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  1. How the heck are you supposed to do this when the enemies home in on you and nstantly all at once? My god, this is horrible
  2. I am playing with a friend in private lobbies. All trophies have unlocked so far.
  3. 7 dead ends so far and no trophy!! One day it will pop. Might be the day we have world peace too!
  4. I had Ben playing the slots everyday for the last 4 months or so everyday. However many spins I got in the day I used them immediately. I played every slot machine in the game trying but for the last month had only been using the machine on the left side of where you spawn in in the main lobby. Since I already had all other trophies I was just logging in, spinning the machine, and logging back out. My daily play time was probably 60 seconds or less. I did collect the daily rewards from the rewards calendar to get the bonus spins as well. I was not doing any challenges as I don't need any coins.
  5. It is 3 alike card symbols. Or like I just got it king of clubs and 2wilds. Trophy popped as the first wheel finished and before other two wheels were done
  6. I got this trophy in the very first match i played. I was the only merc left alive on the gold team and the match ended when the blue team base was destroyed.
  7. the DLC also contains single player content. That is why it is till available
  8. that is correct. i remember talking to people who had trophies unlock as soon as they downloaded the unlock code thru the PSN store. I always thought it was weird how you could access the dlc without actually downloading thru the PSN store.
  9. i remember originally people were having a problem with unlocking trophies was that when they purchased the dlc's they would instantly unlocks in the trion server. These people did not actually download the dlc from the sony server. (takes about 2 seconds if i remember correctly)The trophies would start to unlock when they had downloaded the dlc directly from psn. I'm guessing at the time trophies were tied to the psn unlock and the content is tied to the trion server.
  10. The date of July 27th was given that this game's trophy's will not be available anymore. I have not found anywhere else online that states that information. Can someone point me to an article that states where a specific date was given for the switch over?
  11. If you click on God of War it would tell you that is was already purchased. The site does not always know that you already purchased the game till you log in and try to buy. It also depends on how you bought the game originally. When the game is purchased as a combo offer then technically you did not buy it as a single game purchase.
  12. The ESRB rating on Red Dead is the European rating system.
  13. Elder Scrolls online does this method. You have to pick a single faction to play with. when you finish that faction it unlocks another faction to play so you can keep your character and then finally unlocks the last faction. Difficulty goes up as you increase in rank.
  14. Awhile ago there was an update that accidently unlocked all of the characters at the time. Instead of fixing the auto popping of the trophy they left it in place.
  15. sometimes I need to walk away from the game for awhile. Others I will just push myself to finish.