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  1. Bayonetta, Mirror's Edge and the superb Vanquish.
  2. After fourteen months of logging in every single week to pick up the crumbs that Capcom throw to us, and the last nine days knuckling down to finish Hard Survival with the majority of the 38 characters, the platinum I had semi-resigned myself to never achieving... STREET FIGHTER V
  3. Yeah, Hard can be frustrating, especially with the CPU's tendency to rinse-and-repeat the same juggle-combo every time it manages to hit you. Well, if I beat Easy/Normal/Hard with three of my remaining characters and Easy/Normal with the other two then my grind will be over. I feel kinda burned out with it now, but if I had stopped to play something (anything) else then it would have taken a tremendous effort of will to go back. Once you start to build the momentum then it's best to focus and see it through.
  4. Well, I've been grinding at this for a full week now, and I'm at 894,296 with 5 characters still to purchase and level up. From thinking that this platinum was semi-unobtainable, with at least two years of logging in weekly to claim the crumbs that Capcom throw to us required, the finishing line is within reach...
  5. So, I've been grinding out FM on Survival for a few days now, exhausting my supplementary items in the process. Hoping to stock up on power/defence items, I ploughed over 100,000 FM into 'Fighting Chance', only to receive a meagre 4 power and 5 defense items. I did, however, receive a ton of artwork, a lot of which I already owned, thereby giving me credit towards... ONE. STINKING. FORTUNE TICKET! 😠 Fighting Chance? No chance, more like.
  6. Yeah, you're probably right. I'll try and knuckle down to completing two or three characters per week, or something like that. Somewhat off-topic, but this game is just worlds apart from it's near-flawless predecessor. From booting up this game and having to endure the lengthy wait for Capcom's server to 'allow' you in to play the product, being greeted with a home screen that is constantly promoting the latest frequently-updated means by which you can spend an in-game currency that we're gradually being blatantly starved of, the grotesque in-game advertising garishly draped all over their own franchise icons during the build-up to Evo, everything about it makes me feel that Capcom are telling me I should feel privileged to be allowed to play this! Capcom sold the 'soul' of the franchise with this game, all for the purpose of monetization. I acknowledge that this type of business model is becoming commonplace across the gaming landscape in some form or another nowadays, but Street Fighter is a franchise that has been ever-present throughout my life and the one that matters most to me, and how badly this game has been handled hurts me. Anyhow, rant over, lol. 😞
  7. If FM could be purchased with real money then I would very likely just buy the remainder of what I need and save a ton of time. The cost of currency would likely balance with what the Season Passes and character bundles cost now, anyhow. What irritates me most about this pointless trophy is that it isn't even remotely skill-based. Getting to Gold League was certainly a challenge, though.
  8. I'm currently sitting at roughly 605,000 cumulative FM and, by my calculations, if I purchase every remaining character released to-date, complete all story modes and easy/normal survival mode runs for all of my remaining characters, I'll still be around 100,000 short for the trophy. Even after purchasing the characters I don't want to use and spending countless hours/weeks grinding away at their respective mind-numbing survival modes, I'll still be such a long way off from a target that may not even be achievable. At the present rate of weekly FM earning potential, and assuming the currency isn't nerfed further, I could be looking at around two years of logging in every single week to pick up whatever crumbs Capcom throw at us. Playing to win nearly two-thousand Player/Ranked matches certainly doesn't appeal to me, either, because it takes so damned long to find an opponent, and even then, you can't be matched with the same player twice in a row due to how the matchmaking works. Not even my love of all things Street Fighter is enough to motivate me to spend such a ridiculous amount of my precious gaming time doing something that I'm not gaining enjoyment/satisfaction from, just to potentially end up with nothing to show for it. If Capcom add another three or four characters then that will certainly help me to find some motivation, but, for the foreseeable future at least, I'm semi-resigned to accepting that this will be a platinum that is just not meant to be.
  9. Dead Or Alive 5
  10. Haha, yep, you're right, I've already bought it, i Just haven't gotten around to playing it yet! 😁 Hmm, recommending for you is tricky because your games list covers a great many genres... I think Bayonetta and Resident Evil 4 would be enjoyable and rewarding experiences for you. 👍
  11. Haha, yeah, I guess I do 😃 Thanks for the encouragement, mate. I'll definitely keep plugging away at it, at least until I either beat it or lose the urge to try. Give me a good old-fashioned, hard-as-nails combo challenge any day over lengthy, hellish difficulty survival modes! You're absolutely right about the Tutorial and Combo Challenge modes, they can teach you a lot about your favourite characters, as well as gaining a better understanding of the potential tactics utilised by the a.i./human players when facing characters that you you won't ever use.
  12. I'm not the best at fighting games either, but they're my favourite type of game too. I was fortunate enough to be around in 1992 when the genre-defining Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter II exploded onto the gaming scene, as well as the numerous Neo-Geo beat-em-up franchises that followed as a result, and have been playing/following them ever since. Dead or Alive is a fun franchise and the game mechanics have a lot more depth and complexity than it's given credit for. It sounds as though you'll likely enjoy the sixth instalment. The overall presentation is top-notch and the gameplay is as solid as ever, although the whole multiple Season Pass costing for costumes has gotten plain ridiculous. I can recommend the extra characters though, Mai Shiranui in particular handles really well if you're already familiar with her playstyle and moveset. As you say, many players are stuck with a 97% completion rate on this particular title, and likely will be for the forseeable future. The furthest I've managed to get on Legend difficulty so far is 97, although I haven't gotten anywhere near that since. Deleting the patches can definitely help you progress further, as the a.i. counters aggressively from much earlier on with them installed. Thank you, that is exactly what I thought.
  13. Wrong. The patches released for this game in it's "SEVEN" year lifespan have actually made the platinum-breaking Survival mode harder. My initial comment merely confirmed to late-adopters that the platinum difficulty is still just as high as it ever was. If, as you imply, users shouldn't be commenting on older threads, then shouldn't those threads be locked by the site moderators? If the subject matter of a thread has a present day relevance (the game page confirms that people are still playing this game) and the thread is open for comments, then users are free to comment as they wish.
  14. To see the hugely time-consuming Mortal Kombat platinum through to the end suggests that you must have enjoyed the core game. Therefore, I would recommend Mortal Kombat XL to you. Mortal Kombat XL is a worthy sequel that offers a lot of content and a decent platinum challenge.