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  1. I'm a huge fan of this series and I will say this. Don't play it on Vita. Camera and control issues aside, this game was meant to be played on a real full-size controller. The Vita thumbsticks, nubs, whatever you call them are crap for games like this where you need really precise controls and rotations. The Vita in this regard can't compare to an actual controller where the sensitivity and axis circumference in general is just "larger" and makes it easier to perform complex tricks.
  2. Servers will definitely be good, it's a seperate branch that handles the Rayman games and their servers have been spotty before. While Unity wasn't as hugely popular Ubisoft is still pretty committed to keeping any AC titles online especially the PS4 Titles since alot of them like Unity include MTX that give them additional revenue.
  3. It might be available on EA Play for Xbox, since they offer some backwards compatibility titles with them too.
  4. I had this issue on my original PS4. It was due to it being a corrupted profile as HuntingFever mentioned. Usually the corrupted profile is caused by when your system loses power or turns off suddenly in error without being properly shut down. Only two ways to fix it. The first is as HuntingFever mentioned by deleting the profile and readding it. This usually works for like 95% of the people it happens too. The other way is sadly if the first doesn't work and will mean either buying a new PS4 or doing a fresh install on the HDD. (What I personally had to do myself and it sucks.) Btw if you go the fresh install route know that you can't backup or copy your profile, I tried that myself and still had the trophy bug after. It's must be wiped fully with all content then readded like it's a new profile.
  5. I just got to it finally tonite. Definitely alot to in it depsite how small the islands are. Some of the puzzles are a little bit tricky too to access secret areas. Good thing is though it should help provide more then enough XP to push anyone upto Adventure Rank 50 now without endlessly grinding bosses and commissions. Means reaching Ascension 6 will be easier provided one has all the materials for it.
  6. They took out our boy Saitama with One Punch. Edit: For real though I'm kinda surprised they are killing the servers to this, there's much old Anime fighting titles they still have up.
  7. No prob, have you gotten to Inazuma yet? Just fishing up my Liyue Quests tonite myself so can head there next. Might need to check each game individually then in those cases. There's alot of turn based strategy games with leveling mechanics but not all of them are "RPGs" case in point alot of the Fire Emblem and Advance Wars clones available. Edit: Also Turn Based is still a sub-genre of strategy games mostly too not just a mechanic. They separate it only because the term can apply within other genres as well. For example with Slay The Spire it's consider a Turn-Based CCG by them. (On the game pages for both PSN and steam it's labelled as purely strategy.) Rant Below
  8. From what it sounds like on the thread some people were able to play again yesterday before they went down again so it might be a temporary thing. Though I think the message from Ubisoft is because I believe they don't have direct control over their servers and it's all handled by Ubisoft Montpellier directly, so they are probably leaving it upto to them to fix it or not.
  9. Just played my first match today managed to get 16 kills on one life but no trophy for it, so imagine some assist kills possibly don't count for whatever reason. But it's definitely a very fun game so far and hope it does well. I would put this close to the fps arena style of Unreal with the mechanics of Portal added. Very frantic and fast pace and it's great making set ups with the portals and seeing the pay offs. Btw for an easier time on kill based trophies I recommend those that aren'tskilled at fps games abuse the portal mechanic to their advantage. Alot of people right now are playing it as a normal shooter still because it's so new. This means you can do things like placing a portal by your spawn and behind cover and placing an exit portal near the enemy for easy kills just as they leave their spawn with sniping etc. Try to post the exit portals high or on ceilings of some maps so they have a harder time finding you.
  10. Early congrats to ya
  11. Okay so as far as I can tell basically percentages play into the PSN point values of trophies. 15 points for bronzes, 30 for silver, 90 for gold, and 180 for plats (plats though don't count toward the percentage). Basically your percentage on the list is determined by how many of these points you have out of the total for the list. So for example currently your main list is at 65% or 11 bronze x 15 points for 165 + 1 silver at 30 points for 195 points out of a total 300 points. 195 ÷ 300 equals 0.65 or your 65 percentage currently. If we replicate this for your previously earned trophies. 5 bronze and 1 silver will be (5x15+30)=105÷300=0.35 or 35 percent completed. If you complete the main list your score will look like this. 75 base game no plat + 13 (9 bronze at 1 point, 2 silver at 2 point) - 1.56 completion rate - 10 trophies earned previously = 76.44 points @Psy-Tychist (might need to confirm what the completion rate is of non plat games the 100% or rarest trophy on main list as the 100% completion used by the site includes dlcs as well)
  12. Ah okay thanks for the clarification. I knew it condensed the story trophies but didn't know if it was an any easier then the original outside that.
  13. Before you lock in your new triple point wouldn't Reloaded count as a Most Wanted like the original and already have a multiplier? Or is the newer version easier?
  14. @Jens Game still sounds fun might pick it up enjoy casual puzzle games. @Psy-Tychist I think the three site way is better at confirming games then a group vote. The comparing the sites gives a neutral or unbiased representation of the games being approved. Group voting will always be biased (for or against) and would require everyone to actually be active in the thread to participate as well (which not all of us always are).
  15. I was just checking out that game last night and believe even on the PSN page it's listed as "Adventure". How is he game though anyways is it like Scribblenauts level of freedom with how you paint to solve stuff?