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  1. Hello ! I almost enjoyed all my UR platinums, but I have some big favorites : - Velocity 2X : so fun and addictive gameplay, coupled with amazing musics - Murasama rebirth : amazing musics, art and gameplay, super fun DLCs - Toukiden kiwami : despite being grindy, I really enjoyed mastering the game and changing my fighting style ! The no armor/compagnons trophies were the most enjoyable in the game
  2. This trophy is annoying yeah, but I've seen in another thread that you can change the time zone to force the strange phenomena you want to appear ! From my experience, each mining site gain a star at a different interval of time. The last I needed to do taked like 6/7 hours for one more star to appear (the last of the list, the Toflug Reef if I remember well). Knowing that, I calculated how much time I needed for the 2 last stars to appear and started the game when it was the right time. Sorry if this was already been said
  3. All Trophies (not a very inspired nameπŸ˜‚) Anima Gate of Memories: The Nameless Chronicles Really enjoyed this 2nd iteration of the small anima game series. It feels pretty short because it was first planned as a DLC but it offers some nice difficulty on new game +. The game is an action-RPG with some punishing ennemies (they are pretty aggressive, fast and they have alot of HP on new game +) ! The battles are super fun once you know the different abilities of the character ^^
  4. So apparently the way to unlock the Interstellar Performance trophy is : beating the fan club challenge with annie and doing a photo bop at the end (I got this from the skullgirls discord)
  5. I didn't expect new trophies I just got the platinum one month ago, the trials were fun ! I will eventually wait for a sale, because at the current state the DLC cost way to much for what is it (imo). Bought the game 3* cheaper than the season pass ^^' The second trophy it certainly for doing a particular attack/combo a certain amount of time like for the others characters, but well good luck to find out x)
  6. This game don't have any online trophies, but have, like monster hunter, multiplayer missions. They can be done in solo with the AI, but it may be more difficult (it's doable, I've done it alone for the most). As Infected Elite said, toukiden kiwami have one online trophy coming for completing a mission with a partner other than a AI. In the vita version, it can also be obtained with ad-hoc. I've played both game last year and the servers were still up, I don't think they were closed in the meantime.
  7. One of my favorite is for sure Quarp Drive 2* from Velocity 2X (all OST of this game are amazing).
  8. This is my first Status Update 😎

    I will soon play dengeki bunko fighting climax ignition πŸ€“, seems like alot a fun for a manga fan + versus fighting fan like me :D

    1. stealthlevel100


      Nice, have funπŸ‘

  9. I just re played the entire stories on a fresh save and still nothing ... so the game is unplatinable on vita. Nobody have found a work around ?
  10. Personally, I need to restart the game each time I finish a story and unlock a trophy, otherwise I don't unlock the trophy of the next story I do, how annoying. I hope it will not glitch ou Threads of fate...
  11. I finally succeeded. I found a pretty "easy" method using Ms. Fortune. The tricks is to do a small combo against big band when he's in a corner, repeating it each time he goes up. The combo is : MP -> MK (2 hits) -> ↓ β†˜ β†’ MP (3 hits) -> Cat Scratch Fever (when you can)
  12. Hello, I have done all others challenges but the 18th is driving me crazy. It's a fight against a super strong big band, I have only managed to half his HP for the moment. Does anyone have some tips for me ? Thanks.
  13. Hello I'm currently trying to 100% the game (getting all items, ...). I've almost finished, but there is one last monster that i cannot find : the one between high snail and fire snail. Can someone check what is this monster , and the location if possible I've also found a "bug" or bad translation : the accessory star chain (rank S, found in the last dungeon) give an unlimited access to god hand (powerful buff). It says it brokes when used but it's not the case. Thanks.
  14. Personally, i like trophy hunting because i like to 100% finish the games I play and enjoy. 😁 The trophies are a good thing to tell you what you can achieve in the game, and sometimes it's thing you would not have think about and found that pretty fun. So, I cannot understand why people are asking another person for playing for them, it completely the opposite of the purpose of gaming, maybe these peoples just like high numbers.πŸ€”
  15. i like these badges, nice design πŸ˜€