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  1. A Plague Tale: Innocence. Easily one of the best of the year. As an odder pick, The Outer Wilds. It's a space exploration sim (kinda) that leads you around with narrative breadcrumbs solving physics based and logic puzzles. Can't say much more without spoiling but it has a fantastic story that isn't spoon fed to you. Just give it a try. I feel like it is being criminally underrated for one of the best games of the year.
  2. The 2019 Game Awards are over and I am honestly a little surprised by the lack of big announcements and even some of the winners. I was totally expecting RE2 Remake to walk away with Game of the Year but Sekiro sneaks up from behind to take it. A really pleasant surprise that it won. Beyond happy that The Wolf Among Us is still happening...easily the biggest surprise of the night for me.


    Any got their own highlights from the show?

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    2. SinisterPledge


      I would say TWAU2 as well. Loved the first game and having read the majority (though not all) of the comic books, I look forward to which other characters they will introduce. Sons of the Forest looks sick as well, really liked that trailer.


      The biggest highlight of the Game Awards wasn't a game trailer or announcement though. It was that Muppet show announcing one of the winners.



    3. Hemiak


      A remake should never win game of the year. This is just my opinion ofc.


      RE2 was fantastic back in the 90s btw. Sekiro was fantastic this year. 

    4. ZoutjeNL


      Yep I agree. I personally loved RE2 a lot but I understand the people opinion that a remake shouldn't win. I think the remake is better than most games produced these days, but hey thats just me. I love from Software a lot so I am happy that they won. The announcements were disappointing but so close to a new console generation I understand they want to hold on untill e3.

  3. It is totally possible! My profile name is the same as my PSN. I was grinding this game HARD for a few weeks. But the multiplayer was much, much more enjoyable than I expected. Equally excited for DOOM Eternal next year!
  4. I tip my hat to you for completing Death's Gambit...hell of a platinum to get!
  5. Your comment on the Remnant review actually reminded me that I completely forgot to talk about that detail when it came to the trophies. Going to update that tidbit with more info. So thanks! As for my blog, I am going to be doing somewhat of a soft reboot for it in 2020 to include all of my Crucible of Completion stuff and to start writing up full on game reviews again. I had to take an unfortunate hiatus it because I simply burned myself out trying to do too much all at once. I work an unfulfilling, 60 hour a week job...on top of that I was trying to play way too many games, write up extensive review notes for them,write up the reviews, tried to maintain a reasonable streaming schedule for said games, kept up with the GameMatter social media accounts...way, way too much. I took a break to readjust my expectations, to figure out a definite direction for the blog, and what I actually wanted to accomplish with it. I knew I loved trophy hunting so the idea of creating an account to aim for 100% game completion and blogging about my trophy hunting chronicles came to mind. Thus the Crucible of Completion was born. I've been using the post here to ease myself back into it and to make sure it was what I definitely wanted to do. It was, so I've been working on creating a more realistic release window for my reviews / blog posts to prevent future burn out. I'm actually wrapping up some of my top 5's of 2019 now so I'll have stuff ready to launch in January, along with some reviews I'm just starting on for newer games. I'm also starting a (hopefully) much better job in February too, so that certainly helped with healing my mood too. TL;DR - Yes, the blog will start getting regular content again. Burned myself out, found new motivation, set up realistic expectations for myself. Revamped blog will commence in January. Stay tuned. ☺️
  6. Finished my long overdue update for the Crucible of Completion. 4 new platinums to talk about!

  7. UPDATE 12.11.19 4 new platinums to talk about! Platinum #13 - Remnant: From the Ashes Definitely one of my favorite releases for this year, Remnant: From the Ashes delivers on a premise I never knew I really wanted: a procedurally generated Dark Souls-esque experience...but with guns. Typically I find procedurally generated games to be very hit or miss but this one felt just right. Level layouts, enemy compositions, item locations, available quests, and even the bosses --which for the most part were cool, challenging encounters--are all subject to the random generation and it truly made each run of the campaign feel fresh each time. It is truly impossible to see and collect all the items in a single run so replayability was never a concern. This really helped make the character progression feel really meaningful as well, particularly in terms of weapons. While Remnant doesn't have an endless pool of different guns to loot like in Borderlands, it's smaller selection of weapon drops are each truly unique. It was always really cool to finally topple a difficult boss and craft a wholly unique, powerful weapon or weapon mod from their remains that could totally change my playstyle. My personal favorite: a side arm that fired a radioactive shotgun blast with an alternative fire mode that made each individual pellet from the shot do extra damage and ricochet off surfaces until it hit a target. Really fun stuff and it is only one of many unique guns that you can find in game. Some bosses even dropped a different weapon if you accomplished certain tasks during the fight like doing enough damage to part of a boss for it to fall off during it's fight. Due to the randomly generated nature of the game, the trophy list was pretty challenging. It required collecting everything and seeing nearly every quest and boss encounter Remnant had to offer. As I previously mentioned, seeing all of them in single campaign run was impossible so I had to start mine over multiple times in an attempt to get a specific quest or boss to spawn in my game. You could also try joining other player's games in hopes that their world may have what you need but I personally found this to be a much slower, unreliable method. There is an option to launch 'Adventure Mode' which allows you to generate a single world / level from the game, which is pretty handy for narrowing down your grind if you know what you are missing. It is still very RNG dependent but I found it much easier than the alternative. There were some unreal difficulty spikes depending on some of the bosses too (particularly the last one) but everything can be played cooperatively, if you find yourself struggling. NOTE: If you choose to play the game in co-op however be aware that only the host of the session will receive credit for story related trophies and they WILL NOT carry over to your personal save. The only things that carry over are your loot and your character progression. Similarly, the trophy Untouchable seems like it can only be earned in a session you are hosting. I actually highly recommend you attempt this one solo and on one of the Earth final bosses called Singe. It's attacks are by far the easiest to avoid since they are extremely telegraphed. I can see trying it on other bosses as being very difficult. Remnant comes with my highest recommendations for at least playing it but if you are not a fan of RNG in your platinum hunts I might suggest you avoid the platinum for this one. I personally didn't find it too bad since the game gives you some tools to lessen the grind and it didn't really matter to me anyway as it was simply right up my alley as a game. And I forgot to mention that it is a budget title too, with it only being $39.99 USD. So yeah...pick it up. Platinum #14 - Stretch Not much to say about Stretch. I picked it up on the PlayStation Store for .99 cents just because and played it. It is an incredibly simple premise--reflex / timing based button prompts in a wave based format. So...basically button prompts the video game. I was tearing my hair out on the last level since it felt much, much harder than it should have been for me and had me questioning my gamer cred. But overall a short, forgettable game featuring some funny, demoralizing level descriptions. I may have broken rule #4 on this one though. *shrug* Platinum #15 - Gris What a gorgeous game. Gris is a relatively simple puzzle platformer with a really unique, remarkable graphical style. I find it hard to actually describe it but it incorporates splashes of watercolor into the actual environmental animations in ways I've never seen before. Art direction was similarly awesome with each level being incredibly distinctive visually with it's color hues and locales. Each level also introduced a new gameplay quirk that you have to navigate so there was a nice ramping of the mechanics thrown at you. I did find the game quite short though but I couldn't really complain with it's price tag and for how visually stunning the whole thing was. The soundtrack by the Bernlist was also noteworthy. As for trophies, the list isn't hard by any means but even with the level select you unlock at the end of the game some of them were a wee bit annoying. I am mostly speaking about the Eel trophy here as I found it a bit difficult to tell what the fail state was for this one due to animations (being vague as to avoid spoilers). The level select also drops you at really inopportune junctions of the levels that are not close to trophy objectives so if you miss one, you have a fair amount of replaying to do to reach them. But these are minor gripes to an otherwise beautiful experience. Definitely worth playing. Platinum #16 - Titanfall 2 Titanfall 2. Easily one of my favorite games of this gen. This was a replay for me and I hadn't gotten the platinum my first time around but I really didn't care as Titanfall 2's campaign is simply brilliant and I loved playing through it again. Gameplay is nearly perfect, the sense of camaraderie between you and your Titan BT-7274 was believable, and there are just so many memorable set pieces throughout the entire duration. It's multiplayer is probably my most played of this generation as well and I am really happy to see the community revitalized by the new players coming on board due to this being a PS+ title now. I'm a sucker for anything with mech combat in it and Titanfall 2 just hits the spot. Trophies are a decent spread too, with many coming from just playing the game and others requiring a bit of finesse with completing challenges. But then there is the big kahuna of trophies in this list, ...Becomes the Master. By far the most difficult trophy here, it requires a perfect run of the game's time based gauntlet run. Complete mastery of the game's traversal system is necessary here and I had to run it countless times to finally get it barely. It is hard for me to give advice as to how to actually accomplish this one but this video done by the actual record holder for the gauntlet definitely helped me the most. This trophy requires repetition. Lots of it. Good luck.
  8. Photo Mode incoming. This always seems to happen AFTER I platinum a game.
  9. Is this on the US PS Store yet? I thought it came out but nothing is coming up on searches.
  10. Way behind on updating the Crucible of Completion (SOON)...but Titanfall 2 platinum has been earned (damn you to hell ...Becomes the Master)! Starting to finally work on The Last of Us Remastered before Part 2 comes out next year. One half of the MP grind down.

    1. MidnightDragon
    2. DamagingRob


      Nice job! Becomes the Master was indeed a challenge.

  11. Pretty excited for that. XCOM never failed to devour my life when one of them gets released and Phoenix Point looks really cool.
  12. I've always wanted to play this game so I am super psych'd if true!
  13. 3 more platinums down! Remnant: From the Ashes, Stretch, and Gris! Remnant was a great ride all around and Gris had a phenomenally beautiful art style. Stretch was meh, but I did enjoy how the game would try try to berate you after completing each level. 


    Not sure what to work on next...thinking I might go back and wrap up Borderlands 3.

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    2. MidnightDragon


      Nice ones!

    3. ShonenCat


      Congratz! 🎂

    4. ee28max


      Nice! Good luck with Borderlands 3

  14. Definitely Bloodborne. It introduced me to the Soulsborne genre and showed me the joy of dying over and over and over again. And it still stands, to me at least, as the greatest HP Lovecraft inspired game ever made. It just all around very heavily influenced my gaming preferences after playing it. Along the same lines is Firewatch. It was the first 'walking sim' game I ever played and I had never really experienced storytelling in that manner before. The story felt so real and raw. I kind of mark my time with Firewatch as when my taste in games matured to really enjoy good storytelling and not just write off a game because it doesn't look exciting or action packed. Plus it still has the one of the best dynamic dashboard themes out there.
  15. Gris. I've heard a lot about it so I am curious to dig in.