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  1. Hey just posted in the other thread too, I am looking to play this finally and boost all the online stuff if anyone still wants help and need to find someone who has obtained the dev team trophy if someone playing still has it, so feel free to add me on PSN!
  2. Hey, just looked in to playing this finally, nice to know the servers are still up after all this time so am looking to boost the online stuff with anyone who still needs help, feel free to add me on PSN guys! 🙂
  3. Hi, glad the servers are still up for Blur after all these years, just wondering but would anyone like to do online and friend trophy boosting with me sometime? I'm just about to get back into the game soon and have all the online stuff to do but am definitely aiming to get the platinum if there is still someone who wants help in return, so feel free to add me on PSN guys as some trophies require having at least 1 in-game friend. 🙂