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  1. Well im about 30 hours into Demon's Souls and 1 trophy away from the plat with no issues it seems the issue was Spider-Man which is a shame for such an amazing game.
  2. Ok thank you, i do have DMC 5 and Demon's Souls to try out also....i missed out on Bugsnax but ill grab Maneater and try it out. Played Spider-Man this morning for 5 hours with no crash hoping its just the game i dont feel like dealing with support lol
  3. Ok is there a recommendation? Or one thats not well known for crashing or is it a guessing game?
  4. Im having issues with my ps5...I had it for about a week. I have a buzzing noise but i believe its "coil whine" and should not be an issue. Anyways i got the plat for astro and then started playing spider man remaster and the second day i played it i had a hard crash...then i went 5 days playing 3-4 hours a day with no issues but tonight i hard crashed twice about 4-5 hours apart. I have never crashed on the UI dashboard or had any issue starting games...also no external or rest mode is being used...what im more concerned about is if this sounds like a software or a hardware issue I need advice and was wondering if anyone else is having this issue?
  5. I was at level 14 went up to 261 earned a trophy and went back to lol.
  6. I have noticed on this site that the trophies earned are in chinese but the list is in for example if you want to add a trophy to your cabinet or if you see it in your milestones it is in chinese
  7. Same here....i contacted them today and they told me they have a "specialist" going over my case and should wait 24 business hours 😬
  8. What is the method for boosting? Jw how easy it is to pull off and what steps are needed.
  9. Its a good laugh lol 😂
  10. Stumbled across this and wanted to know your opinions on this...seeing as its from reddit i have my doubts. Its been almost a year and no more info on this lol..most likely a troll.
  11. Btw i have Dissidia NT Final Fantasy 7 Final Fantasy 9 Final Fantasy 15 Final Fantasy Comrades Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition All completed 😀
  12. Well imo its no different than X and X-2 or the XIII trilogy...
  13. Any tips on how to efficiently do this?
  14. Haha nice! Thanks alot ☺
  15. Yes it does will try it tonight if i can get into a Mastermind match thanks 😀