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  1. I drove about 1000 laps on the Mitten Course in Arizona after finishing all career events until the trophy popped
  2. So you unlocked all Throwdowns before or after the patch?
  3. The last DLC with trophies released like 2.5 years ago. Guess we don‘t see any more trophies for Rocket League.
  4. PSN ID iBroke-Bad PS Systems PS3, PS4, PS5 Accepts Blank Friend Requests Yes Mostly into Trophyhunting. Always looking so someone new to help eachother out.
  5. You can enter the career mode using one of the activity cards. I played the first race of the career mode and got the trophy for finishing all events. But there is still no way to get the trophy for unlocking ever throwdown.
  6. The patch is now out for PC. So it should be out for PS5 very soon.
  7. Yes, that was from Codemasters. They said that on the official Dirt 5 Discord.
  8. Btw, here is the answer that i received: „We're also aware that there are console-side issues that are causing crashes and data losses for some players in multiple games. As for Trophy progression, this is resolved in Update 2.00, set to arrive over the next week or so“
  9. I messaged the devs via discord. They will roll out patch 2.0 next week and that should resolve the problems with not unlocking trophies
  10. Just lost my progress from level 29 back to level 22. This makes absolutely no sense
  11. I got the trophy yesterday. So, apparently you don‘t have to wait until the end of the month anymore.
  12. I have to go with the God of War Series and the Kingdom Hearts Series.
  13. Probably start with Astro's Playroom and then i am going for Spiderman Miles Morales, i guess.
  14. Pretty obvious that my PSN-ID is inspired by the TV-Show Breaking Bad.
  15. I am 27 now and playing videogames for at least 20 years now.