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  1. I managed to get this without much issue after completing the bloodline campaign when switching back to Aiden after picking up a few extra data collectibles. I made sure I did all resistance missions as Aiden and picked up as much data as I could find before switching to wrench. I made sure I didn't pick up any with wrench outside of mission ones you automatically get.
  2. Yeah it's a good game who said linear story based games are dead. Shame plague tale 2 is a Xbox day one exclusive for awhile.
  3. I have seen road to the olympics DLC on sale once or twice but not often on EU store. Worries me a bit that the DLC is officially licenced and that said licence can expire. After which they will have to delist it from PSN store. How long that licence goes for is anyone's guess. But usually not long 4 to 6 years. So I'm thinking of just buying it now and not waiting for a sale. Only 14 dollars for me, the rest of game and DLC was free for me. PS plus and received a free code for Xgames and extreme DLC pass. So happy to buy rest.
  4. Yeah nothing new here move on. EA are not in the business of extending their life cycle of their games. Doesn't make them money rather force you to buy the newest version of the game by shuttering game servers early with older titles. Battlefield probably only exception here.
  5. Damn did not realise these were defunct. Oh well, glad a got a few of them before Dec 2019. At least these are just DLC and plat is still attainable. Signed petition, but yeah no real hope here with EA. Can't hurt to ask though..
  6. Thanks I found a few other people's descriptions when I did it on PS4 omitted a few critical details. Took me awhile to work it out at first can be a bit finicky.
  7. Just letting people know that are doing their first playthrough that the PS4 inventory bug still exists on PS5. This allows you to upgrade all skills at chapter ten, pop the related trophies and negates a potential second playthrough. Step by step process Preparation 1. Ensure to upgrade your pouch size to at least level 2 before chapter 10. In chapter 8-9 hoard as many crafting materials as possible. Only craft just enough Ignifier and Devorantis as required to progress through chapters. Process 2. Once reached chapter 10 : Way of the roses, quit to main menu and go into chapter select and choose chapter 10. 3. Once chapter screen shows, hold down touchpad and do not let go until notified in next step. 4. Once chapter loads your crafting menu should appear overlaid. While continuing to hold down touch pad select a crafting projectile (has all yellows not red) using DPAD or left analog. 5. Now hold down R1, do not let go through the rest of this process. Your crafting menu will appear on right alongside upgrade menu to the left. With the right analog stick select a craftable item with the most craft materials usually that's ignifier. 6. Now you can release the touchpad, while still holding R1. 7. With the dpad select a upgrade skill that has not been fully upgraded yet. After this press X to craft ignifier and hold down X after crafting. You will notice the first craft does not upgrade your skill. 8. Now the trick is while holding down X to about half way mid crafting the second ignifier switch your upgrade to a new skill. It will upgrade your skill, continue crafting until all skill sections in that branch are upgraded. Switch to next skill branch again halfway crafting the next item. Rinse and repeat until all maxed out. Make sure you progress to next save point in chapter ten and continue on your playthrough with all skills upgraded.. If all this process stuffs up and it usually will first go , just exit out and start again with chapter select
  8. Based on recent history with game and bugged trophys in main game, I would steer well clear of DLC until they have applied quite a few updates. The fact they had to push out another quick 1.21 release on top of the 1.20 the day after throws red flags for me. None of this surprises me, UBIsoft suck for trophy support.
  9. That only gives me the purchase screen says that I have already purchased it, selecting the DLC or season pass does nothing except say that I already have it.
  10. Well your lucky you can even play the DLC. All I can do is recruit wrench and Aiden no story missions for DLC. I own season pass and have recent 1.21 update, with DLC installed. What a trash pit game.
  11. Figured this would be case with UBIsoft, they should be able be able to retroactively pop the trophy for you considering all your statisical data is stored on the UBIsoft connect as well. Had anyone tried downloading your UBIsoft cloud save not PSN cloud save to see if it works. Thats if you can get it too work, is broken for me.
  12. Yeah just read that, he mentioned trophy not achievement which sounds promising. I read through the update notes, heap of fixes but nothing mentioning trophy fixes. They don't always list them out though.
  13. Just platinumed the ps5 version with full play through from start. All trophies popped, but nothing is appearing in my trophy list. Can't sync trophies to PSN , come back with error. Pretty common issue for new games, apparently because developers havent loaded the trophy data onto PSN yet. Apparently can take a day for all this to sync up hopefully.
  14. Hi all can confirm Inventory bug still exists in PS5, same process as before with ps4, have uploaded video for proof. All PS5 inventory trophies popped while doing this.
  15. Im getting trophies popping.. I have also platinumed ps4 version just nothing showing on trophy page or PSN yet.. usually takes awhile for things to sync up.. just play and enjoy..