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  1. Is there any multiplayer trophies in this game or can you get the Platinum by soloing it?
  2. I am trying to do 20 Dedsec deliveries but my delivery count is stuck on 8. Do you have to different ones to increase the count?
  3. Can I once I have beaten the game. Can I just chapter select every chapter, so I can start s game at a high level, or do I need to do a second playthrough from the beginning?
  4. Thank you to everyone who commented
  5. I have done everything and still cant get it to pop
  6. Build Zip Lines everywhere
  7. Hey can anyone tell me what are percentage for a trophy to be Ultra Rare, Very Rare, Rare, Uncommon and Common. I have tried searching this online, but cant find the information. Thanks
  8. This is the trophy and I am still left to get for me to get 100% and its seems like a mind numbing grind. Monsters give hardly any lurchers, and I have the Amour that gives more lurches at +5 and it's still gives hardly any. Honestly this trophy, I wish wasn't in this trophy line up