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  1. I either use it in bed or while watching Hulu or Netflix on the PS3. I haven't really used it anywhere outside my home. I don't think I could be remotely productive if I took it to work.
  2. I have one of my feet fully covered and it did hurt but nothing I couldn't handle. The next day, when you wake up and start walking around though, that is when the fun starts.
  3. Everyone's pain tolerance is different. During the outline of my chest piece I was like "yeah, I got this ... I can do it". When he got towards the end of the tattoo (took around 5-6 two hour sessions and about 6 months to fully finish), I thought I was about to die. All the blending, shading ... yikes, it was brutal. Especially on my breast bone.
  4. I really enjoyed Jacob Jones and hope they come out with more episodes soon. Other than that I really like PS Allstars and Guacamelee.
  5. I stopped raging in COD but it seems as though my inner sailor comes out a lot more than normal, when playing games like Borderlands 2. I won't necessarily die but I can get shot at and start saying things that are quite unladylike. :3
  6. I used to be OCD about symmetry but got over it with my leg tattoos. I say just save up for the chest piece. Might hurt a little but totally worth it.
  7. BOO!! Hey there sugar tits :3

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    2. Kitteh


      Why thank you Mr. Bear.

      but boo ... I'm down to 4 stars. bitches.

    3. CasaDeBen


      If it makes you feel better I am too. first world problems :P

    4. Kitteh


      haha it actually does. thanks sugar tits. you enjoy that picture I sent to you on PSN?!? :3

  8. Oh wow ... these are really good. Hope to see more of your photos!
  9. Borderlands Just love everything about the series. Could say, I'm a bit obsessed with them
  10. Luigi. Cats or Dogs? better say cats
  11. Still on the Run: Complete Chapter 4 in sexy Jake's campaign.
  12. 'merica 11:59am (central) chatting and watching house hunters.
  13. Hi and welcome!
  14. Switch lives with Duke Nukem
  15. I'm watching I Love Lucy while doing laundry, on here and updating my Tumblr.