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  1. UPDATE 10.13.19 Platinum #5 achieved with Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered. Not much to say about this one, besides it being a great nostalgia trip, which seems to be the theme of my platinums so far this month. I loved this game last gen for how authentic it was to the Ghostbuster movies (longtime favorites of mine...I even used to have a monogrammed uniform as a kid) and how unique the gameplay was. Most of that has held true but this is a bare minimum effort of a remaster so some of it has not aged well. Those poorly aged parts were really evident during my playthrough on the Professional difficultly needed for the Are You A God? trophy. A fair number of the enemy encounters felt extremely unfair or poorly balanced in terms of enemy composition along with how fast they can take you down. Paired with the the really weak dodging mechanic, the difficulty run was simply not fun. Besides that, everything else in the game was a great time. Really wish we could have another game in the series like this someday but I don't think it is likely. Highly recommend giving this game a try for it's really unique, entertaining gameplay and if you are a fan of the movies it is pretty much a no brainer. Just be warned that Professional mode can be a pain in the ass.
  2. Funnily enough, I didn't mean to start the Sims 4 on my 100% profile. I booted it up on the wrong one and unlocked the first few trophies before I realized my mistake. So by that point I was locked in. I heard the game was a bit buggy just by word of mouth so I was pretty worried about the RNG or a bug popping up that would mess it up. I can't take credit for the solution to Triple Play though. I saw it pop up a few times on forums as a much easier work around but I was hesitant to drop more money on the game to complete it. But like you said, the expansion sounded awesome and it mostly was. It made the experience a much more entertaining than it would have been. For me, just by having a singing cat named Duke accompany my Sims through my trophy hunting / spouse murdering escapades made it infinitely better. He even came back as ghost as I finished up the experience. He was with me the whole time, cheering on my murders with musical accompaniment 😢. I agree with your assessment though--Sims 4 is a fun but buggy pile of mess. More than a bit relieved to be moving onto some more creepy games for the Halloween season.
  3. Grand Theft Auto V The online grind is a pain, imo. My profile is new so there are not a lot of games to pick. Intend to complete all of them anyway.
  4. A properly built sequel or reboot to The Order 1886 would honestly be cool in my book. The game had some cool concepts behind it (I particularly loved the weapons). The overall package was just severely lacking and was not worth the 60 dollar price point. It was a great tech demo / proof of concept and I'd love to see it revisited. Also....just give me The Wolf Among Us S2 under a new studio already. Easily the greatest casualty of the Telltale Closure, game wise.
  5. I've been a little confused on what genre it is. Is it a walking sim-esque game or a first person adventure...? I've been avoiding game footage and media to be as unspoiled as possible.
  6. UPDATE 10.9.19 Platinum #4 achieved with The Sims 4. And boy, did this one turn out to be a frustrating one. Initially I picked this one up on a sale as a nostalgia trip, since I played the first entries in the series religiously when I was younger. Started off great-I spent a copious amount of time messing around in the building mode and earning the career trophies. I managed to get the dreaded, RNG trophy Triple Play easily with the Dogs & Cats expansion (also picked up on sale) by having litters of puppies.I felt pretty good getting the supposed hardest trophy out of the way pretty early. And the others--while time consuming--came with time. Then the bugs happened. For whatever reason, the Black Widow trophy--which requires a Sim to outlive 5 of their spouses--became an absolute nightmare. I didn't see anyone else having this issue but on my chosen Sim's 3rd spouse, she just. Wouldn't. Die. I tried starving her to death by locking her in a doorless, windowless shed but her Hunger need kept resetting on the final hour of her death countdown. I tried setting her on fire with 13 rugs piled into the room, surrounded by 3 fireplaces. I tried exhausting her to death in an inescapable pool deathtrap. I eventually had to divorce her and move onto another 'target' and it happened AGAIN. And AGAIN. The Sims 4 had turned into a sick murder simulator as I had to try it 8 other times until I finally got two random Sims to sacrifice themselves on my trophy alter by finally dying as intended. This trophy easily became the largest time sink on this game as I kept retrying (each attempt roughly took 3 days in game) and reloading previous saves. It truly felt like the game was working against my vile intentions at every step of this trophy but eventually it finally popped. After that, I had a handful of clean up trophies to complete and the platinum was finally mine. Despite the game seemingly punishing me for my wicked ways with the Black Widow trophy, it was a nostalgic, mostly fun time. I know I have a dark sense of humor but having to continuously plot and watch the slow, attempted murders of digital lives over and over began to wear on me. I AM mentally stable, I swear. Trophies otherwise were very easy but time consuming as there was a lot of simply waiting around (particularly for the career trophies). I'm also incredibly thankful that there were not any trophies for the ridiculous amounts of paid DLC this game has. I probably would have gotten this platinum completed a lot sooner--outside of the bugs I suffered--if I wasn't unleashing my inner architect and interior decorator in the building mode but it is easily my favorite aspect of the Sims series, so I allowed myself to indulge. For now, I am done playing god / babysitter with the digital lives of the Sims.
  7. I've heard great things about this game since it originally released. Regardless of the list--which looks straightforward enough--I will be picking this one up. Curious to hear nonspoiler thoughts from others who have played this one.
  8. Ofcourse I am excited for it but I really want to see the launch line up. With TLOU Part 2 and Ghost of Tushima confirmed for PS4, I am really curious to what surprises they might be holding out on.
  9. All of the above for me in reality. But priority wise, mostly for the Plats and the sense of completing a game in it's entirety to me. I think most well designed trophy lists do a good job of steering players towards playing in ways outside of their comfort zones or towards seeing most of a game's content. Completion percentage is a very close second as I am working on making this profile a 100% one.
  10. At first I thought this was going to be a Darkest Dungeon clone but then the chibi avatars appeared. Gameplay looks interesting enough to potentially give it a go. Difficulty wise, I think it looks hard to gauge for me personally.
  11. This was one of my favorites last gen so I am excited to get home and play it again. The fact that the trophies revolve around single player only is just the icing on the cake. I am curious to see what they do when the reworked multiplayer gets added in and if that means multiplayer DLC trophies will be added then.
  12. Echoing what others have said, I've heard great things about this one so I am excited to give it a try. Art style looks really fascinating in particular.
  13. Absolutely. 100%.
  14. The Remastered Edition should have all the DLC included.
  15. Take my money, Naughty Dog. This game is going to be an absolute trip.