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  1. Ayyy, too bad I had to study all day at this time.
  2. Hey, it's nice to have dreams.
  3. Fast and Furious is already on sale.
  4. Wow, slow down there Capcom. Don't give me hope. 


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    2. LegacyJKO09


      i hope not. i get all the problems with preorder and not everyone can afford it and covid etc. But whats the point in next gen right now if everything meant for next gen is also coming to this current. I personally dont care. Im still getting ps5 at launch and xbox later but yeah. Hopefully the differences are quite drastic tho.


      i know i want DMC5 on ps5 cause it looks 10x better with Ray Tracing

    3. MarcusPunisher


      @LegacyJKO09 Depending on when it comes out, it can help Capcom to boost additional sales. I doubt that most people will own a next gen console next year and there is still a value on creating games for PS4 so they could still greatly benefit from that. 

      If the cost of optimization for the last gen consoles isn't too high, they should do. 

    4. LegacyJKO09


      @MarcusPunisher you makena good point. But what games will be strictly ps5 then? not too many. At first anyway i suppose. I am hoping to see Scarlet Nexus next gen only and get a release date but tgs has been crap this year so far imo

  5. I see. Well, that's gonna be a lot of "fun" like it was back in 2002 on classic.
  6. Wasn't there an option to skip it? I've heard the developers mention that somewhere.
  7. I think I finally figure it out, I went to the Wasteland section and finally saw the challenges that were mentioned. From the math I did, I'm apparently on the right track so at least I don't have to play the game from the beginning. I'm still nervous going after this platinum, cause it's unclear what I can and cannot to lol.
  8. Looks pretty simple. I hope the collecting part won't be that tedious and I really hope we can finish the race on easy difficulty. That has been the only part in classic Mafia that I hated. Hopefully, there no more glitched trophies.
  9. That's the one thing everyone is wondering about and the performance as well. Hopefully, they learned from the past games.
  10. Mafia Definitive Edition trophy list is on Powerpyx. Could have done without those collectables, but everything else seems fine. Now only pray that nothing is glitched.

  11. I see. I haven't unlocked most of the north area, so there should be enough convoys for the challenges hopefully. I have one more issue. I try check if my old save file matches the number on location and challenges so I don't have to restart the whole thing, but even reading the Reddit post, I don't quite follow how to do it. Is there a simpler way to calculate it? I check on my challenge page and this is what it says under challenges: Completed: 67 Active: 38 Latest: 0 Then my statistics on Scavenging Locations Completed ( I assume that's the right one) says 85. I might look at it completely wrong, but this is how much it confuses me.
  12. I just started the game with my old save file and I noticed that it has marked convoys on most of the south area (Parch Moon to Blackmaw's), which you mentioned should not be destroyed. Do I need to restart the whole game now?
  13. Ok, so basically the number of locations should equal the amount of scrap completions if I understand that correctly?
  14. I want to get back to back to the before the servers shut down and I notice that I have a save file dating back in April 2018 Since I'm worried that some trophies may have been glitched, I want to ask, should I start a whole new save or am I good on my old save file? Also, any suggestions for a decent trophy guide? I've heard that the one here is little outdated.
  15. Platinum #107 - Darksiders: Warmastered Edition


    This has been on my backlog since 2016, back when I didn't pay attention to the trophy hunting aspect( I started actively trophy hunting since May 2018). Aside from few annoying grinding spots, this was relatively easy and I hope to platinum Darksiders 2 as well at some point.