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  1. Well that sucks.
  2. Any progress from the devs on this or should be considered incomplete still?
  3. Can confirm as well, seen it still available on Canada PSN Store here Sonic 1 and 2 though are delisted. Has anyone seen the first two games listed anywhere still by chance?
  4. I will warn you since you mention you want all games of the series and I doesn't appear you've started any yet by be your profile. But both Killzone 2 and Killzone 3 Platinums plus KZ3 Multiplayer are unobtainable due to server closures. Killzone HD, Killzone Mercenary and Killzone Shadow Fall are still safe though.
  5. I agree this is strange when I use to play Borderlands on PS3 I never had this issue either and I know for a fact I had digital plus all dlc and my friend that played with me had physical and no dlc. Only time it ever caused an issue was if I tried to enter a DLC area and then it would just kick them from party. But I didn't recall it ever outright refusing us to play together.
  6. I think that probably had to do with their splitting apart from Destructoid as well. They probably couldn't talk about certain points I bet due to contractual obligations with Destructoid or it's advertisers. Now that they are separated it's basically free for all on what they wanna do. They also seem to be more involved in their wrestling careers then before so that probably has taken away some viewership as they split their time into that.
  7. Totally glad I haven't downloaded it yet and become part of that 6 😂
  8. FF Dissidia NT is 100% safe no worries. The talk of it being shutdown this year was rumors only because they shut down the servers for the Arcade versions back in April. The online multiplayer for Dissidia NT on PS4 though is Peer to Peer and it's actually possible to play without even another player as it will default you as host to your own lobby against AI if it can't find an opponent.
  9. I honestly don't know why I'm they are removing these. Like are they really that desperate for sales they think two generation old downloads are gonna break their complicated new remaster? Or people will run out and buy 360s and ps3s used just to play them there?
  10. Auto Chess I can confirm is still available in these stores. Germany, Northern Ireland (UK) and New Zealand (usually linked to Sony Europe). Edit: The original post title was edited but was in regards to a random delisting of Auto Chess across EU version.
  11. Must be only the specific stores that may have it missing. I found Auto Chess in these stores tonite Germany, Northern Ireland (UK) and New Zealand (managed by Sony Europe typically).
  12. https://www.google.com/amp/s/ag.hyperxgaming.com/article/12414/fall-guys-how-to-link-epic-games-and-choose-your-primary-profile%3famphtml=1 This link explains how to connect them, just know that when you do this though, sadly only one account can become the primary one. Which means you will need to choose which one's progress you want to override the other. There is no way to keep progress from both accounts.
  13. I believe it was being done as the same as last years where Series Stacker only includes games in an actual series list on this site. So if you go by Atelier as a series if you completed Atelier Rorona next after Ryza you should get the first bonus for series stacker.
  14. Servers should be fine and no risk of outage even if it was delisted in Brazil. Every system has it's own worldwide Megaserver, so even if the game was removed one could play it still as long as the primary PS4 megaserver is online. With this said STO has used ISP blocking in the past to block out certain countries (primarily in Asia).
  15. Perfect thanks