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  1. Woodbury crashed every time... after basic actions like sleeping sometimes walking certain areas. What a nightmare! The game is great though. I wonder if it's fixed...
  2. Is your playstation Pro?
  3. It worked 100% this eve. Thx god.
  4. PSN is acting since Fev25th... I wasn't able to sync trophies earlier today also... God knows when it will get fixed.
  5. I guess I am on the same boat... tried yesterday, tried today.. unable to play versus online. Aw shit...
  6. I don't want to 🙄
  7. How many goals for both trophies?
  8. Hey buddie! XP
  9. Sonic's collection on PS3.
  10. Slayer of demons... I can't wait to rescue Ostrava, the coward of Boletaria again.
  11. Your words are mine. I used to love FIFA... from 10 to 16... then Ultimate Garbage took over... trophies were still achievable until 19... if you don't buy 21 1st month you are screwed again! God knows how much I hate EA sports. They ruined NHL also. Kill em ALL!
  12. Spanish name for a Brazilian, eh?
  13. God bless you. 1st try!
  14. Undercut! Sacrificing hardware profits. Services Investment.