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  1. I know it’s old thread, but yes JP version of the game will he counted toward AS version
  2. Also don't forget Activision discontinued League Play little back for Call of Duty Black Ops 2 meaning you can no longer get into division... Someone explain to me why they decided to discontinue League Play for Call of Duty Black Ops 2 after the lifecycle ended despite the fact although Call of Duty Black Ops 3's lifecycle ended, but seasons are still ongoing in Arena mode (equivalent to Black Ops 2's League Play)...
  3. When I was like three or four years old, my first ever video game console I’ll fondly remember playing was Famicom!
  4. Oh and also successfully completing all challenges in a game would grant you extra teeths too. That’s what I do when I try to farm up teeth for upgrades Hope this helps!
  5. Not to mention, I also see Black Ops combo pack too (BO1 through BO3). Best Buy and Walmart for pretty much any CoD for last-gen in the United States.
  6. I think there should be some leniency for this one. I know this is one of many games that are platinum/100% unattainable, but this one is in my opinion different from others and that is servers are still up and you could still go online and get all online trophies, but Big League trophy. Sure, if it was game like FIFA 09 - FIFA 15 and HomeFront (2011) and obtained all online trophies, then that person should get banned due to servers have been closed for years now. I will bring to reasons why this trophy should be whitelisted. First, when Big League trophy became unobtainable in December 2015, there was no notification or announcement of League Play support being stopped from Treyarch nor Activision. Usually from my knowledge, video game enterprises do make a statement when online servers are about to be ceased for instance, Sound Shapes online server shutdown date was announced few months prior to closure (but thankfully all trophies are offline so it's still obtainable). Second, servers are still up meaning you could still play with your friends like back in 2012-2015 when this game was very popular before Black Ops 3 was released. Third, when you are playing online to get those multiplayer trophies or zombies on co-op, trophies could start popping up on your screen without any notice whatsoever. I had a similar experience to this before. When my friends and I were playing zombies online on Xbox One and all of a sudden, achievements started to unlock without doing a thing. To remind you, when we were playing, the lobby seemed very innocent (meaning no hacks whatsoever) so we seemed we finally found legit lobby, until achievements started to unlock as if there was no tomorrow. So even without such notice, achievements popped up without any signs of hack. At last, even Black Ops 3's ranked play is still up and possible to get into division today, even after Black Ops 4 was released. Therefore, this is more of Activision and/or Treyarch's pure laziness not to fix such simple feature in the game. Those are the reasons why I think Big League trophy and/or otherwise all 91 trophies should be whitelisted like is doing. But how this works is for instance, if someone gets into hacked lobby and for instance, get 30 trophies within a matter of seconds, then those trophies he got shouldn't be count toward leaderboard points, but not get banned off from leaderboard. (If someone gets all trophies for getting hacks for example, Black Ops 4 or Modern Warfare Remastered within a matter of minute or two, then that person should be banned from leaderboard, and also custom timestamp too.) On a side note, this is the only Call of Duty in the franchise to have unobtainable trophy/achievement. This wasn't the first Call of Duty to have online trophies/achievements. Even World at War was not the first one to have online trophies for CoD franchise. Call of Duty 3 all the way back from 2006 was the first in the franchise to have online achievements (trophies did not exist back then for PS3), but all of them are still obtainable if you make a boosting session and gather people up for those online achievements. Now I know some people might not be pleased about what I said above, but I just wanted to be a part of PSNProfiles community and wanted to share my opinion on "Should Big Leagues be a flaggable trophy?". If you don't like my statement, then that's fine with me. I mean we all have different opinions on this Big Leagues trophy, but we should not get toxic about it (people who have gotten the trophy vs those who haven't) since we are all human being and created equally, plus we are all gamers here! Don't hate each other just for the trophy! Let's keep PSNProfiles community healthy and clean as possible guys! (Oh and if I made any mistake up there, my apology for misunderstanding!)
  7. Even though I don't own this game, but as me being part of forum's community, I'll file a complaint to BBB and we shall see what result we will get If anybody finds or don't like my statement, then that's fine...
  8. Lol
  9. Warning: This is just my own opinion. For this game, I would say it's understandable why people want to make the trophy obtainable once again. Seven years after it's release, this game's servers are still up and functioning just like other older CoDs on last-gen. Heck, even World at War is still up and you could go get those three online co-op trophies right now and get platinum or even 100%! Even for this game, the servers are up so you could go for all multiplayer-based trophies, but one. In my opinion, it's unacceptable how they didn't even take any actions whatsoever about Big League trophy. If this was something like Homefront (PS3), then there's nothing we could do about it, but just move on since gaming company (THQ) went on a bankrupt and led to server closure (I know it's completely irrelevant to talk about Homefront, but that game has more than 5 multiplayer-based trophies and all of them became unobtainable after servers shutdown in 2013). I completely agree with talespagni on reporting this Big League trophy case to BBB since it's unacceptable how Treyarch/Activision do nothing about the trophy despite the fact multiplayer servers are still functioning plus, never told players about ceasing support on League Play. Also, Activision is a billion dollar gaming enterprise so there's no excuse that they cannot fix/patch such a thing. Not only Activision is a billion dollar gaming enterprise, but using some resource (10,000 USD for instance) wouldn't hurt not even a bit when a company like Activision makes billions of dollars each year when they release new Call of Duty titles. Even for Black Ops 3, they added a patch for Gorod Krovi due to crashing after finishing Easter Egg and they added that patch during when Black Ops 4 was in it's prime time Call of Duty. So I could see there's a reason why trophy hunters would file complain toward Activision/Treyarch through BBB. We can't guarantee if it they will fix it, but I know for sure it will be worth to give it a try since taking a stab wouldn't hurt to do so. Note: (I am sorry for my poor English skill (I tried my best to make it understandable) since I am a native Japanese speaker and making this reply too lengthy. :P)