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  1. You are sweating like a hippo 😁. The touch screen really doesnt like any sorts of water / humidity on top of it. One of the reason also I barely play buy games with touch screen only.
  2. It happens to me when the screen gets humide. The only way to fix it is to swtich the VITA off, dry the screen with a microfiber as explained above and switch it on again. It will calibrate itself back to a normal state
  3. Is there anyone who found a way to start again from scratch from the beta week ? Is deleting the saved game / cloud data any of an option ?
  4. I havent had it for the last 10 years and it still functions the same from day one. However This rear pad is so damn un-handy, one of the worse invention for an handled device.
  5. I just started the game for the first time and the trophy popped.
  6. Hi, I would like to submit my list! I currently have 20 letters!#Assassin's Creed III: LiberationBioshockCDarksidersEnslaved: Odyssey to the WestFinal Fantasy XIIIGran Turismo 5Heavy RaininFamousJak and Daxter: The Precursor LegacyKillzone 3LittleBigPlanetModNation RacersNOnrushPQResident Evil 5SSXThe SaboteurUncharted: Drake's FortuneVirtua Tennis 4WolfensteinX-Men Origins: WolverineYZ
  7. Hello all, I have completed borderlands 2 in normal and TVHM, I am level 50. I did not beat terramorphus yet, and I cant seem to beat him with my current weaponery. I am wondering if I should start playing in UVHM to level up a bit (let's say 55, with looted 55 guns) and then go back to normal mode. Will he spawn in normal mode at level 55+ ? or will he stick to level 52 ?
  8. In case someone pass by, I finally beat Terramorphus solo in about 2 minutes, with only one weapon and this very setup; - Assassin Level 50 (skill tree with all gun damage increases where possible) - 10% gun damage badass rank - bee shield level 49 (farmed from Boneyard boss) - infinity pistol level 50 (farmed from doc mercy) - Pistol mod to increase fire rate 30% (blue rarity) - relic to increase max health With this simple setup, it took 2 minutes and 3 second wind to kill Terramorphus from the spot where he barely touches you Thanks HuntingFever for all the tips
  9. Can you tell me more how you beat him in my configuration ?
  10. Wow, I am very screwed indeed.
  11. I might also get some help from another VITA player to actually do it online as it was intended. Hopefully I could find a 61 lvl VITA player to get that monster down in my normal mode. It's the only thing left from all my side missions to get the plat
  12. The problem is that the DLC containing all what you mention cannot be found on PS Store. So I dont have other option but to try to kill him level 50. I will look for the combination of guns you told me, I have found a nice video which brings me some hope : I need to farm for the bee shield and this good sniper & pistol and give it a try, I am an assassin level 50 already.
  13. Thanks. I am however blocked to level up, since I am on VITA, and I dont have the possibility to download the DLC. Is there any other way to help me out ?
  14. Ok, so to put it simple: I can level up in UVHM to get better weapons, and once I reached a descent level, I switch back to normal mode to fight Terra who will be lvl 52. Correct ?
  15. It got patched last week on PS4 Just to mention that I got the trophy even if the suits disappeared.
  16. Hello all, I am suffering from a a bug where all the suits upgrades collected in Volga have vanished when the Caspian level started. I didnt do chapter select, I am just continuing the story in Reader. I saw a patch for PC announced in metro exodus official website, but I was wondering if I am the only case for PS4 ? I issued a ticket to request support, and I will keep you posted
  17. For the trophy "Damir" , I got it this way:- saved 1 group (the one within the boat at the middle of the map) of slaves out 2- did not kill any slave- saved 1 guy from being bitten by a gangster right after taking the elevator on the way to meet the baron- saved 1 girl from being bitten by a gangster on the main path toward meeting the baronWithout the last 2 saved slaved, Damir left me.I managed to load a quick save to save the 2 last slaves and the trophy popped.
  18. Thanks, I am adding you just now. Hoping we can get the online trophy about reviving a friend quickly
  19. Hello, I am looking for some Vita friends to play borderlands 2 that I just bought. Anyone around interested ?