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  1. What's patch #?
  2. Heard on IGN, devs won't work on BF's projects anymore... DICE rolled the last dice and lost.
  3. Hey buddy We should just wait for a fix. It's a launcher issue so they can fix it easily along with the next patch. COD MW is still selling well comparing to the newest ones. After holidays I am sure, 2022.
  4. I wonder when they will rotate races...
  5. The more I read this post... the sadder I get. Why R*... was it really necefuckingssary to remove a certain aspect of the game. It wasn't even broken.
  6. Aw shit. I might have to buy it somewhere else then.
  7. Hey guys Is this game still available @EA play Hub? I can't find it anywhere nor buy it I am also having problems trying to access the vault. Games won't load. I got few trophies left willing to finish this game and move on Thanks in advance.
  8. Will they ever decrease the difficulty in this game, what's the point in making an impossible game?
  9. Nobody cares. Just live your life, play your games and be happy! If humans were so smart we would go to other galaxies ourselves and find out but we are not.
  10. Should I try this in a 4 people squad or with a partner only. What's the best way to attempt this? 2 or 4?
  11. Woodbury crashed every time... after basic actions like sleeping sometimes walking certain areas. What a nightmare! The game is great though. I wonder if it's fixed...
  12. Is your playstation Pro?