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  1. Chosen my three games as well. Triple Point: SMT III Nocturne HD Remaster Double Points: Persona Strikers and Persona 4 Golden
  2. Is the issue with Dead by Daylight exclusive to PS5 or on PS4 as well?
  3. Bumping this to say thanks and also let people know this exploit still works. I reached the spot mentioned in The Renegade and got the lore finished from start in about 5 minutes of constant gliding between the points (so much easier). To make this easier depending on your character level when attempting don't take the skill upgrade for Lift Off that launches you backwards. Do take the skill upgrade that lowers it's cooldown as well as with cooldown reduction gear. Also take he skill that increases glide travel speed. Using those two skills together makes it easier and liftoff as long as you continue he hold the glide button during this doesn't break the exploit so it can be used to extend the glide more.
  4. Cool thanks for answer and yeah I'm looking at a couple game but if I chose a new one I was thinking of one releasing next month. Persona Strikers if it's classified as an RPG still?? (I know it's made by Omega Force so I'm assuming it's a beat'em up actually) if not then I'll probably take Werewolf
  5. I haven't played my PS4 copies yet so I can't speak for the state of the game on PS4 at least. On PC and Switch it still has issues even though more from what I hear are more playable. The big issue with going for the all the trophies/achievements (they are possible) is that like with some other buggy indie games. It relies on RNG and doing some things across one life/one campaign play to register properly though this plays against you when a random crash or glitch can still happen at anytime wiping that entire progress.
  6. "Call Out Bonus: A competitor will choose a played or unplayed game from your backlog to complete. This will be another times 3 opportunity. he call out bonus will be assigned by bracket after the 2.0 begins. The two people competing can use each others profile backlog, or trophy checklist if one is available. Completing the game gets a times three bonus added to the game." Idk this makes it seem like a competition. Otherwise how else would you stop another player from claiming the free bonus you give them? It would essentially make a callout have zero reason for use if the challengee player gets a free bonus for completing the game with really no gain by the challenger.
  7. I'm still mad about that like such a dirt easy trophy and can't even get it all because changing your badge on a profile connected to your system requires an online server even though the game is peer to peer still.
  8. Think of Mario Party but instead of playing minigames your basically playing Monopoly. You buy properties and try to earn the most cash from them is the gist. It's a more popular series in Japan then here, use to play it myself on the DS. Btw with the amount of limited text on the screen at a time. This game could be kinda easily played using camera/screen translator app from a smartphone if you one doesn't know Japanese, to translate the common phrases and menus of it.
  9. Yeah physical was a limited release this is currently the only game Arcade Distillery has mentioned would be a physical only release too. Btw I imagine they will fix the issues eventually but it will take time.
  10. It's the trashiest of trash which is why I own four different copies of it......... I'm not proud either just stating a fact about myself.
  11. I agree on this especially since an opponent could callout a game they know they have a time advantage on. Most RPGs are probably around 40-60 hour average completion time. With some games that people I'm seeing people choose already more into the 80-120 hour average due to grinding. Some countries like my own are going into full lockdown again some people are not working others will be still or more then usual. The callout seems nice on paper as mentioned above. But when you factor in these current variables the person calling out would most likely have an advantage as they would probably know exactly how much time they have to complete it fast. While the person getting challenged would now to need reverse throttle to plan out to times to beat it a game they weren't prepping for or worse trying to fit a 100hr game into a couple weeks they may only be able to spend 50hrs at most between the two.
  12. Awesome you got it done. Btw I did this mission again tonite on Hardcore and Advanced using Kleese. I really recommend him or another hard hitter character with a stun. All enemies in this mission including bosses are susceptible to stuns. This nerfs the Spider Tank fight quite considerably as if you pop Kleese's turret right on top of him to stun him this will also reset the charge on his missile barrage saving the generators from getting pelted. The end boss too is also susceptible to this stun and you can bait them towards the turrets on the front of the experiment area and stunlock them there to take massive damage from them. Btw in a small correction there is actually three turrets on the front that can be built. And the other two are in the back. One is right at the on the wall, the other I was remembering behind wall is up a little behind that one but it's also important as sits right over two spawns points for enemies that head towards the back generators. Ideally you want to save shards builds these two turrets immediately first, then use shards to buy your shard generator gear if you have one. Then use the rest of the shards to build the last three turrets on the front plus any flash traps inbetween to keep enemies busy/stunned.
  13. Honestly the only couple games I can think from either series being a RPG is Yakuza Like A Dragon (RPG styles stats and various classes) then One Piece Unlimited World Red and One Piece World Seeker, which depsite having Warriors/Beat'em Up style combat still are made to be more Action RPG in design.
  14. Couple questions. First is a new release title coming this year allowed for a triple or double point game? Second I noticed that in series samples you had mentioned Warriors (One Piece specifically) and Yakuza series, my question is how far do we take the RPG genre label? If certain games from those series are included would other action-adventure games with skills that can be leveled be included then by proxy? I have a huge backlog of RPGs I'm planning to play this year but wanna just confirm what may make some RPG-Lite titles as an entry. P.S. Thanks for bringing this up again this year I missed out on the deadline for last year.
  15. Geesh I really hope IO doesn't do this with the James Bond IP they got handed. They need to learn from Bungie and instead of trying to update a game with a new version. Just continue to support the current one already out.