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  1. Nice find. Prepare for the "Don't do this, I did it legit! You don't even 'earn' the trophy like I did when you boost it!" elitists.
  2. The TTS glitch requires you to kill a grand total of 0 enemies if you have someone to do it with you.
  3. Impressive. How did you do that? I heard some people use a turbo controller for it, which of course would make it not impressive. I think my best time was 8.9 or something like that. You would beat an UA in theory with that time, yes. But you technically didn't do it. I feel like rounds against UAs are tougher, so no idea if you would manage to get 8.3s in a race against him (if you did it legit).
  4. Maybe you shouldn't have ignored everyone who says that, because the post literally right above yours explains how a time of 10 hours for the platinum is possible.
  5. How does that system even work? I'm right above someone who has ~100 more common, ~100 less uncommon, ~130 less rare, ~250 less very rare, ~140 less ultra rare trophies than me. I lead by 0.12 points. I'm right below someone who has ~700 more common, ~600 less uncommon, ~450 less rare, ~250 less very rare, ~90 less ultra rare trophies than me. He leads by 0.16 points. Both are world ranking. Looks to me like my rarity should rank me higher compared to them. Not that I care about my actual ranking, I just want to understand the system. But it puts the leaderboard a bit in perspective. Hakoom is 25th, and on first glance without verifying it, the only one from the the top leader board who ranks so high here. How is that different from the actual leaderboard? Also, it says ~92k chaters removed on top. EDIT: For country rank, it's even weirder. I'm right above someone who has ~1600 less common, ~1800 less uncommon, ~600 less rare, ~280 less very rare, ~90 less ultra rare trophies than me. I lead by 0.42 points. I'm right below someone who has ~100 less common, ~500 less uncommon, ~400 less rare, ~250 less very rare, ~140 less ultra rare trophies than me. I have more trophies in every category, yet I'm behind by 2.15 points. Does it factor in the individual percentage of each trophy, rather than the category of rarity? EDIT 2: Well, the reply of @DaivRules has rendered my entire post "point"less. 👌
  6. Did you pirate Namajunas vs Esparza as well? If so, Also, maybe use spoiler tags for your edit, not everbody watches it live or in time. Chandler vs Ferguson and Oliviera vs Gaethje absolutely delivered though. The weight issue is pretty unfortunate.
  7. Report them for what? While I don't condone or like it, how is it illegal or against the TOS of the game? I have also been afk for some matches, because something in real life came up as I just got matched up, and I had to prioritise that. While it's not jumping, it's still idling, is that reportable too? Obviously this is not several matches in a row, but how would another player who sees me for the first time know if this is my first time or if it is happening repeatedly?
  8. Do you (or anybody) know if there is any way to determine where the remaining cards would be? I have 15-20 cards left, so if I start a new game (basically have to anyway for the endings), will all my remaining cards (except Tim Thorpe as mentioned) be in Dunn's Gym, because it contains 24 cards? If not, how would I know when it is safe to move on from that location without having missed any card there?
  9. As far as I know, the new launcher is only free to download for people, who currently already own Fall Guys, so not sure where you got the FTP thing from. 9 pages and this question still gets asked in various forms, even a couple posts before this. The internet was a mistake man.
  10. I should have read your post more thoroughly. This also seems to varies from person to person. A friend of mine got the trophy for 5 wins in Main Show, but one of the previous wins was in Squad Show. For me, I only unlocked them in solo races, no win in Squad Show would count towards any race win related trophy.
  11. Race wins in squads don't count for the race wins trophies, even if you are actual the first person to cross the line. Big Tease apparently still counts squad races, which is good to know. The emote doesn't have to play out to count, as soon as you hit any button on the d-pad, it counts. Doesn't even have to be right before the finish line, some do it at the very beginning and still get it - this seems to vary from person to person though. The video you posted is from 2020. Race wins in squads counted back then, but they patched it since.
  12. I don't know man, you 100% sound like an undercover Splitgate dev. What a weird thing to say in this thread.
  13. I'm in the same boat. Since I started playing this game, I encountered events that feature overtime four times so far. Three times it didn't go to overtime, and my team lost the fourth time in overtime after being in the lead up until overtime started. A bit annoying. And I still haven't got a legendary colour nor a legendary pattern ... :/
  14. So if you don't get lucky with the RNG of having a legendary color and a legendary pattern in your store until May, you are screwed out of the platinum? Nice.
  15. Can confirm, a friend of mine got the trophy recently when he bought a nickname,