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  1. Like the remix of Blooming Villain theme. Persona 5 mixed with the style of Dynasty Warriors can be interesting if done right so I'll be on the look out. Also, coming out in 2/23 next year. Everyone should be done with Cyberpunk 2077 by that time
  2. I finally finished the main story of Assassins Creed Valhalla and...........WHAT? :o 


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    2. MidnightDragon


      I have it on my desk...waiting for some more bug fixes before I play it. 



      I'll just resist the temptation until I'm ready. :) 

    3. Copanele


      I just unlocked the final Hamtunscire arc but before that I am... What the hell did just happen?? As you said, I am also actually interested about the story this time but I feel like I am on a Fly Agaric shroom myself xD

      Can't wait to see how the final mission unfolds. 

    4. MarcusPunisher


      I'm currently cleaning up the remaining members of the Order before I get to the final boss (which is so obvious who that actually is lol), so maybe there is more to the story to unwrap. But yeah, I genuinely don't not know where this is going in a good way and I'm glad that I played an AC game that genuinely surprised me. 

  3. May you ride eternally in the halls of Valhalla.


  4. Was able to snuck up a deal in my local Gamestop store.


    1. Crispy_Oglop


      That is a thing of beauty! The artwork for this game in general is wonderful :) 

  5. I found a reference to Winnie the Pooh in one mystery quest.
  6. Had to share this :D 


  7. I didn't experience any issues with saving, but the load times seemed stretch this time around. The developers seemed to be bothered to remove a feature that players discovered and had easier time to travel rather than focusing on actual issues in the game.
  8. This is why I freaking hate Ubisoft.


    Instead of fixing some of the major issues in the latest patch for AC Valhalla, they removed the trick that lets you take no damage when landing from a great high. Why remove something that people used for easier travelling around I have no idea. Focus on actual problems, not something that players are perfectly fine with.

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    2. guy who says bruh

      guy who says bruh

      maybe this feature is not documented?

    3. ShonenCat


      @MarcusPunisher True that, but considering the entire player base is less than 0.3% of trophy hunters, the devs sure have their priorities straight xD

    4. MarcusPunisher


      @ShonenCat Oh, that's for sure. Ubisoft falls to that same category as well :D 

  9. Seriously? Couldn't give us something better for Christmas month than these games nobody cares about? 🙄
  10. Town of Light gave me a visual nightmare at the end that I won't forget anytime soon, so I'm looking forward to this. Also, Martha? WHY DID YOU SAY THAT NAME?!
  11. I played through the entirety last year to get the platinum and encounter zero glitches.
  12. I'm currently 60+, experienced few crashes, on glitch that forced me to restart at the very beginning, but nothing ever since. I make manual save pretty every moment in the story or whenever I encounter a world event. The 120+ for the platinum can be real daunting. I am at the point where certain objectives start to feel very repetitive and kinda tiresome. That being said, I'm still having fun with the game. The combat is a lot of fun, with certain abilities mixed and it's way better to control than it was in Odyssey and Origins, although, I miss the Spartan kick lol. Also, this is the most Assassins Creed game feel in nearly a decade, which is saying a lot. Eivor got to the hidden blade like a blind man to violin, but they actually implement the Assassins Creed lore and the activities in it very well and you get to actually disguise yourself to plan an attack to assassinate your target. Instead of mindless attack (which you can still do btw), you can plan your route and play like an actual Assassin like the series intended before. The targets have actual names and hidden background behind, not being nameless NPC's like it was in Odyssey. If your a fan of the series, you are gonna love this aspect, cause the developers put a lot of thought into it and finally acknowledge the OG fans in some sense. I'm also pretty engaged in the story, which happen rarely in Ubisoft games. I also liked the story in Origins and I could not care less about Odyssey's story. Here, I'm invested in Eivor and his story involved around his brother. There is also a mystery aspect to it involving Odin, which I'm curious how it turns out, so the game has my curiosity at least for the time being in terms of story. I will say that some story arcs go on too long or are not necessary. This is more on the developers making this game needlessly longer than it should be and it's a shame that Ubisoft keeps doing that. Also, Orlog. It's a fun mini game that is simple and quickly becoming the next Gwent It's a pretty tough choice to recommend it now for all the possible bugs. I have not got anything that would damage my experience with the game, but then there could be others that will encounter those bugs. I will say that if you decide to jump into the game, make frequent saves before important missions or quests and you should have no problem.
  13. You did something good NRS. ;) 


    1. Copanele


      Damn they totally are nailing the movie Raiden look. 

      Jesus NRS that's good quality. And Rambo was only launched idk 2 weeks ago? No wonder this game sells. 

      (too bad the gameplay itself is abit lacking) 

    2. ShonenCat


      Goddamn it 😫 Even now this game continues to tempt me after I said no to it a million times. Why must it be so good yet so bad at the same time? Lambert Raiden is best Raiden 😁

    3. MarcusPunisher


      @Copanele This is so great for someone who grew up to be a fan of the movie. If they got the actors for Liu Kang and Kitana, that would have been a perfect package. They are adding a lot of content, with even Kombat Pack 3 teasing. Only thing that would get me excited would be seeing my boy Smoke.

      Yeah, I got my gripes too with the game, especially the story where they made some "questionable" stuff, mainly with the characters. It shows, cause the lead writer changed between development.

      @ShonenCat I get that feeling lol. I'm feeling very tempted after I was pretty much done with the game. :D

  14. NRS recently released this pic with no description. If that is what I think it is, I'm gonna fanboy really loud. :o 


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    2. Cloudbahamut


      not really a fan of the movie tbh. It was pretty trashy.

    3. MarcusPunisher


      I have a strong nostalgia for it so I'm absolutely all in for these skins and it's still the best movie based on video game, which is not saying much, but it's still fun to watch. 

    4. NERVergoproxy


      Love the movie fights.

  15. There is a free room after you finish the games story, so you can do vandal there. As for the other two, I believe that since they added the endless siege mode after the story, you can continue from there, loss a siege on purpose, and work towards that trophy from there. It will get little tedious, since it will take away all your orcs that you had defending the castle, turning them against you, but the trophy should still be doable.