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  1. I was prepared for hell, spent probably 30 minutes reading about tips and tricks for this trophy. Started it maybe 20 minutes ago and got it 10 minutes later. I activated the mutators that are recommended but didnt see any difference on my ps5 and ended up deactivating them again. I reached 4 for the first time the try before and figured I'll go for 5 this time and finished at 10. I was probably lucky. The last five didnt change much in altitude so it was kind of straight going.
  2. It wasn't that hard. I had to redo the ones in the slums a lot of times but when i grabbed the Pyza Suit the old town became really easy. You win a lot of time with the suit. I didn't use the suit in the slums but it might help a bit I guess. More close quarters there though. Most of the trials in old town i got through on the second or third try. The Tower was the hardest one so expect to retry that one a lot. My tip is to grab the Pyza Suit before you start the trials, especially for the ones in old town.
  3. I just got these races done! I must have spent at least five hours to get three bolts... I'm kind of amazed that such a big percentage as 20.9 % has gotten the platinum on the vita and 12.1 overall (PS3-version 11.3%!!). People playing ratchet must be a dedicated bunch and I'm amazed so many stuck it through 😅. I'm not bad at platformers but those Ace Bungon races drove the difficulty up to 6/10 for me on the Vita. PS3-version was maybe 2-3/10. The first and the third one was not that hard, the second one though.. holy moly. Most of the time was spent there. There are no shortcuts, persistance is the key. Now I'll just finish of the plat and go on to ratchet 3. Will never touch ratchet 2 on the vita again after that!
  4. At least xbox has 1000 GS and a couple of more achievements. I'll definitely do it there later on if everything is working without glitches and so on. 5 trophies and no plat are just.. sad.
  5. From the trueachievements site: Hex Fox said: "Just wondering are there any other updates on this? As in whether or not people have been able to trigger the other achievements offline without posting to the leader boards?" T Vawd said: "I can confirm that you must post to the leaderboard to get the achievement. The servers have been intermittently been going down over the last few days. When I finished the Lord of the Ring achievement yesterday, I got a message that said the leaderboards were down, but that my score would be uploaded at a later time. The achievement didn't pop even though I was online and connected to Xbox Live. Later when their servers were back up and running and I tried connecting to the servers, it popped immediately when it connected to the leaderboard." I guess it's different on Xbox then. I only have those two achievements left on Xbox One, Guess I'll start there :).
  6. I got it to work after reinstalling the game and removing the old save-files. Damn glitchy game. For others that want to be able to save, dont use chapter select. It fucks up your normal saves.
  7. The first time I managed to survive the fight the trophy and plat popped. Maybe 4th or 5th time playing that fight. I got a good run, no doubt about it, but i dont think I had more than 45 kills.Just ignore the enemies fighting the npc:s. Just go for the others. I put some time and played through the entire game to get a save right before the fight. I needed the checkpoint once...If you´re getting a good amount of kills, not dying and the trophy still does not pop? Reinstall the game! A lot of people have gotten it first try after reinstalling.If you´re having trouble getting the save to work you need to reinstall the game and delete the old saves.Dont use chapter select at all! That ruins your normal save and it wont save anymore. You have to reinstall the game and remove the old save to fix this.The same happens when using chapter select to go to archives for the standing proud trophy. The saves stopped working after I did that so again, no chapter select!! (Ive posted this on trueachievements too if you see a double).
  8. If it only was possible to save. It doesn't register for me at all. As soon as I quit the game most of the progress is lost and I end up in the beginning of chapter 2 for some reason.
  9. Got all the leaderboard challenges! The servers work fine in Sweden at least.
  10. They released a patch yesterday which fixed legendary beasts. Got the plat finally..
  11. Worked for me when i bought one maybe 8 months ago.