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  1. One can hope so, but I'll remain skeptical.
  2. Till you start Act 2, "Playing For Time" After that, you'll have to Walk/Run near one of them to properly register. -Few are bugged even that way, but not enough to lock the trophy.- Make some distance between you & the dataterm if still not working, then run to them.
  3. Yup had this issue, had to start over on v1.00. That is your only alternative for now.
  4. You expect the support service to know about it?
  5. No blocks on PS4 version, not sure of VITA.
  6. Anyone knows how to unlock #98? - Tied on the bonus battle in the menu for those wondering.
  7. can't wait to buy Dragon Lapis on NA, been waiting for it forever!
  8. Got 3: Total Recall!You've gathered all of the Memory Fragments. T-Bone: Mob RuledComplete 20 Chicago South Club contracts Conqueror of GluttonyClear the Labyrinth of Gluttony.
  9. I see nothing flag worthy in this game...
  10. None thankfully!
  11. just got the plat, you still have more than enough time to finish the 2 challenges
  12. Thanks for the vid A1rpun! got it in 10 mins that way
  13. Dog Whistle unlock after plat speaks for itself.
  14. That would pretty much kill most of the PSNP site overnight if that happened.