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  1. Yeah that's how I found out which ones actually by seeing I couldn't fast travel to them. Some regions I guess I manually expired during missions so didn't realize I forgot the balloons.
  2. I did big rush yesterday to unlock all scrap crews so I can start earning for that inbetween my daily play sessions. Now though I'm starting to 100% various areas. I really want to make sure I got all the scrap locations and such done so I can make sure I haven't missed anything. I haven't really run into any glitches but jumped into a couple areas too early before I could advance and had to jump into an old save as to not screw anything up. Currently just planning to complete the main collectibles just so I know for sure their relates challenges are done. Did all the balloons and minefields tonite gonna start jumping on scarecrows and sniper towers next tomorrow.
  3. The game is considered more popular then Pac-Man for having better/improved game design. Alot of arcade goers considered this one of the best games of all time. Kinda not surprised it has more earners.
  4. Thanks mate I figured it out I guess I missed three regions because I revealed them by driving through not using the balloons as I thought
  5. Hey for the Trophy involving using all the hot air balloons/ vantage points. Does anyone have an idea of when this trophy should pop? I've used every one I clouding the one in Gastown region. But haven't unlocked it as far as I've read online the last area I've yet to unlock every guide mentions there is no hot air balloon for that area and it doesn't count towards this trophy. Just trying to figure out if I need to restart again just for this.
  6. The PS4 Pro is arguably the best 4K capable device for its price range not just console. I'm personally getting one soon just because it's fairly easy to find them hsed and on a deal right now with people getting ready to trade up for the PS5.
  7. Idk why but by the titles name I was thinking this was a cheap spiritual successor to Zombie's Ate My Neighbours
  8. I'm not probably gonna get the Series X due to their Censorship, but I am going to get it first due to Sony's crap handling this last year of the PlayStation brand and their player base to be honest. Not really console based censorship but because it was all over the board I joined many other Vet players from Rainbow Six Siege in vetoing the game entirely when the game got censored due to Tencent / Foreign pressure to make the game fit their "morality laws". If someones countries laws impede them from doing, playing or seeing certain things that's fine that's their laws. But don't try to impose the same things for everyone else where those laws don't apply.
  9. Usually in Lego games self killing then switching or waiting for a time will make a partner character reappear near you unless you are doing individual control for combo actions.
  10. I seen this the other day. I'm thinking this probably gonna lead to that their making a PS VR2 for the new Camera honestly. But I wonder though if the Camera isn't compatible shouldn't the controller not be either? Unless they made the Dualsense still contains Six-Axis in it.
  11. Honestly within the last couple years the changes Sony has made have really hurt people's access to their content. They got rid of the mobile community app, took away Facebook integration, there's still issues sometimes using Twitter or YouTube sharing at times. Not to mention stock features that made their system big like the in-game recording has never received a proper update to make it perform better let alone storage backup options. (Not to mention their own editing app ShareFactory still has limits on it that honestly could be approved on.) They still won't release an update to allow PS4 controllers on anything besides Android 10 or newer with remote play (depsite previous android versions being able to connect the controller separately for other media). They ditched Android 5/6 now for remote play which is nuts cause Android 6 is still used on many cheaper phones/tablets. Now we have all the crap their changing now. I didn't need the party setup to create groups be made more complicated. Or lose access to setting events which help notify your owned communities about particular things coming up. I also didn't want the option removed to make private communities removed because it's easier accepting invites then having three same person you kicked twice already join with a third account when they just disrupt or harass members. Now this I don't know why they have to change a web only store so much just for the PS5. Yet if I jumped on PC right I could see the same titles that came out 15 years ago to with the same titles that will be out in 2 years. But oh yeah let's use the broken storefronts on the consoles they abandoned, that don't even shows new titles of the games sometimes but also not even all the dlc for a game. Edit: Oh yeah forgot to mention them scrubbing the original forums where many former members created better and more in-depth help topics especially with error codes that Sony almost never does anything for.
  12. For those asking for a link here's Engadget's article on it https://www.engadget.com/amp/playstation-store-stop-selling-ps3-ps-vita-games-052153617.html
  13. Atomic Ninjas I believe was a PSPlus title for Vita as well
  14. Yeah I was just thinking at least could keep the old PS4 until I go through all the captures later. But yeah tried doing the other methods doesn't work for me either. Just need to get it done soon as I'm doing trophies for server closures and changes this month and believe the corrupt profile error is what's causing my online connectivity issues in a couple games.
  15. Damn will have too see what I can do then before choosing this. Trophy images would suck I lost them as have some favs. But I have still almost 1 TB of videos would need to back up. For the cost of a new external HDD could just get a used PS4 for about the same price...