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  1. Platinum #3 - Crash Bandicoot Warped Difficulty : 3/10 Time : 15h The easiest in the trilogy . I found all the time trials in this game is really easy , only level 24 gave me some trouble but it was still easy . The only annoying part is collecting all games (which is easy it just takes long) And getting used to the awful bike levels, other than that it's pretty easy
  2. #2 - Crash Bandicoot 2 : Cortex Strikes Back Difficulty : 4-5/10 (personal) Time : 13-15h This should've been done 7 days ago but I had exams last week Anyways, I find this a little bit harder than the first game While the first games' physics were broken, here they force you to use the run ability to get Relics which fucks up the controls in my opinion But it's not that bad, most relics took few tries except piston it away and hangin out The best tip I could give is that you can get higher jump distance when doing the slide jump by spinning
  3. #1 Plat & 100% - Crash Bandicoot Plat difficulty : 3/10 100% difficulty : 7/10 Time : Around 15-20h Surprisingly the plat was really easy for me, I only struggled a bit with The Lab But the 100% was really frustrating because the game's mechanic is bullshit and you'll need a lot of luck in the rolling stones sections of Stormy Ascent The best tip I could give is to jump and use the spin when you reach the ground . This will avoid the frames between jumps which will make things easier