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  1. There's some games like SMB or AVGN Game, I really enjoy playing on PC because it's easier for me to control precise movements when using a keyboard with my hands. But despite that I still try for them and other hard games on PlayStation wether I will be successful or not. Like getting no death in SMB first world I was quite proud of with controller, where I have more of a disadvantage with my hands. Or getting legit platinum times in Rayman Legends depsite how hard it is to do some of the precise cancels without having my hand lock up.
  2. So I haven't played this for a couple months but in the update when they added vehicles, there was something cool that can trivialize this. I found out if you can enter a vehicle and start driving it while not spotted. You will be invisible to every enemy as long as you stay in the vehicle. This of course is very useful for not just getting from location to location but you can also use this to run over enemies and not get flagged by them.
  3. Lol I literally just used that earlier. Check my previous comment you quoted. I used VNDB to make the list above. Edit: Unless it's new relevant info now too, let's keep chatter to minimum on the VN delistings. Everything should be covered as they are.
  4. It's no problem, and yeah some of these titles I added it appear may be physical only editions too. But best to keep them up anyways, as I have no way of checking the Japan Store on my Vita and usually most VNs are sold through specifically licensed distributors because of their highly suggestive nature. But all in all I would treat this like when stuff gets pulled by NISA or Spike Chunsoft. Most of it probably will disappear from digital fronts with maybe some disappearing later as licenses expire. (Side note too, "almost everything" has a physical version too it seems.)
  5. Thanks I'll use that after to maybe cross reference my list built up above from VNDB. (VNDB usually lists if it's physical or digital plus other versions.)
  6. GIGA Developed VN Titles At Risk of Delisting PS Vita Titles PS4 Titles
  7. They mention Sekai Project being behind some western releases of theirs as well. Which I know do publish V Novels to Switch and PS4. I'll try and see if I can grab a list of their games from VN Database.
  8. Ironically it all starts up and seems to connect like normal but now just can't click X to start the matches. Simple way to turn things off 😂
  9. Just want to confirm @EdinhoN that Bless Unleashed did shut down a couple of hours ago today world wide. Will check Bomberman Online in a couple hours as it should be down by about 8PM Eastern tonite.
  10. Most ToS for digital marketplaces include terms generally about removing access to a product previously accessible even if bought for any reason. Though most companies won't usually use these terms even if they exist. Like in PT's case with it being removed for download. Though them going further and removing the ability to play the game completely as well us a little jarring. I wonder if they will achieve this by Google Play Services and other background running services that work in combination with apps. To verify it or something.
  11. https://www.theverge.com/2022/11/22/23474317/deus-ex-go-embracer-onoma-square-enix-shutting-down Deus Ex Go wasn't available for PlayStation like Hitman and Lara Croft Go. But we should take this as a possible start of things to come with these IPs. They aren't just removing the game in question from sale but are also pulling it from everyone's libraries as well. (For those unaware still Embracer Group over the summer completed a sale of the Western Division of Square Enix. Notably including Eidos Montreal and their major IPs.)
  12. Leaving this thread open, but just to let people know again in my last conversation with Top Hat Games. They tried putting blame on Sony for not having cross-buy active despite it being something they have to ask to turn on. There was no legit reason to their answer on this especially when even Kemco games from a few years ago were still getting ps5 upgrades/crossbuy for free.
  13. That's from our boosting session several months ago back in February. Majority of the trophies weren't still popping then, rest were buggy. As I've mentioned though since then the devs have turned off majority of the servers and matchmaking it's basically impossible to start a match Battle Royale match now, which is needed to clear almost all the trophies. (The devs originally took it down after user feedback to fix their game, but have been unresponsive for the last probably 5-6months now to any communication on wether it will come back.) The game as is, is an incomplete mess and should be avoided.
  14. Hi can you elaborate who this boosting group is and when they achieved the trophies? I was part of a large group myself of nearly 40 players some of us with multiple accounts and systems several months ago and not all trophies were possibly then. Since then the servers for this game have been in permanent limbo as the Developers took them down to fix issues in the games and as far we know haven't been reinstated yet.
  15. I've been busy between server shutdowns and work but been doing some MMORPGs as part of server shutdowns. So I by end of December there will be a few games I will be scoring including one Grindy MMORPG that I'm almost at 400hrs playtime on. @[email protected]