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  1. Is anyone else having an issue getting the hitting the jackpot trophy? I have 999/1000 kills on the tracking and 99% on the PS5 tracking, then I logged into the PS4 version and everything popped including the hitting the jackpot trophy and got the platinum there but for some reason the PS5 version won't pop. reached out to squareenix for help and of course they're useless and said reach out to sony support
  2. I see, I have the digital version though, is it possible to downgrade the patch if its a digital copy?
  3. I just unlocked all the recipes on the forge as well but no trophy too is there any work around yet or something, really loving the game and wanna continue playing but i've stopped recently hoping for a patch for all the bugged trophies
  4. how do you make abyss puni, rafflesia puni, shining puni?
  5. Help how do you get All the lonely people trophy to pop if it doesnt pop the first time, I got all the followers already. I got the True Leader trophy but not the All the Lonely People, this game is crazy.
  6. I am missing Tua and Issa to show up, I just beat the game can they still show up after beating the game?
  7. Thanks for that I see i am missing Yui as well how to get her?
  8. why am i able to team attack with azami and sakura instantly and the rest i cant?
  9. How does this trophy pop? I just got margarette on the team status and I think I got them all but still no trophy.
  10. For the platinum I heard multiple playthroughs but is there a point where we can save the game to get all multiple endings and reload to avoid full multiple playthroughs?