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  1. I gotta play this now when it comes out now. If not for trophy list but just for the fact they named a trophy using Kenshiro's line.
  2. Thanks much mate
  3. Yeah they have the extra pass on sale right with the base game. But mainly wanted to see as sometimes they put the individual packs on sale rather not, spend money on he whole pass if a single pack or two comes out cheaper on sale right I'm still surprised though they haven't even made a complete edition of it yet for digital
  4. Topic, most posts I see online just state buy the passes but is all dlc really needed for this?
  5. We already have Agony for that 😂 I agree there the spacing can be hard to place. Overall I found them at their worse when the Game AI wasn't doing what it should properly. Case in point I had two troublesome ones where it was bringing it's shield almost up right away and cancelling out shots that should've hit. Then today I had Marauder I was fighting that was actually the opposite it had it's shield out then for whatever reason the shield disappeared and even when I shot it outside of it's cue it didn't block the shot making great whole fight extremely easy. I think a missed opportunity still lies in the fact you can't melee fight them with the sword. I mean hell the trailer teases running into it with your chainsaw to fight it even. It seems pointless having two weapons both made of argent energy not do jack all to each other.
  6. I'm probably gonna wait for this to hit the next sale now that I know it's only the campaign. While the Campaign is my favourite probably of the whole series. It's not varied enough to play to death. I get too why they probably opted out on multiplayer unlike the previous MW Remastered they now have a new reboot to the series and highly popular new BR Mode to push. They probably didn't want to split the fanbase like it did before. (Especially since BR Modes are such a cash cow to big companies now.)
  7. Milestones are like achievements in games, their saved to your profile directly. No matter what save you play on once you have it unlocked it stays unlocked
  8. It's like people forget this game was originally made for the PSP btw alot of complaints you made about the game Kratos can pretty unfairly do to enemies with his attacks. So 🤷🏻‍♂️
  9. ^This While I get some people will be upset, for the most part it can't be helped and it's only 5 cars that aren't event necessary to play the game. Plus and a grain of salt kind of plus, nothing has been 100% confirmed what won't be accessible when the server goes down. It could be that just when you play the game it till treat it as offline mode. Which means club stats obviously won't be tracked but u lockables could still be used. A more recent example of this is Grand Kingdoms shutdown you can't connect to online but anyone who joined a "country" can still recieved perks and quests from that "country" they just can't join a pen or connect online multiplayer. This might be the same deal.
  10. Just to let you know this is a rerelease of the previously Japanese only version of Nier Replicant. It will feature a slightly altered character/storyline (younger) with the female your saving being your sister not daughter. Still plays the same besides that.
  11. True but I mean ID Software is pretty for the fans. They don't like to close servers if people can keep playing
  12. 7pm to 1am seems to be my main time which is pretty on point for me I usually play alot then 4am I only have 63 with 4am to 9am usually being my most laxed time of the day. Which makes sense I'm usually asleep by then or just laying in bed trying to get to sleep, any I have honestly though from 4am - 6am guaranteed they were trophies I was probably grinding out and really didn't want to hear to bed u til they were done.
  13. Btw on the flip side with Wolfenstein not being technically Activision's IP has anyone tried contacting ID or Bethesda to see if they are gonna carry the server themselves?
  14. Hey I had this issue tonite. Got it to fix pretty easily. First go back to he menu and close application now reopen the game. (For some reason it sometimes doesn't add your tracked miles until you actually quite the game to club total.) Now when you restart check the club mileage not your own if you hit 1000 miles it should have that amount in your solo's club counter. If you do have it and it still hasn't unlocked. Start any event from the regular Driveclub Tour and complete the event as soon as you do the Lifer Trophy should pop. (For some reason even though Single Events counts towards this and Accolades Trophies they won't always pop it when you reach it, you have to complete a single regular Tour event to get the pop to work)
  15. Out of curiosity did you accidentally press R2 or L2 and switch to the Silver Stars instead of the Gold Stars?