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  1. I contacted an EA advisor this morning on the chat, he said that he will send the issue for the Team to be investigated. I will put the conversation bellow for anyone that is interested in reading it. Gautam: Thank you for contacting EA HELP, my name is Gautam, may I start with your first name please? Visitor: Hello, my name is James. Gautam: Hello James, it is my pleasure to chat with you. Gautam: How can I help? Visitor: I' m in a Playstation group of Battlefield Hardline players on Playstation 3 and there's been a problem since about a month ago with the server rental system. All players who have tried to rent a server cannot access it. The game takes the money out of the account when renting a server but when trying to access the server, this message appears "An error occurred while retrieving your items. please retry the action or contact EA customer support". Gautam: Not being able to access rental server after being charged can be upsetting, I am here to help. Gautam: Please share your PSN ID. Visitor: I didn't tried to rent a server myself, but this issue happens to all other players who tried recently. Gautam: Oh! No worries. Gautam: I will reported this issue to our team that the rental servers are causing issue. Our game team will look into the details and will update via in-game notification or twitter once they are able to confirm the issue in the game. So please do not worry about it. Visitor: Thanks very much, just one more thing there is already a topic created in Answers HQ about this issue, here: https://answers.ea.com/t5/Battlefield-Hardline/Trying-to-rent-a-server/m-p/9597412#M20448 Can you tell an EA community manager to answer this topic to keep all the players informed? Gautam: Sure, I will note that too. We are dedicated to fix our players issues and please be assured about it. Issues like these arise at times due to some bugs, I will not miss any chance to get this looked into. Our game team also believes that these issues spoil the fun of the game and we never want it for you. Visitor: Thank you for the help and for understanding. Gautam: Absolutely my pleasure. Thanks again for contacting EA Help. Have a great day!
  2. Atomic ninjas and Foosball 2012 are the only two that have online trophies.
  3. Back in July 2, the publisher Grip Digital announced on tweeter that their business strategy has slightly shifted and they will be no longer able to support their old titles. Source: The titles that are already delisted are: - DeadCore and McDROID for PS4. - Mothergunship for PS4 (can be bought in a physical copie). - Tower of Guns for PS3 and PS4 (can be bought in a physical copie). The titles that are still available in the PS Store: - Atomic Ninjas, Jet Car Stunts and Foosball 2012 in Europe and Australia for PS3 and PSVita. - Unmechanical: Extended Edition and Q.U.B.E. Director’s Cut for PS3 and PS4. - The Solus Project and Skylar and Plux: Adventure on Clover Island for PS4. So, for the people that are still interested in buying the games that are still available, I recommend buying them now before they probably get delisted in the future.
  4. Dead? Not from my experience. When I boosted this games some weeks ago, I found more than 10 random players when trying to connect to my boosting partner. Well, the major of them just left the lobby when I didn't start the match. But there was one that basically was there everyday and everytime that just refused to left the lobby and give me so much trouble to connect to my partner. I don't know if this guy still is there but in this game the case is: sometimes you will search for a match and no one is playing and on other times you will find someone. So definitely are some people still playing.
  5. When I started playing Hardline I got this message too and if it is what I am thinking it don't have nothing to do with your internet. Be sure to create an EA account and link it with your PSN account. This should let you go online.
  6. Activision did an updade on their list. The games that have online trophies affected are: Transformers: Fall of Cybertron (Remaster) Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen