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  1. I am ridiculously in love with the art style and direction. Character designs in particular. Trophy list looks relatively simple. Might pick this up a bit later once Gamepocalypse 2k19 calms down.
  2. I've been following this one for awhile now but I am on the fence with getting it still. Looks like a relatively standard RPG list with multiple playthroughs necessary for the Platinum.
  3. Really looking forward to starting this clue on what to think of the list though compared to other Yakuza games. Anyone play the Japanese version?
  4. I've been enjoying the game a lot so far but this is my main gripe as well.
  5. A few things on the difficulty related trophies: Master of Masters difficulty unlocks after completing all the levels on Master Samurai difficulty. You can unlock all of the level related difficulty trophies for Master of Masters difficulty by playing through the level on easier difficulty, dying on the boss, and changing the difficulty to Master of Masters at the continue screen and then completing the boss fight. HOWEVER, when I did this, the trophy My Mission is Righteous for completing all the levels on Master of Masters difficulty DID NOT unlock. As far as I can tell, you have to complete all the levels entirely on Master of Masters difficulty for the trophy to pop. I wouldn't even attempt Master of Masters difficultly until you and your weapons are fully upgraded. Enemies are pretty tough and the enemy group compositions can be a real pain in the ass too.
  6. Yes. I detailed the process on the second bullet point of my post.
  7. Go for it!
  8. I've been working on trying to get the platinum and have hit a bit of roadblock in the form of the trophy Armed to the Teeth. I've played through the game multiple times and I haven't been able to figure out what I am missing (there is the possibility the trophy is glitched too). I figured the best way to try and figure out this issue to compile a list of every weapon I have found so far and hope that someone might be able to fill in the blank of what I have missed. A few things first: I have not completed all the 'Missions' so there might be a possibility something unlocks there on completing all of them. Same goes for the the in game challenges found under Record in the game menu. Many weapons need to be gathered by targeting a low health enemy while you are using Samurai Fist and using throw on them (R1). This will let you loot the weapon they are currently using and add it to you inventory if you have space available. You can physically see what weapon you will get from an enemy if you pay attention to what they are using against you in combat. So far I found out that one boss has a weapon that can be stolen using the above method. On Aku City, the boss fight has you up against two enemies during a sidescrolling train. To get the weapon, take down the enemy wearing the red shirt. Then carefully lower the health of enemy with the umbrella until she is crouching down. Make sure you are using Samurai Fist and have an open space in your polearm inventory and use throw (R1). That should finish off the boss (which also popped Clinch Victory for me) and loot Josephine's Parasol. I have tried this method a handful of times on other bosses and wasn't able to loot anything so as far as I know, this is the only boss that has a lootable weapon. The following list of weapons is based purely on my own experience playing the game and is by no means exhaustive. I put where I first ran into the weapon but it doesn't mean it is the only source or that they don't show up earlier than that. The difficultly level also determines what weapons enemies are carrying. SWORD Magic Sword - Default Weapon Katana - Buy in the shop Great Samurai Warrior's Sword - Found in chests. First found in the Cave of the Ancient level. Broadsword - Stolen via Throw from the ancient warriors (larger grey enemies, usually carrying a shield as well). First found in the Cave of the Ancient level. Flamberge - Stolen via Throw from the ancient warriors. I first found it in the Snowy Forest level. Falchion - Stolen via Throw from ancient warriors. I first found it in the Snowy Forest level. HAMMER Warhammer - Found in chests. First found it on the Aku City level, right after you get out of the sewers. Beetle Drone Kama - Looted automatically during the Boon's Castle boss fight. Axe - Stolen via Throw from the ancient warriors. First found in the Cave of the Ancient level. Mallet - Stolen via Throw from ancient warriors. Also given to you by the Scotsman on the Ruined City level. Nodachi - Stolen via Throw from ancient warriors. Can also be found in chests. SPEAR Lightning Spear - Can be found in chests. Also given to you by one of the Scotsman's Daughters. Bamboo Staff - Given to you by the Scotsman on the Boon's Castle level near the start. Can also be found in chests or in the shop. Naginata - Stolen via throw from ancient warriors. Josephine's Parasol - Stolen via throw from the Aku City boss fight. See above for my method. Sasaho Yari - Stolen via throw from ancient warriors. First found during the Snowy Forest level. Onoyari - Stolen via throw from ancient warriors. First found during the Snowy Forest level. Polearm - Stolen via throw from ancient warriors. First found during the Cave of the Ancient level. CLUB Club - Stolen via throw from the robo crocodiles. First found in the Aku's Mine level. Can also be bought from the shop. Spiked Club - Stolen via throw from robo crocodiles. First found during the Cave of the Ancient level. Also given to you by the Scotsman on the Aku City level. Flanged Mace - Stolen via throw from robo crocodiles. First found during the Aku's City level. Morning Star - Given to you by the Scotsman during the Cave of the Ancient level, right before you enter the cave proper. Can also be stolen via throw from robo crocodiles. BOW AND ARROW Wood Bow - Can be purchased from the shop. Leaf Spring Bow - Can be looted from chests. First found in the Boon's Castle level. Silver Bow - Can be looted from chests. First found in the Ruined City level. Shows up in the shop in later levels. HANDGUN Revolver - Can be found in chests. Stolen via throw from Bounty Hunters (the cat people wearing safari gear). Pistol - Purchased from the shop. Can also be found in chests. Handgun - Stolen via throw from grey Bounty Hunters in later levels. MACHINE GUN Machine Gun - Can be purchased from shop. Also found in chests. Assault Rifle - Stolen via throw from Bounty Hunters. Battle Rifle - Can be purchased from the shop. First found during the Aku's Tower level. THROWN WEAPONS Shuriken - Can be found in chests. Purchasable from the shop. Also drops from dead enemies as normal loot. Kaiken - Can be found in chests. Purchasable from the shop. Also drops from dead enemies as normal loot. Reaper - Can be found in chests. Stolen via throw from smaller Beetle Drone enemies (the red and black kind). Also purchasable from the shop. X-28 - Found in chests during the Prison Ship level. X-49 - Automatically looted after a cutscene during the Prison Ship level. I think it only is given during lower difficulties. Can only carry one at a time. I hope this helps some people out and if you find something I don't have listed, please let me know it's name and where you found it so I can update this list as needed. Thanks all and happy hunting.
  9. You sir/madam, are my hero. I'll be trying this when I get home tonight!
  10. The only thing I can think of is to make sure you are unarmed when you do it? I know I was when it triggered.
  11. So it is a little bit weird. I got it during the Aku City boss fight. During the fight take out the big guy first and then get the lady down to barely any health. You want to try and wait for her to go down on her knees and then THROW her using R1. I know it was a throw since it gave me her weapon once I did it. That got the trophy to pop for me.
  12. It does. I think it's gonna be relatively rough too if the first level is any indication. The enemy group comps are very different.
  13. If you beat the game on Master Samurai difficulty you do get a different ending. All I am going to say.
  14. I was having the same issue until I went around the map and found a grate blocking an entrance to cave in The Gulf. After I broke that the trophy popped.
  15. Been neglected my updates on trophy hunting even though I've been going pretty hard this last month. I've gotten 10 more platinums since my last update (most recent being Doom Eternal #40 and Deliver Us the Moon #41) and I'll be doing another rapid fire update to the Crucible of Completion in the near future to catch up.

  16. Most of the trophies seem relatively painless. Extra Life Mode might be a pain, depending on what it is...
  17. At first I thought this was going to be a Darkest Dungeon clone but then the chibi avatars appeared. Gameplay looks interesting enough to potentially give it a go. Difficulty wise, I think it looks hard to gauge for me personally.
  18. Got Platinum #31 with Bioshock 2. Hopefully I'll be done 100% over the course of the weekend.

  19. Finally updated The Crucible of Completion after neglecting it for so long with platinums 17 through 30. I used an extremely short review blurb format to simply catch up on all the titles I missed but I'll return to my long format for my future entries. So check it out! 

  20. UPDATE 3.7.20 Long time no see folks. My training for my new job has been dominating my time I was intending to use for working on my blog (yes, I am eventually going to get back to it) and updating the Crucible. It has been entirely too long since I have updated this, despite having earned 14 platinums since my last one. I was originally going to make my regular length update posts for each one of those games but I am opting to make this update a sort of rapid fire blurb for each one of them just to get caught up. Going forward though, I will return to my old format. So without further ado... Platinum #17 - Tales from the Borderlands This one and The Wolf Among Us duke it out in my mind as my favorite Telltale game regularly so it was a lot of fun to revisit this one before diving head first into Borderlands 3. Super easy, enjoyable plat. Platinum #18 - Borderlands 3 Didn't do too much to change up the formula from the previous games in the series, which for me wasn't a bad thing as I find the franchise to still be the most enjoyable looter shooter out there. Unfortunately though, the villains in this one were extremely obnoxious--in the worst way--that they seriously dragged down the entertainment factor for me when it came to the story. A huge step down from Handsome Jack, one of my favorite characters of all time. Relatively easy trophy list but the game's map did make navigating a pain in the ass for collectibles at times. Platinum #19 - Return of the Obra Dinn One of the most visually distinctive games I have ever had the pleasure of playing. It's premise had me hooked as well and I loved seeing how the mystery of the ill fated Obra Dinn unfurled. It's soundtrack is a great little ear worm too and I find myself still humming it from time to time. Platinum #20 - The Outer Worlds A brilliantly written--and hilarious--game by the arguable masters of the western RPG, Obsidian Entertainment. All of the RPG elements felt great and I really enjoyed how much your decisions made during character creation were integrated into the dialogue in creative and often humorous ways and led to one of my favorite trophies of all time, Sunburn (spoilers). The only thing I didn't find myself enjoying was my Super Nova playthrough, for the trophy for completing the game on the highest difficulty. It's limitations felt more tedious than difficult in the end. Platinum #21 - Blair Witch I am really torn on this one. On one hand, I think this might be one of the best licensed games out there in terms of translating a film universe into a game format while keeping the overall feel and tone intact. It also added a really intriguing gameplay mechanic in the form of reality manipulating tapes that I wish it was used more often. That leads to the other hand...clunky gameplay. It reared it's head regularly enough in various forms (getting your dog companion to do what you wanted was infuriating at times) that made it a pain in the ass to figure out what you were supposed to be doing or where to go. This is particularly true of the night time levels. While they certainly captured the oppressive dread tinged atmosphere of the movies, sometimes the darkness made the game borderline unplayable. After playing through this one twice, it has become a prime example of how a game can be retroactively ruined by it's trophy hunting experience. If I didn't have to worry about accomplishing certain trophies--like worrying about collectibles--the experience would have been infinitely better. Such is the plight of a trophy hunter I guess. Platinum #22 - MediEvil A pretty fun nostalgia trip. The graphical rehaul turned out great but I would have liked some minor attention to be given to some rougher elements of the gameplay. It was an easy trophy list overall though. Platinum #23 - Goat Simulator Flappy Goat can kiss the fattest part of my ass. Platinum #24 - The Evil Within 2 I am kind of surprised I have heard so little about this one as I felt like it was a really solid horror / action game, particularly for one that was quasi-open world. It delivered some legitimately creepy moments that I appreciated. The trophy list had some real challenge in it too, mostly coming from the You Asked for It...Again trophy. A pleasantly horrifying experience all around. Platinum #25 - Terminator Resistance Against all my expectations, for being a low budget licensed game this one was actually a really solid FPS. It's gameplay was certainly a little dated but not to the extent that I felt it was detrimental. Trophies were pretty unobtrusive too, as I earned most of them through just naturally playing. Platinum #26 - Untitled Goose Game Simple, dumb fun. I was initially dreading the trophies for completing objective lists within a set time limit but it was much more forgiving than I thought they would be. Platinum #27 - Death Stranding My first experience playing a Hideo Kojima game and it did not disappoint. I have a lot to say about this one so I will probably return to write a full review on this one later. But it is easily one of my favorite experiences I've had on my PS4. Platinum #28 - Glass Masquerade 2: Illusions Pretty nice chill out and zen game focusing on assembling stained glass jigsaw puzzles. Loved the artwork in this one. Platinum #29 - Everything It is incredibly hard to describe exactly what kind of game Everything is. The trophies were not hard but felt extremely grindy due to the simple the gameplay was. Not something I'd ever play for the hell of it again. Platinum #30 - Bioshock I wanted to make my 30th platinum milestone something special to me, so I chose to replay one of my favorite games of all time, Bioshock. This is one of the few games that I never get tired of revisiting. I was secretly dreading this one however as the last time I attempted to platinum it, the Historian trophy glitched out on me and no matter how many times I replayed the game collecting all the audio logs, it wouldn't pop. But much to my relief I had no issues this time. Revisiting Rapture is always a joy of mine and this time was no different. Even though there are some tough trophies here, I know Rapture like the back of my hand so it was smooth sailing. Gameplay does feel a little dated here at times--switching between plasmids and weapons feels a awkward in the heat of the moment--but it doesn't effect my love for this game. ----- So there is my quick catch up for all my updates I've neglected the last few months. I'll return to my original, long form review format for my future updates. Not sure what is really up next. I'll likely finish up Bioshock 2 and The Last of Us Remastered in the coming weeks. A lot of my game time has been dominated by Hunt:Showdown...I've absolutely fallen in love with this game and I intend to platinum it but all indications are making it out to be a beast to complete so that will likely be a long term project. See you all next time.
  21. INTRODUCTION Hello there! Welcome to my Crucible of Completion, the place where the annals of my trophy hunting odyssey will be placed for all to see. I've been gaming for over 2 decades at this point and it wouldn't be a stretch to call it a passion of mine. It might be overly dramatic to say, but few things give me an endorphin fueled high than playing and beating a great game. To that end, I've been an avid trophy hunter since I first booted up my PlayStation 4 and this profile is the result of evolving this hobby to the next level--to have a trophy completion rate of 100%. It is a mildly insane endeavor but something that has been rattling around in my head for a while now. Finally time to start acting on it! So going forward this place--as well as my gaming blog--will be where I share my most recent accomplishments, some thoughts on the trophy hunt itself, and what I am currently working on / planning to start soon. I made some ground rules for myself to make the experience more guided an--most importantly--FUN for myself which you will find below. Still working on some formatting for this post and the blog as it grows, so please bare with me. It is all still very much under construction. Thanks for joining me on this wild ride! THE RULES The ultimate goal is to have FUN. I will only play games I WANT to play and I will not play games I have no interest in just to inflate my completion rate. Games selected must be able to be completed 100%. Titles with unfixed glitches or bugs that make this impossible will be excluded from the Crucible of Completion. Game selected will largely be single player focused with limited or no multiplayer trophies. This does not include co-op focused games such as Monster Hunter World. This is due to multiplayer focused games typically having trophy lists focusing on grindy or RNG based objectives. Another reason is due to the reliance of the game's servers being active in order to complete it. Examples of games excluded under this rule include: Star Wars Battlefront 2, Rainbow Six Siege, Overwatch. Note: This rule is a little bit malleable depending on if / how much I enjoy a game's multiplayer. Easy 'Platinum Grab' games (ex. < 3 hours of game time) are NOT allowed. Examples of games excluded under this rule include: My Name is Mayo, InkSplosion, Mr. Massagy. Difficult games will NOT be avoided simply because they are hard to complete. I will actively seek to play difficult games as long as they are games I want to play and have interest in (see rule #1). In Progress... Platinums 100% Completions (No Platinum)
  22. Platinum # 27, Death Stranding is complete after about 80 hours of gameplay. Hell of a game but glad to move onto something else.

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      80 hours? Nice speedrun!

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  23. Yesterday I finally finished my first Hideo Kojima game, Death Stranding. The opening acts were rough but once the gameplay and story started falling into place it became a mesmerizing experience. I have no shame in saying that the end of game got me emotional in the end--one of the few AAA titles to do so. I get the Kojima hype now. Onward to the platinum grind.

  24. Maybe Stretch. It kinda broke my rules that I set forth for myself for my completionist profile (< 3 hours) and I wasn't really a big fan of the gameplay either. I might also say the Sims 4 purely because it upsets me that all of it's trophies are dominating my 'rarest trophies' list 😆. Hoping that might change since it is the PS+ title this month.
  25. 133 with 33 games played so far. Really happy with my progress.