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  1. Yeah, it has to be what Stevieboy said. To make them respawn, simply complete three other missions, then they should be available again.
  2. Yeah, it's super annoying. One of the update notes actually states that they disabled the animation for a player whose turn it is currently, yet that doesn't stop the game from starting the animation RIGHT BEFORE the turn, which means it's still going while the turn has started. I think the skulls don't get played with; not sure though, since I mostly use items that are in the respective boosting time window.
  3. As long as you exfil, you're good. Vice versa, it doesn't count in quickmatch if you die but your team exfils. I was fairly certain to have around 30 exfils after the 100 quickmatches, but it took me literally 90 private matches to get the trophy (I kept a talley for that).
  4. This game got a lot of hate when it was announced on PS+, so I almost didn't start it. I had fun with it, the 100 quick matches went by way faster than I thought they would. This game has the most inept playerbase in my opinion though (only for the fireteam, predators are almost always absolute pros), playing with randoms can be very painful. 100km is a joke with rubber banding. 1000 claims is a bit tedious, but with a boosting partner can be done in roughly 30 matches, giving them also 30 exfils for the needed 100. Overall, the grind is still real despite bots and modifies, but way less than expected. Maybe check out some gameplay videos and decide if it's for you.
  5. Because if you play with at least one real player, you can set the Reinforcements to ten, getting 33-34 claims (depending if the player still needs exfil) per match instead of 4. But yeah, must be because everyone except me is dumb hurr durr.
  6. If David Cage directs this, we already know what the twist will be:
  7. 1,557 posts 🤔
  8. You can't select these things when you have a racket equipped. Equip a frame to access the other stuff.
  9. Thanks man, that is an awesome post that clears up all the confusion I (and probably many others) had.
  10. The same thing just happend to me. Since you got the platinum after this, how did you fix it? EDIT: I downloaded an earlier save and got it on replaying from there.
  11. A friend of mine already contacted the devs a while ago since those are the last two trophies she need, they don't seem to care too much. We will probably see a new DLC before we see a fix, sadly.
  12. If it works exactly like the PS4 version, then yes. Lots of people did it this way.
  13. There is nothing you can do. I used to get livid about things like that, and still remember making a session for a coop trophy I needed, only to end up helping the guy who joined get nine trophies in that game before he bounced and blocked me from his list. That was the most extreme case that happend to me, but there were lots of other sessions where people never replied after joining, and stuff like that. Simply move on and never play with them again. Luckily, although it might not seem like it at times, there are many awesome people here. Just make sure you are one of them.
  14. Have you ever thought that it might be Akamai? I hope twenty more people can confirm it, not sure yet.
  15. Just came here to open this very thread. PS4, I can log in, but get the message "PlayStation Network is busy." A friend of mine told me she had that problem, that's when I tried to log in. This page shows almost 700 reports in the last half hour: https://allestö Sony doesn't seem to be aware yet, status report says everything is fine ...