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  1. Resident Evil 2 Resident Evil 3 Resident Evil 5 Resident Evil 6 Resident Evil Resistance Resident Evil Revelations Resident Evil Village Umbrella Corps All completed I think that puts me as Hunk
  2. That’s a very impressive list of platinums you have there. I’m currently working on cleaning up my few games so I can have that 100% completion also Congratz 😁
  3. Sonic Forces is the easiest but Sonic Generations is better and isnt to hard imo
  4. Well im about 30 hours into Demon's Souls and 1 trophy away from the plat with no issues it seems the issue was Spider-Man which is a shame for such an amazing game.
  5. Im having issues with my ps5...I had it for about a week. I have a buzzing noise but i believe its "coil whine" and should not be an issue. Anyways i got the plat for astro and then started playing spider man remaster and the second day i played it i had a hard crash...then i went 5 days playing 3-4 hours a day with no issues but tonight i hard crashed twice about 4-5 hours apart. I have never crashed on the UI dashboard or had any issue starting games...also no external or rest mode is being used...what im more concerned about is if this sounds like a software or a hardware issue I need advice and was wondering if anyone else is having this issue?
  6. Ok thank you, i do have DMC 5 and Demon's Souls to try out also....i missed out on Bugsnax but ill grab Maneater and try it out. Played Spider-Man this morning for 5 hours with no crash hoping its just the game i dont feel like dealing with support lol
  7. Ok is there a recommendation? Or one thats not well known for crashing or is it a guessing game?
  8. I was at level 14 went up to 261 earned a trophy and went back to lol.
  9. I have noticed on this site that the trophies earned are in chinese but the list is in for example if you want to add a trophy to your cabinet or if you see it in your milestones it is in chinese
  10. Same here....i contacted them today and they told me they have a "specialist" going over my case and should wait 24 business hours 😬
  11. What is the method for boosting? Jw how easy it is to pull off and what steps are needed.
  12. Stumbled across this and wanted to know your opinions on this...seeing as its from reddit i have my doubts. Its been almost a year and no more info on this lol..most likely a troll.
  13. Its a good laugh lol πŸ˜‚
  14. Any tips on how to efficiently do this?
  15. Btw i have Dissidia NT Final Fantasy 7 Final Fantasy 9 Final Fantasy 15 Final Fantasy Comrades Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition All completed πŸ˜€
  16. Well imo its no different than X and X-2 or the XIII trilogy...
  17. Haha nice! Thanks alot ☺
  18. Just wondering...having major problems trying to get "minesweeper" with alex and "The best defense is a good offense" trophies...or if anyone has tips? Would be very appreciated!
  19. Yes it does will try it tonight if i can get into a Mastermind match thanks πŸ˜€
  20. I cant get into a match...tried 3 times and was waiting over 30min before i gave up...
  21. I just dont understand how some people have no issues and others cant even find a match....makes no sense to me...
  22. If this isn't boostable what happens when the servers die out and nobody plays? This happens quickly to alot of games....
  23. Ok thanks! Just wanted to make sure because of the Grand Kingdom situation.
  24. Seeing that activision is stopping grand prix...was just curious if there are any trophies tied to it? I plan on playing soon
  25. Any news on when we will get the notification for goals 2 & 3?