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  1. It should hopefully work both ways, but yes. Just make sure before you buy it you check the info on the store page it should say the game is Cross-Buy in it's info. Only North America (and Europe when it releases next month) will have Cross-Buy can't confirm if other regions will as well.
  2. Depends on the game, majority of games I might sneak a peek just to make sure I'm playing a game that doesn't lock out certain content or areas later. But besides that I generally go for what I know is possible at my heart's content sometimes in games like with Marvel's Spider-Man or God of War I was going to do a completionist run anyways so I'll use the main missions or quests to break up longer grindier trophies so I'm not trying to do them all at once towards the end. In shorter games like Doom Eternal I'll play for the Story trying to get most content I can done. Then look back and see what I'm missing. There's some games though like Darksiders (which I need to get back too) I can't play without using a checksheet of some sort. Because some of the hidden items are hard to keep track of otherwise and saves me going to every single spot again. (Looking at you Infamous series and damn orb gathering.)
  3. Looks like by the tweet East Asia sent out Aug. 17th for PS4 version and only North American no date for Europe yet. Game looks fun, it's already been on Steam since last August and just this past Spring on Switch. But the reviews seem pretty popular. It's a (Musical?) Beat'em where your Idol character is a monster or demon from the underworld that has to kill their fans to harvest their souls.
  4. The games are simple yeah but there is hidden mechanics at play that aren't really explained and this is something I'm talking about more. It also gives players a way to try the games out especially if there is one they really are worse at. (Since the games are picked in random order anyways it doesn't give adequate chance for a new player to really try.) Also I'm thinking not just in general but also for alot of younger or newer gamers. Fortnite definitely wouldn't have become as much of a juggernaut it was if it didn't get embraced by people of younger generations. Proper tutorials and private matches for people to practice helps improve newer player growth as well as cementing older players looking to test new strats without others following them.
  5. Yeah it's pretty universal look at Fall Guys most recently they have inversion on PC version but not console though MediaTonic has already stated they realize this and will be adding the settings in a patch to Console asap.
  6. Just finished this in one go after coming home from work. Use the remote play Strat for it, will save you from getting tennis elbow. (Though it does have a couple musical pauses allowing you a quick breather.) The DLC is 0/10 I would've gave it 1/10 but there's no Bessie this time.
  7. I've requested they add a training mode honestly for the "minigames". A huge problem I believe with the lack of coordination is due to the lack of a practice option. I would like to see practice option added where you can add bots and play each game by itself. With comprehensive controls layed out and tips. The one thing that is already too common on Reddit even is the lack of clear direction about how to play the games that has led to the community to create many topics not just on strats but on even basic things like grabbing ledges which are nice since the game gives you like 5 seconds with minimal info on the game or race your about to do.
  8. I use to play inverted myself but I got use to the new normal after a long time. Idk what part of made me do the change. It just seemed though I guess more natural to actually have to move my gun in the same direction as I was aiming. Like for example in third person shooters it seemed quite weird to me as they became more the norm to move down to aim up when in reality that would make me just point my gun toward the ground. In anything though where I'm in a cockpit though I always play inverted still. I played with a Joystick on my PC for a long time alot of flight sims and dogfighting games so I'm just way to use to inverted controls on them.
  9. I've mentioned this in a couple threads before with questionably difficult trophies. But I'm fine with trophies like this being hard. Even if it's due to random variation it's not the only trophy that exists like this and the fact that alot of trophy hunters want this trophy to be made easier. Just because some want to complete the game faster is counterproductive to the Devs end goal of making a game people will still hopefully be playing two years after with as much fanatic behaviour ad they do now. Some games are gonna have a trophy or two requiring dedication to them, deal with it, there's nothing wrong with it. If you don't like that don't load up the game, while the rest of us enjoy it as it is.
  10. Played this on mobile it's a great little series. Btw I think Epic Games Store was going to be giving this away for free as their next game offer. Edit: Yeah will be free through Epic Games Store next week on PC if anyone wants to try it or get some practice in before attempting it on PS4. https://www.pcgamer.com/gorgeous-endless-runner-the-alto-collection-is-free-on-the-epic-games-store-next-week/
  11. I got to hyped thinking they brought back Theme Park
  12. So btw I seen this game was marked as obtainable with another version here basically same list but a different region's version can unlock the games trophies. Does anyone know which versions share this list? I'm wondering if it's possible to earn it? Also there's two new hackers I noticed who have synced the one has their profile and trophies hidden though so can't report them through normal means. Other has what appears some hacked lists some legit.
  13. Redeemed first code, thanks much. Will download it after.
  14. Only a rumor so far. To be fair I think this was expected while PVZ Battle for Neighborville definitely didn't see a mark down this big, EA's games haven't been fairing well the last year and typically end up even 50% off in a month. Look at how many sales even NFS Heat has been part of since its launch digital and physical wise. I bought it and gonna see what it's like but something I noticed when looking up info it was mentioned the devs didn't want to go free to play so there would be equal footing for all players. This is a concerning comment as it makes it sound like their would've been otherwise a pay to win option or something similar.
  15. You enjoy fps games that have a dedicated grind to them.