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  1. So with the recent allegations against Activision Blizzard, I'm not sure how anyone feels about it, but the way the company has been handling, I'm at the point where I don't want to buy any games from them whatsoever.
    I was actually looking forward to the Diablo II remake, but buying the game would mean giving support to the probably most shittiest video game company out there. Bad behavior and greedy microtransactions like other companies is one thing, but events that actively cost other people their lives are another. If you haven't read the whole lawsuit issued by the state of California, I highly recommend you to see what I'm talking about. Given that this is a 2 year investigation and the way the company behaved over the past few years, I have no problem believing it. 
    Like I said, I won't be buying any of their new product. I can't tell everyone else to do the same, cause it's ultimately up to you, just remember who you give money to when you buy the next Call of Duty. 
    F*ck this company and f*ck all the higher ups.

    1. Dreakon13


      I think people are usually oversensitive with this stuff, "crunch" and microtransactions and whatever... but this is real. My heart goes out to the people who had to deal with that harassment and abuse just going to work every day, and in particular the one that reportedly took their life because of it.  It's definitely made me reconsider getting Diablo 4, and I was really looking forward to it.

    2. AJ_Radio


      The writing was on the wall with all the layoffs and how Blizzard handled the Warcraft 3 Reforged debacle. Absolutely disgusting.


      The problem is definitely the higher ups, which is Activision because they happened to merge with Blizzard.

  2. With the mastering pins and perhaps VIP branding, I see a lot of grinding ahead.
  3. I used to be a tennis pro so this better be a good tennis game. That way I can at least get something from another disappointing month. 😄
  4. I had the exact same thing happened to me in the second video, but a quick restart fixed that. I also had a weird glitch with the characters bugging out in one cutscene, but otherwise it ran pretty smoothly without any issues during my two playthroughs. If you experienced constant bug issues, it might be the copy itself.
  5. Finally done with the grinding stuff in Nocturne HD so now I can focus on acquire all the endings. Thankfully a clever save spots makes it so I don't have to replay the game again so this shouldn't take too long. 

  6. Dead Space Remake trailer summary:

    No gameplay, no hype

    1. XchocomanX


      That's it. 

    2. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      You're 100% correct. But Dead Space is a super special series for me and I've been awaiting its triumphant return since the last game dropped and as such I have abandoned all reason and am extremely hyped anyway.

    3. MarcusPunisher


      That's fine, I'm just extremely cautions about mostly anything and especially when it comes to EA. I'm still hoping for the best and I be gladly proven wrong, but I don't expect it to surpass the original game.

  7. No real hype for until I see some gameplay footage.
  8. Yes!


    1. DaivRules


      And a bunch of suckers bought that lie two decades ago, leading us to where we are today.

  9. I would wait for the final product when we see how the games actually play.
  10. Doing some solid progress on Nocturne HD. So far the game is really enjoyable to play with it's deep combat system and the unique enemies you can encounter. It's not as difficult as the common conception have you believe, but you have to play by the rules the game sets. 
    I'm also staying on track with trophies, although I'm still nervous about the filling the demon compendium, cause that has been a big grind in every Persona game and viewing all the endings. 

  11. Do they at least give reasonable explanation? Cause sometime people can follow the rules and still get their comments deleted without knowing why. That's what can get really frustrating.
  12. This was so bad that I rather watch the first live action movie and Apocalypse. It was less of a wasted opportunity and more of a badly put together.
  13. I did the insanity run in single player on NG+, cause I could either A) not connect to multiplayer B ) when I did, I found no players online. It's better to do another run anyway just in case you miss something or you need to level up your character for the High Performance or if you didn't get the Matchmaker trophy. With a right build, it's a complete cakewalk and it doesn't take too long to do a second run, since you can speedthrough it in almost 10 hours.
  14. Platinum # 130 - Mass Effect Andromeda

    So just like that, after finishing the ME trilogy, I decided to go back to my old save file in Andromeda and platinum that so I can have all the Mass Effect games platinumed on my PSN account. 
    Surprisingly, this game does not make me angry like ME 3 does. It has so many bad moments and such a bad dialogue that it makes me unintentionally laugh and for that, I can find some entertaining value in it, although Liam can burn in hell. This game has gone through a lot of patches and fixes since its release, which is admirable, but it is far from being fixed. There is still some weird faces, characters flowing in space, T posing, texture pop in, missing audio during cutscenes, items not loading properly, and so on, but nothing game breaking at least for my playthroughs. There are some occasions where it can run downright poorly when too many things are happening on screen and that can cause disorientation during fights. I'm not even gonna comment on how the story completely contradicts the stuff from the original trilogy, cause there is so much stuff that can be brought up and ME 3 already did that itself anyway. 
    I'm glad I was able to go through this and now I have no reason to ever go back to this game or even the previous games ever again, besides ME 1 maybe. I also wish I posted more funny moments from the game, cause there were so many. I'll be playing a game that I was actually looking forward to and it will be my first time going through it so I'm excited for that. 

  15. You also know that you can copy your own work right? 😂 Directors of their own movies are especially guilty of this. Not that there is a major issues in that, it's just when I have a title that did this much better, I'm gonna compare it. There are segments that reminded of "Ohhh, that's like in RE 4, but worse".