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  1. After chatting to a few others it seems I was wrong assuming it was the actual medal that has been bugged for people. I'm now aware it's the in game trophy description that is the issue. Apollogit for any confusion. Should be popping the plat this week though hopefully as I gained the initial trophy pre patch so hopefully the screw up doesn't interfere with that
  2. Done hawken, would of been great to have story mode with it. Tried blacklight but not the others. I'll have a look thanks man
  3. Loved diablo, thinking of doing the PS3 versions once some of my backlog has been completed. Cheers man
  4. Apologies if this has already been asked somewhere but me and a friend are looking for some F2P games that are doable with just 2 people. We wanna play for fun but also boost some and don't know where to begin looking. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. GOOD NEWS ALL YOU PLAT HUNTERS It appears the broken medal stat "Most shots only headshots is now indeed working" The plat is obtainable again
  6. I'm sick of EA. I've contacted them numerous times over the past 2 month regarding global warfighter. Every time they say they can't do anything. They can't reset my stats, they can't unlink my account, blah blah blah...blah blah blah....well kiss my ass EA
  7. Hey everyone, Just a quick note for you all. As someone who has obtained all the gold medal/ silver medal trophies post patch I can now confirm that one of the medal is indeed glitches. I just completed a match of rifle deathmatch getting all headshot kills against my alt without missing a shot. Upon completion of the match I gained all gold medals aside from "All headshots only headshots" Prior to the match I had x1 of those medals and after the match again I only had x1 medal. Quite frustrating due to the fact I am so close to obtaining the plat, 40 something matches of squad defence and a couple of PVP matches left to regain the lost medals and now after 8 month I am playing the waiting game for a patch to be released like many of you. All other trophies seem fine still like coop XP ect so it is indeed just the X10 all gold that people will struggle with
  8. Thank god I did those pre patch. The end is now almost definitely in sight
  9. Holy jesus lordy lord. Dude this is some impressive stuff. Thank you so much for the hints, tips and other suggestions, damn good work man. I will have a better read and definitely take all these suggestions to point
  10. It would be amazing if they brought back the original PS1 alien game. That was so much fun
  11. Currently driving myself mad with the German campaign Battle of Kursk. I'm aiming to do a full run of the campaign's using the infantry doctrine first before moving onto armoured then support. On each mission I am aiming for 3 stars before moving onto the next Current perks I am using with the infantry doctrine are First Aid Hatch lookout Sprint Demolition kit Backpack My usual tactic on any mission is a flanking manoeuvre using small pockets of infantry as a base of fire from the front to allow me to get behind the enemy with reserve infantry/ armour to pound them from behind *Apologies for the innuendo* The main area I am having problems with is the farm defence 2nd wave, I throw literally everything I can at the Russian tanks but it doesn't seem enough, I have tanks/ artillery/ air support but it seems to just get crushed with not much destruction happening to the Russians. If anyone could offer tips that would be amazing
  12. Ok I assume this game is similar in trophy style to the likes of diablo ect. I've just joined a trio hoping for the "Foursome" trophy and was greeted by a trophy popping for defeating apocalypse. Now I haven't played much of the game and I'm still working out the kinks but if the boss is a later boss then future adventurers be warned that those trophies from later in the game will indeed pop if the group completed the requirement
  13. Damn. Aside format he other method you state you have used I cannot think of anymore. It may be a case of restarting once you have everything done what you need
  14. Have you tried using the mission method. I think it's called hunted but I can't be 100% sure. That's were I got the C4/ MINE kill with
  15. So I have begun the grind of 250,000 CO-OP XP using my main and my spare PS4. I have reached the 10k score and gained the relevant trophy. I'm still a little confused as to where I can find my total gained co-op XP so if anyone can point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated. I know the co-op XP refers to the "Green" points you accumulate when fighting near orders ect but I would like to track so I can work out roughly how long it would take.