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  1. This Ultimate Evil Edition contains both Diablo III and the Reaper of Souls expansion set, together in one definitive volume. Thats the game description from boomerangrentals. Ill contact them to see if the have any idea also but thanks for your reply. Worst case scenario is ill have to pick up the dlc but wanna explore all options to save wasting money. Thanks again. **I see my error. I have rented out the wrong version. My bad, thank you again**
  2. Hey everyone i hope you can point me in the right direction. So i have the Ultimate evil edition which contains the rise of the necromancer dlc (its a rented copy so i was sure to check it had the dlc and it did) and up until today it has played fine. Ive hit rank 70 and am going through the story as a necromancer as my trophies will show. I booted the game up before and now it is showing the necromancer as a locked class which is only available after purchase. I have deleted and reinstalled the game, restored licenses, backed up my save and deleted the save of my hard drive, reset my console, checked for game updates (current version installed), checked for system updates (current version installed) all of which haven't changed anything. On the installed add ons section the dlc is there but it has a lock symbols next to it. Has anyone else experienced this or can point me in the direction of a fix? Thanks
  3. Awesome man thanks for the info. It feels so much better running with an OP nec
  4. So i have used an old alt account character and rifts to help level up my main (this account) to go through the story at a quicker pace. I used the play on 2 accounts method to do so. I unlocked some trophies which technically i shouldnt of unlocked yet as i haven't completed the story on my main .500 rift enemies .recruit the templar, scoundrel and enchantress .socket a gem into an item .replace a property with enchanting .pick up 500,000 gold My question is, due to being powerleveled will i get flagged for cheating? I dont believe power leveling is an issue its just with how some of the trophies have popped. Thanks