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  1. Yes, I am. Most of Italian products are tasty, from Northern to Southern, seems especially Southern than Napoli, near Bari too. Edit: I already like here 👍
  2. Thanks! When I will have money and will be more informations on PS5 (especially the price) I will think to buy PS4 or wait a bit for PS5. Heard and read good opinions about GT4 and GT5, but I didn't play them, so I can't say something on them.
  3. Hi to everyone! I'm searching 3-4 players that are interested in getting Draft online trophy. We will do it with multiple accesses: who loses, enters again in the Draft until someone will get it and then we will repeat it until everyone of us 4-5 will have it. But there's one condition, just to ensure that will be players with enough credits, as fifa 16's servers will be closed during the second half of September: everyone has to reach at least 110 -120 000 coins before 10-15 September (in the while we will do some Drafts), so that later there will be enough credits to help who helped us get it. If interested add me, the ID is the same. PS for who's already my friend for this trophy: If you will earn these credits and there will be enough players to help you, somehow I'll help you, but most of you have few credits, so I'm just trying to find someone who can actually help me faster.
  4. Hi to everyone, I'm MEF, from Italy, 28 years old. I started to play videogames in December 2003 with Pro Evolution Soccer 3 on PS2. Later I played a F1 of late '90, PES 06, F1 06. In November 2007 my PS2 broke and after 5-6 years of Xbox with PES 2008, Ace Combat: Fires of Liberation, The Bourne Conspiracy (2008), Forza Motorsport 2 and 3, I bought PS3 (Ace Combat: Assault Horizon and Infinity; Need For Speed MW 2012, GT6, F1 2013 and FIFA from 14 to 18). I played mostly football and cars games because they're my main hobbies in general and so these are my main games, but I really liked Ace Combat: Fires of Liberation and The Bourne Conspiracy, two of my favourite in my very short list of played games, though I liked all of them nearly at the same way. Most liked game: Forza Motorsport 3 and NFS MW 2012: I like track races more or less as street races (I like find a strategy to do my best using pit stops as much as going around freely in an open world); as said I also like a lot fifa's games, but fifa's games seem to me more limited than cars (maybe because I'm still on PS3). Less liked game: AC Infinity, because it didn't have a conclusion, but I always considered it more like an open test demo -game from which receive feedback for the next chapter, so I say AC: Assault Horizon, as it was a bit disappointing for me. Nice to meet you all !!