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  1. Just a Western only delisting right? I know the other game with trophies was Japan Only release. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/1045-ティアーズトゥティアラ-外伝-アヴァロンの謎
  2. Since this thread is active again. I would advise that people interested in this game buy the characters still even though they aren't necessary for completion. Part of the skill bracket for the game is utilizing skill combinations and some abilities and skills these characters possess are quite strong meta wise amd can make completing games or trophies easier. Due to how strong they are. Steve and Nancy both have access to skills that are top tier for Survivors and the Demongorgon being one of the fastest moving killers thanks to his portals. (These portals can also make certain trophies like closing hatches, significantly easier as you leave portals near the most frequent spawn points of it.)
  3. Hmm maybe there isn't one then. Finding lack of concrete information on my end was leading me to believe at first this was another Asterisk War situation. But after finding some old listings seems yeah the physical versions mention of Chinese subs only.
  4. Was the Asia Version ever able on PSN in any other region?
  5. Checked it, shows on the hongkong store as Chinese/Korean Version but confirms in a dlc that it's the same as the physical "Asia Version". I might take a risk last this week top up my account and purchase it to see if it's in English. Even if it isn't in English not the worse thing with it being a RPG. Story wise would suck but menus, items and skills could easily be translated using a third party app on a phone if one wanted to play. The game was also made available in English for Switch as a mass factory release. So if you don't care about trophies and want the full story that's an option as well.
  6. The only thing I could find a mention about the Asia release at all was an old shopee listing. Where it does say English/Chinese subs. But the physical Asia version is like impossible to find it seems online. I'll try checking my HongKong PSN later and see what it says.
  7. Let's face it people will die on this hill as long as they stand. Though I got laugh at the amount of people who keep saying every game is in the same universe because it's designed similarly and by the same people. I guess all SNK and Platinum Games are in their own universes together by that standard.
  8. When it's mentioned a specific day for delisting expect them to be removed that day. The only thing that definitely needs to be known is what time. Some delistings happen at end of day. Others will happen at a specific time according to the timezone the dev/pub is in. Generally for most US PSN Store Delistings they happen at the time when the store refreshes each night at 12AM Pacific US Time (2AM Central or 3AM Eastern). Unless a time is specifically stated by the dev/pub. If you want them get them now though, as there is rare times they may take a the game off a few hours earlier. Canadian PSN users should also buy these immediately as this weekend is our Thanksgiving and usually holidays lead to PSN issues as many people jump on and overload it. (There's also the chance due to everywhere being closed Monday they could pull the game on Sunday instead.)
  9. The expiry date for dlc codes isn't actually set in stone by Sony. Developers/Publishers basically put their own expiry dates and whatever reason they choose is there own. (With the exclusion of dlc codes given by retailers, those specific codes usually only last for a year from purchased or until end of year or next.) The main thing is people forget why so many codes for the PS3 are expired, is because during that time there was a big push against used games and making first year sales. Making codes expired, ensured that secondary buyers had to purchase dlc again or seek brand new copies that weren't reduced in price. The only thing that Sony does force an expiration on is codes for PSN Plus, PS Now and PSN Store cards. Which all expire 1 year after purchase if you don't use their codes.
  10. How does the age verification work though, does it do it each time you make a purchase or do you need to do it once only for each account? And were these purchases made before any age verification was done previously to ensure that's true?
  11. Specific title is Wasteland 3 Colorado Collection, just released includes both expansions and dlc. It is on for 30% off as well. No current date for when the sale will end.
  12. Anime came out today anyone else watched the first episode? I wouldn't be surprised if this series hits Blood C levels of gore. It definitely did have some minor quick paces of it. First episode is anime original as well as far story and plot setup go. Though playing the previous games night help more depending how next week episodes go.
  13. Destiny Gun Sync Players realizing they trained for this moment.
  14. Btw for CERO Z Rating games it may not be just the physical games but all dlc that will be age restricted as well. So if there's games you own you want that the dlc for get them now. Btw has a list been started on what games are available only digitally or have a physical available?
  15. Huh so this a new title then and not related to the collection announced. Btw game is cross-buy. So will get both PS4 and PS5 versions on purchase.