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  1. For anyone struggling I beat Melania first go without being hit. Use the Ancient Death rancor spell which is like a upgraded rock sling. Just smashed her to bits, with high spell cast rate and stagger knockdown, mimic tear +10 did the rest of the work. Use azur glintstone staff, ragadons Icon and green turtle for higher spell cast rate. And make sure you replenish your FP as soon as you run out so you don't allow Melania to recoup and target you. TBH I was disappointed with how easy it was, as everyone was saying it hardest boss. Melee only build yes I imagine it could be. Bleed and rivers of blood would help that. Black knife tiche and fire Giant I had the most trouble with the amount of deaths in the game.
  2. Overheard in a podcast, the coop mode progression is tied to host. So like dark souls, you post (summon) a coop session for public or private and they can join your game. So can just get a second player in to help with a single boss for example . For person joining, doubt you'll get much out of it outside of maybe collectibles. But been able to play this game with a friend does sound fun and should be get alot more people into the game who haven't started it due to difficulty.
  3. Cant argue with this farming method, best Ive found so far. Manage to go from level 65 to 108 in about 2.5 hours. Don't bother with anything but shooting the bird and just go back to site of grace, rinse and repeat. I imagine this bird method will get nerfed at some point. Get the golden scarab talisman and use the golden fowl foot for boosting the rune total.
  4. Started s the prisoner class dex / int build and got him up to level 17. Have to say I am pretty happy with my choice with having access to range glint magic and estoc blade still to finish them off at close range, I am breezing through some of the mini bosses in the ruins first go without being hit once. I just run into boss room spawn the spirit dogs to distract the boss, and sit back and snipe using magic glint blade attacks, dodge and use estoc to finish it off once there health is low. I imagine doing a straight melee build would make the game alot harder. Bosses and mini bosses do hit very hard and can kill you in 1 or 2 hits. Seems a bit more brutal than dark souls 3, which is the only souls game Ive played.
  5. The power pyx guide mentions magic is well OP and says that this is one of hardest souls games to be a tank melee build, due to bosses being able to 1 or 2 hit you. Im pretty keen on the prisoner with a dex / int. Playing as the astrologer sounds far the easiest, but I think that I would almost get bored spamming ranged magic attacks all the time, good to mix it up with melee. Apparently the prisoner is the late bloomer class, which you want for endgame or PVP later.
  6. I always buy the PS4 disc copy for this reason, when unsure. Only issue is that the disc is just a DRM check and you really have to download the entire PS5 digital version, which can take up more space on your ps5. Plus the PS4 version can sometimes be 10 dollars cheaper. No brainer really. I can see in future though more games charging for cross buy ps5 upgrades and not giving free upgrades. Sony is not far off doing this, they were going to do it with horizon until everyone complained.
  7. I hope not, I hate full autopop implementation for most games only from ps4 to ps5. Which pushes you to play the lesser version, just so you can autopop. For games like this and Horizon your doing yourself a disservice playing the PS4 version, if you have a ps5. To be fair alot of the PS5 upgrades are so minimal though, that there is not alot alot of difference. Really depends on the game and how much of a fan you are of it. if there isn't just play the PS4 version and autopop. I think Ubisoft games are the only ones you can transfer back and forth..least they got that right. None of their games do a full autopop though, still have to replay the full main game.
  8. Yeah I'll be doing that for sure I really don't want to delete my first save / character and start again just for that one trophy. This is a bad decision by them for a COOP play side of things. So it forces you to commit to one type of build and doesn't allow for you to have a balanced min / max build. Hopefully they will allow you to progress this at some point in COOP play or NG+.
  9. That's the new PS5 compression apparently on PS4 it is twice as large. Hotfix Patches are for the most part a delta bundle : Modification of existing code, config and assets with some deletions or new code and config. So when a 20 GB update merges in, it doesn't add 20 GB to existing size, but with something that size there is some natural bloat to the overall size. Probably 5 to 10gb in the end, just depends what is going in the update.
  10. Hate to see Sony be sucked into a IP acquisition race. But guess they had too do something. At least they realise only having the live service games on one platform, will kill off half the community, lose market share and only drive other publishers to create a new IP to fill the gap. I for one look forward to bungie being involved in a new FPS for Sony to compete with COD. Destiny has some of the best gun play, live service tools and infrastructure. Sony will be able to pick their brains and use there tech rather than reinventing the wheel badly. Also Happy for all the COD aimbot cheaters to move to XBOX Only thing that bothers me, is that next installments of Doom, ES6, Diablo and Arkane games may only be on XBOX, which sucks, I won't buy one for that.
  11. Just read somewhere else and the day one patch is around 20 GB for PS4, which is a decent size for the 1000+ bug fixes. Still I am waiting, sounds like the game really needs more patches.
  12. Apparently they have released a day one patch that fixes over a 1000 bugs. I am thinking I may wait for at least another couple of patches before I start, which will be hard to do, keen on this game... Go finish up the following DLC and bozac horde instead and wait for dust to settle. Been burned too much lately with playing games early and glitched trophies. Every chance they introduce new bugs with the amount of bug fixing going on.
  13. Story bugged trophies man.. how hard are they to get right, should be the easiest to Dev for. At least it's the first mission, you can just get that quickly with a replay with of a new game. But doesn't fill you full of confidence for the rest of bugged story trophies. I will have to monitor closely when I start the game tommorrow.
  14. Yeah it's a rookie error, only two collectibles, imagine people will complain who are unaware. So I can see them fixing it. I imagine they will allow you to respec the skill tree eventually, or you can farm the rest in COOP.
  15. Just read through power px trophy guide and they mentioned there are a few missable and glitched trophys to be aware of if you are wanting to platinum this in one playthrough. There's are also two missable collectibles in the prologue that you get locked out off and can't access again later In COOP by joining someones else's game. Make sure you get them at start. Other missables require save scumming with maxing out the health and parkour inhibitor upgrades late end game. Apparently some of the main quest trophies don't pop also. So best to create a back up save before finishing the quests mentioned in the below guide.