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  1. That probably could be it. At the time, I just finished persona 5.
  2. I worked and attended school. Just on days off, I didn't have much on my mind once all work was said and done until the next week. Oh and I already got over it long ago. This was just in the past. But from what people posted, seemed like the general consensus was to do different things. Which I guess is the answer to any burnout really.
  3. As the title suggests, how? For me, things felt gloomy and I just began to play less. Sometimes I'd force myself to play to take my mind off things then 10-15 minutes later either switch the game a couple more times or turn off the system all together. I'd find myself watching more videos or idling away on phone games way longer then I'd like to admit.Sometimes I'd sit inside a shop and watch cars go by for an hour or two then go home. But one day, I guess something struck a chord inside of me and I went hard that week getting back in reliving the sleepless nights of playing a game I got super invested in. Ramped up in trying to get better at fighting games again. I forgot what gave me the motivation to do that one day but I felt....back. Maybe I needed a break but I know that my love for the medium will never die out. Did you too need a break and a change of scenery for a while too? How long did it take you to get over it? It is burnout or just a matter of taking a break ever once in a while?
  4. Curious, did the topic creator ever get over their gaming burnout? As for me, been there, felt that. In fact, I guess I'll make a follow up topic about this as well.
  5. Oh boy, if this was posted anywhere else, people would assume so hard off the topic title alone. But I assume maybe they removed icon shadows via dev kit or modding(?) so the screen turns out like that.
  6. I think it's safe to say that when the day comes when you're bedridden 24/7, you'll never have a shortage of lives to live out.
  7. Winter is fine and all (I'm one of the few crazy bastards to like winter) until it decides to topple something on a power line and cut off my gaming time. Then my hate knows no bounds.
  8. Our world has ended (even better if you like gintama as Tomokazu Sugita is in the game!) The Utawarumono games (Mainly VN but has fire like game play in between the vn segments)(note: all utawarumono games except zan as zan is a hack and slash that basically retells mask of deception)
  9. I don't know about anyone else but for me, it's kind of fun looking at other peoples collections. Fascinating to see how one has personalized their room too around the things they love.
  10. The witness. Follow a guide and boom, you have a free platinum (quite literally too if you got game when it was ps+ game)