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  1. Just finished the race on classic difficulty. All in all I think it took me about 2 hours, spread over 3 days. YouTube videos really helped me to get an idea of how to go about it, particularly a YouTube video by a guy called 'overhyped gamer'. Very insightful. Here's what worked for me. Get through the first corner without crashing or spinning out. Sounds obvious but man... There's so much that can go wrong in that corner. If you're in 11th or 12th position by the end of that corner, that's good enough. Cut through the grass on the next two corners and with a little luck you'll be in 3rd or 4th place by the time the first AI opponent crashes. From there on you should be in the top 3. Now here's the thing: don't push it. Slow down for the chicane, go easy on the corners. Just focus on keeping the damned car from spinning out or crashing. What I mean is... You don't HAVE to go all out with max speed through those corners to win. Instead... minimize the risk of crashing and try to maintain 3rd place. AI opponent will crash in the chicane on the 2nd lap, putting you in 2nd place. And the leader will crash in lap 3. I made this race harder than it needed to be by taking too many risks once I was in the top 3. Good luck everyone. Hang in there.
  2. Got a few combat trophies left to do myself. The Sharpshooter trophy didn't pop for me but I had an old savefile with decent accuracy starting at chapter 18 so completed the game from there to get it. Hope to finish all the miscellaneous trophies that I got left before the end of january. Should be easy from here.
  3. LG CX owner here. I love the screen and it's got HDMI 2.1 connections , which PS5 ( and Xbox Series X ) also has.
  4. Used this cheat for my third playthrough. Really enjoyed being all-powerful for a change and not having to look in every nook and cranny for supplies. Just sped through the game and mowed everything down Especially fun during the Rat King sequence. First playthrough was frustrating. Second playthrough I knew what to do, but playing in permadeath still got me nervous. Third playthrough (grounded mode, but with the cheats enabled)... Rat King shows up... BOOM! Die, b*tch!
  5. I completed the game and got the platinum close to a year ago. I felt two ways about the game. Part of me really loved it. The gameworld is so full of detail, so convincing. I get totally drawn in when I start playing. Ironically, that's also the problem. I find the game exhausting on another level. It's just all so... damned depressing. Just about every likable character gets either hurt or killed. So after completing it last year I decided on some cheerful games to play next. But... The Last Of Us II platinum at 95 % still annoys me, so now I'm doing the permadeath run, on easy. I'm sure it won't give me too much trouble, OK, maybe the Rat King encounter might... but I'll manage that. Maybe I'll do grounded a year from now
  6. Well, I'm progressing pretty well lately. I got all the miscelanious skill-based trophies out of the way now (the 10 back-to-backs, the Combo van Gogh, the 18 lines in the zone) and I'm pretty close to SS on the Journey levels (only 2 to go). Also got some SS rankings on various Effect modes (the easier ones), however... those last effect modes will definitely prove the hardest for me to clear. I have absolutely no idea how I'll ever make Sprint in 70 seconds and there's Purify, Combo, Master. I always loved Tetris, but this game is making me perform all sorts of tricks I didn't even realize existed. Have no idea whether I can become good enough to platinum this game, but as long as I'm still having fun trying... I'll stick with it.
  7. Managed it today after quite a few failed attempts. I decided to go with a 4-wide open space with an I-piece making a 3/4th of the bottom. Had some trouble building a decent 6-wide stack and also getting a good 1st and 2nd piece to start before running out of space at the top. I am by no means a Tetris wizard, so as far as I'm concerned there's a degree of luck involved in getting suitable pieces for a 15-combo Van Gogh. Must be doing something right though, because according to this site this is now my "rarest trophy".
  8. Took me a couple of hours to beat the Valkyrie Queen last night. I was loaded out with the complete Ivaldi armour, level 8 maxed out. After a few attempts, decided to switch Ivaldi breast armor to Sindri's breast armour, because it protects you from damage while performing rune attacks. Kept the rest the same. But I still wasn't getting really close to beating her, so after about 15 failed attempts I started to focus fully on blocking and dodging, not attacking at all, just trying to figure out how to not get hurt. This really helped me to just familiarize myself a bit, get a better understanding of what to do. So, back to attacking and decided that some of my rune attacks weren't effective enough so I swapped some of them. Coincidence? With these new rune attacks... on just the second attempt I nailed it. Glad it's over though. Yes, it felt great finally beating the Queen, but I didn't really enjoy the fight at all. If I hadn't been going for the platinum I would have quit after the main story. Although I have to admit, after expecting to dislike Muspelheim and Niflheim... I rather enjoyed those.
  9. Thanks for this tip, worked for me to unlock "The outfit is the highlight of battle" Trophy. So all that's needed for this trophy on the Champion Edition is: - completing a character’s ‘Character Story’ in Story Mode - complete a Survival (easy difficulty will suffice) with that same character on their default color And that's it. Thanks to Tsundokuist and Kashim_3888 for the above info
  10. Would be nice if they made it optional so people can just choose to orient their trophies either horizontally or vertically.
  11. Still haven't completed the DLC because 3 years ago the spike in difficulty in this section threw me off. May need to try again sometime soon.
  12. I followed the instructions that I got from this thread and it worked for me on both the PS4 and the PS5 version of the game less than a week ago.
  13. Depends on the game. Blood & Truth has been optimised specifically for PS5, see: Blood & Truth is PS5 ready! But many titles haven't been patched to utilise the extra horsepower of the PS5. Understandable in a way, but still a shame. Titles like Ghost Giant, Moss, Wipeout Omega Collection, Resident Evil 7, Gran Turismo Sport, Ace Combat 7, Skyrim, Until Dawn - Rush of Blood, Superhot VR, Driveclub VR... would be even better.
  14. Well, PC gaming has it's perks, sure. But you'll be hard pressed to find a 500 euro PC that can do what the PS5 does. And as far as cheaper games are concerned: there's plenty of sales on PSN. And then there's the second hand market for physical games. As a sometime PC gamer with a pretty good gaming PC: what are discs again? I'm not knocking any side. Some people love their PC's like I love my PS4 and PS5. Let 'm. It's all about having fun.
  15. Think it has to do with the art style. And like Pavel mentioned above, it's not an AAA title. This title would have looked a lot better if Naughty Dog had designed it. Having said that, I still think it looks great, the medieval athmosphere is awesome. Only things that bothered me - occasionaly - were the control scheme (just didn't feel "natural") and that sometimes when you die you're made to watch the same cutscene again. But all in all I really enjoyed my time with this game.