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  1. I would like to see the other God of War games ported as well.
  2. With Ubisoft today, it's kinda like playing a roulette on which game you can get. You either get a decent game or a crappy one filled with predatory live services as a bonus. I'm not overly excited, but I'm still hoping for the best.
  3. Basically what the person above me said. It is suppose to follow the Arkham continuity Oh yeah, I almost forgot that King Shark died in Assault on Arkham.
  4. This looks so weird. The whole idea being sold on Suicide Squad being able to take down the Justice League is weird, especially with this cast. The designs look ugly, Harley particularly looks weird. They didn't fix the continuity issue with Deadshot and there is not much else to talk gameplay wise, since this is yet another cinematic trailer. Maybe it will look good when some gameplay footage is shown, but I'm not at all sold and I like Suicide Squad.
  5. To all the trophy hunters that are going attempt this platinum, I wish you all the luck in the world and may the Trophy Hunter Gods have mercy on your soul. 😄

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    2. MarcusPunisher


      @CeliiaFleur This is a trophy guide that got posted for Diablo II just today. I have to take the creators word for it as he has plenty of hours playing it on his account. I'm actually in the middle of getting platinum for Diablo III, but this one looks pretty ridiculous. 😄

    3. XchocomanX


      Jesus christ lol

    4. CeliiaFleur


      Oh dear, and here I was hoping it was just a joke o_o

  6. Wouldn't make more sense to put it under Grand Theft Auto Classic or something? I'm pretty sure there are still people who would want to return to it the way it was and looked. That decisions baffles me, unless the remaster is really bare bones touch up.
  7. That's pretty confusing blocking trophies in single campaign. Not everyone will have high or steady internet in order to play online, plus sometimes you want to play with yourself.
  8. Nice. I've been trying to get that for PS Vita with no success so this will be cool for people like me.
  9. I wonder how many people can still defend this game.


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    2. KingGuy420


      It is hard to defend. Not even for that, I don’t care about that. But the big problem was lack of content, and most of the support that they’ve given it so far has been characters. I figured within the first year they’d fix that massive glaring issue... but they didn’t. 


      It really could’ve been a great game. The core gameplay is really fun. It’s a shame that they seem so determined to not fix the issues.

    3. XchocomanX


      You'd be surprised. The few human beings playing will go to great lengths to defend that madness of a product.

    4. SnowxSakura


      Developers lying to their playerbase?


  10. It would be another generic horror zombie movie if it didn't have Resident Evil logo slapped all over it. Most characters look or behave nothing like the source material and they are cramming two games worth of lore into one movie, which already looks like a mess. No Barry or Rebecca, the CGI looks cheap, especially on what I assume is suppose to be Birkin. I am a massive Resident Evil fan and this just looks awful. The only thing I liked was the look of the licker, the rest is either underwhelming or downright awful.
  11. Wow, that Resident Evil trailer looked as abysmal as I expected. The weird choice of music from 4 Non Blondes did not help at all, cause it doesn't fit the mood and it only reminds me that hilarious He-man cover. 😄

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    2. Slava


      Lol, this is interesting. I just watched the Russian trailer, and thought "What song are they talking about?". Turns out, our trailer is completely different from the English one. Different footage, different music.



    3. MarcusPunisher


      @Slava Interesting. At least it doesn't sound out of place like the English one. 

    4. Dr_Mayus


      Like a weird song choice can work if you make it fit the tone...shame this movie missed this tone but here is a good example




  12. Best: I say the Nier series, although I haven't played the Drakengard series, so I don't know if I count that. Alternatively, I say the Persona franchise. Both feature some great and complex character writing. Not all of them struck the gold, but the great out waves the bad. Worst: Easy, Life is Strange or majority of David Cage games. Both have some terrible and inconsistent characters that are frustrating to watch, let alone play as sometimes. Weirdly enough, both developed by French studious.
  13. Some inclusions in the "hidden gem" category make me laugh. Black Mirror being the chief among them. I guess we are throwing picks on the board. 😄
  14. I would be interested for a decent remake, but once I saw that trailer and how poor it looked, my interest dropped to zero.
  15. Remake coming soon? Really? Last time I checked, there is still no clear date from the already one year delay. I don't think that game is coming out anytime soon.
  16. I'm waiting to get it on PS5, cause the PS4 doesn't run quite as smooth as I like it to. I hope all the DLC will be out in a nice package.
  17. Is it really surprising? It's a bloody Konami game. 😄
  18. I just realized that they are offering Mortal Kombat X, not Xl so you can't even keep it in the month of Halloween by playing as the famous horror characters like Jason or Leatherface. You have to buy the Kombat Pack in order to unlock them. Now that's some BS. 😄
  19. The Platinum Trophy name could have been named into something cool. I hate when they are only naming it Platinum Trophy.
  20. Are you ready for this spooky month with the most scariest activity ever...............GOLF?!
  21. So unless Capcom really likes to take off covers from magazines published in 2020, I think it's almost safe to say that this is fake.
  22. I ain't paying again another $60 for what was suppose to be a full game before. Existing users should honestly get a discount. Isn't that just a cosplay photoshoot? It doesn't match with the Tokyo Game Show one.
  23. In my restless dreams......
    I see that game......Silent Hill 2.
    You promised me you'd take me
    there again after 20 years......
    but you never did.
    Today is the 20th anniversary of Silent Hill 2. I don't use this word often, but this is one of those games I would confidently call a masterpiece. It's still one of the most influential game ever made and it's crazy how the game still holds up today. I may actually play this today for this special occasion.
    1. Kristen Danielle

      Kristen Danielle

      Buying the soundtrack on LE vinyl soon.

  24. Finally some reveal footage for Bayonetta 3 today. The 4th wall break addressing the viewers was hilarious.Ch7X9ns.jpg

    1. MidnightDragon


      That'll make a lot of people happy.

  25. Platinum #135 - Evil Within 2 

    It's been a while since I attempted a new platinum and I finally finished everything in this game.

    I can easily say that this is my go to example on how sequel can take flawed ideas from a previous game and redefined them in its sequel. Evil Within 1 wasn't bad, but the story was a confusing one and for it to have a payed DLC to flesh out major plot points doesn't justify the mess that was that narrative. They really tried to go for that Silent Hill vibe without any of the subtlety, with the main character being really bland. 
    Those problems were actually addressed in this sequel and they did a great job with it. The level after tutorial alone felt like there was so much to do and thanks to the improved controls, stealth is now a key part. Playing on the highest difficulty with constant fear of managing my resources was challenging and fun at the same time. They really nailed the fell of survivor horror in this that was missing in the first one. The main character Sebastian also fells like a real human being that is fleshed out through his journey. It requires doing few optional tasks, which is a shame that they are not part of the main story, but they feel rewarding when you do them. They developers didn't lie when they said that story was their main priority as this is very plot heavy. It's not a very unique story, especially for a survivor horror game, but what's here and what is trying to achieve is good. I still can't shake up the feeling that the plot felt very similar to this year's RE Village, weird. 
    I want to keep this short, but case and point is that I had a lot of fun with this. There were some issues that cause the game crashing repeatedly on Classic difficulty, but thankfully a work around was possible for me to continue. I was otherwise engaged all the way till the end and the end chapter 14 has some of the best incorporated callbacks I've seen in a while. That segment was great. After the sour taste of the first game, I can safely say that Evil Within 2 turned me around on this franchise and I'm actually hoping for Evil Within 3, cause there are some plot points that need resolution, mainly from the first game. If you love a good survivor horror game, this is highly recommended. Platinum is not that hard to obtain and if you struggle with anything, there are newly implemented cheats that don't disable the trophies.