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  1. NG + mode has appeared after creating a new game but I can't launch it because I don't have any save file :/ This is because I was playing with EU physical version last year. Today, I am playing with US digital version. Now I know that save files are region blocked...
  2. Well, I have reinstalled the game but the New game + option isn't in the main menu. It seems that my save file is gone. So, should I do the main story twice ? or is there another solution ?
  3. Same problem in french store. I wanted to buy some games before the end of April sale and 13/17 games of my wishlist are delisted currently ... If someone have some news, thanks to share it !
  4. I have one question about "DLC". I have finished the base game. If I want to reach 100% completion, I need to do again the story twice (survival and survival 2 difficulties) right ? I think I have m answer : "Playing it on survival on new game plus gives you the trophy for beating on survival, the trophy for beating on hard 2 or survival 2, and the trophy for beating on new game plus. It's confirmed."
  5. Hi, I recently bought Driveclub for the first time. If I buy this season pass, I will have access to most of th DLC right ?
  6. I am not able to see any official information on the internet. I missed it but I am playing in Europe too so maybe I didn't missed anyhting finally.
  7. Oh god, I missed it :'(
  8. I have both
  9. One more question. I am asking myself about buying or not the Season pass. I know that some DLC will be not downloadable. But, it will be possible for me to play these DLC and to get trophies ? Thanks
  10. Thanks a lot !
  11. Hi guys, I plan to buy the game and I know that servers will be closed at the end of this month. I have a quick question from people that have already the platinum : How long to achieve online trophies ? Thanks, have a good day. Regards
  12. Anyone has some news ? Can we contact Playstation support for an issue like this or it's useless ? Thanks, have a good day.