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  1. Legend of Legaia.
  2. How do people connect in this game mode. Tried with three people no luck. Anyone willing to try or help that'd be great. Thanks in advance EDIT NAT type 1 worked like a charm, people easily joined.
  3. Hey buddy can you write down a step by step. I just bought it digitally. Finish the game twice, once normal and then hardcore? Thanks in advance
  4. I used to be a Dice die hard fan back in the day but nowadays mannn... I remember playing Bad Company 2, BF3 with all my friends, coworkers everybody even my girlfriend enjoyed them on PS3... Dice demise started when Brokenfield 4 released on PS3 unplayable. I know it's good now and on but man... what a shame... I can't get into BF5 the graphics are outstanding but the game is soulless, the matchmaking sucks, the gameplay is boring as hell, even the campaign. Bad company 1, 2 stories were outstanding. Now it is there just to say it exists. What are you your opnion regarding this game? I gave my honest opnion in here. I want to have that feeling again, maybe a Remaster of the old BFs. Thank you all and cheers from Brazil.
  5. Silent Hill Homecoming
  6. Leaderboards is offline and I can't create a challenge for the trophies
  7. Hey guys, i need help. Online is working just fine however the challenge section and leaderboards are offline. I wonder if it's just on my end or a maintenance. Can anyone confirm this?