not be balanced 7. Community is super toxic, be calm if you are newbie. If you are looking for the game for relax and less competitive, stay away from this game 8. High learning curves and many play styles, that makes the game is best in genre
  2. It's completely opposite in my case, I always send "gg and thanks for the offering" message everytime I got double BP offering, but never seen reply 😀
  3. Nice tip bro, I did not know you still get notice of distance by Devour Hope even it is clean. Btw, how many match did you spend to get the trophy? Thank you for reminding me!
  4. Hi everyone, I am stuck at attempting this trophy to complete this game. I thought many players are the same situation like me. So I created this topic in order to help each others to get this trophy. Here is my plan: 1. Create a party of 3 people, 1 killer and 2 survivors. Less survivor is easier to get match together 2. Region is not the problem regarding to the current match making system 3. Time is around EST 2pm-5pm, when the lowest number of players play this game. Date is depended on suitable time of all members 4. Killer must be rank 15-20 5. Survivors should be same ranks (15-20). If not, we can create alternative account 6. Survivors will be AFK in early game until killer take the non-friends out of the game (this is not against the rule survivor working with killer) 7. Farming time Repeat above steps 2 times with changed roles until everyone gets the trophy.