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  2. Warning: This is just my own opinion. For this game, I would say it's understandable why people want to make the trophy obtainable once again. Seven years after it's release, this game's servers are still up and functioning just like other older CoDs on last-gen. Heck, even World at War is still up and you could go get those three online co-op trophies right now and get platinum or even 100%! Even for this game, the servers are up so you could go for all multiplayer-based trophies, but one. In my opinion, it's unacceptable how they didn't even take any actions whatsoever about Big League trophy. If this was something like Homefront (PS3), then there's nothing we could do about it, but just move on since gaming company (THQ) went on a bankrupt and led to server closure (I know it's completely irrelevant to talk about Homefront, but that game has more than 5 multiplayer-based trophies and all of them became unobtainable after servers shutdown in 2013). I completely agree with talespagni on reporting this Big League trophy case to BBB since it's unacceptable how Treyarch/Activision do nothing about the trophy despite the fact multiplayer servers are still functioning plus, never told players about ceasing support on League Play. Also, Activision is a billion dollar gaming enterprise so there's no excuse that they cannot fix/patch such a thing. Not only Activision is a billion dollar gaming enterprise, but using some resource (10,000 USD for instance) wouldn't hurt not even a bit when a company like Activision makes billions of dollars each year when they release new Call of Duty titles. Even for Black Ops 3, they added a patch for Gorod Krovi due to crashing after finishing Easter Egg and they added that patch during when Black Ops 4 was in it's prime time Call of Duty. So I could see there's a reason why trophy hunters would file complain toward Activision/Treyarch through BBB. We can't guarantee if it they will fix it, but I know for sure it will be worth to give it a try since taking a stab wouldn't hurt to do so. Note: (I am sorry for my poor English skill (I tried my best to make it understandable) since I am a native Japanese speaker and making this reply too lengthy. :P)