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  1. Hmmm, same was said about last month including Dark Souls & Dying Light, so I'm always skeptical before the official confirmation.
  2. Here is some hope. The president of Hangar 13 is aware of the trophy issues and says they will fix it.
  3. I can't complete every single game, especially those that are online and DLC costs money. I also got to the whole trophy hunting recently.
  4. I do. I am a completionist and something like that can bother me.
  5. You need that to obtain the DLC trophies.
  6. Hey, it's Michael Bay Orgasm: The Video Game. I'm more curious about the further line-up.
  7. So how is everyone feeling about the trophies in this game? I think the last one might be a bit of challenge.
  8. The classic steam version.
  9. Don't worry, you are not alone, still haven't unlock it yet. As for the DLC, my experience has been fine, until the miscellaneous trophies. For example, for the Pop, pop trophy, I knew I had more than 10, cause I count it and I still haven't unlock it. Thankfully, I found a spot in the story mission, do the requirement, and reload the checkpoint until I got it. Same with the other miscellaneous trophies. My only solution is that for some reason, everytime you exit the game, the counter on that restarts, so I suggest get those out of the way as soon as possible. The rest of the DLC should be fine.
  10. I know that, but is the system working properly now? I've heard some reports during launch that many people had problem signing in.
  11. Damn, I was looking forward to platinum this, but knowing this, I don't want to spend money on a broken game, let alone broken trophies.
  12. I have done all the side mission and of course, the trophy did not unlock, but I notice when I talk to Cassandra, she mentions that she is disappointed that I didn't assigned her a specific district while the others are completely chill. I wonder if the reason of the Family trophy not popping up is that I not only I have to assign equal districs, but also specific districts that they desire. I look up online and so far where I looked it is suggested to do in this order: Vito Scaletta = Frisco Fields, Downtown, and River Row Cassandra = Southdowns, Barclay Mills, and Delray Hollow Thomas Burke = French Ward, Tickfaw Harbor, and Pointe Verdun
  13. Wow! Almost a week a none has been able to unlock the platinum trophy? Is it that broken?
  14. The trophy is definitely NOT bugged. I just unlocked it not a while ago. The problem is that the number does not stacked from my experience and everytime you quit the game, the counter restarts to zero. It's not only with this trophy unfortunately. As for the method itself, you have to find a spot where enemies throw flaming bottles at you (preferably a mission spot), get few hits where it falls out of their hands and kills them (THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!) Restart the checkpoint and after 10 times in a row, you should get the trophy.
  15. I played Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice that is about the same length if not less and that game was great. I don't think just because a game is short it should determine the overall quality, it will always depend on the campaign it self and how it feels overall.