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  1. I noticed Hitman 2 and DLC disappeared recently from my purchased library the other day on PS app, it is recently now appearing. Hitman 1 is there but no DLC to download, I own the GOTY edition. So seems they stuffed up a bit with packaging all of this content for world of assassination. Hopefully it's back for everyone. One other strange thing is that it's is now saying I own Hitman 3 when I only own the standalone version of H1 and H2.
  2. I had the same issue, but it is because of the hide and seek tasks add to the count in tasks stats total. The trophy only tracks 500 tasks in classic mode which isn't listed in the stat tracker seperately. I just had to do another 200 or so tasks in classic mode normally without glitch method to finally get it to pop.
  3. Yes that's what I was trying to say, don't be nasty, I am one of the first to dunk on spam developers and hate these press X spam games. But at least game achievements had the balls to post this to take the heat for all the spam Devs who have been abusing the system for longer. Where are they in all of this, dont hear a Peep. Too busy making bank and trying to work out how to skirt around Sony's new policies so they can continue operations. When I used the word Kudos in my last post that was probably a bad choice of words. Apologize on that one, definitely not defending them in anyway.
  4. I did it on a track in Australia in heavy rain with one of historical cars. The Dev time is more generous when conditions are bad and they use a terrible car. And don't forget to change the vehicle, they usually give you a Choice of 2 or 3 cars. Make sure to pick the one with the top speed. I think I beat the Dev time by 4 or seconds pretty easy. Just take it easy around hard corners, try not to flip your car and make up time in straights.
  5. Firstly I think Gameachievements deserves some kudos here for being up front and taking the heat here. There are a few other spam developers that have been around longer that would never crawl out of their shell to take any responsibility. They are far worse in my opinion with flooding the PS store for much longer than GS. Secondly great that you are taking steps to adapt to new policies and spend more time with developing actual games. I have no problem with ratalakia and sometimes you games, easy trophy list yes but they help support start-up indie game developers publish their games, that would struggle normally. I just hope those steps are the right decisions and won't end up being exploitive to the addicts. I hope you learn from your mistakes and community feedback and turn that into a win win for everybody.Good luck.
  6. Imagine they are panicking and trying to publish as much as they can before they are cut-off. At least an end is in sight. Hopefully they can take all that money they earned and invest in developing actual games that meet Sony's new policies.
  7. Lol this is some confirmation maybe something is happening. have the stroke games been on sale before? Maybe check ps prices for sale history.
  8. Yeah I know I'm a realist, the end result will be a compromise. Spam Game Devs will adapt and skirt closely around their new policies. But at least it's win and glad Sony is doing something.
  9. Yeah I know who needs fifa world cup, Netflix or pay per view when you have this first world problem happening. So much at play here if Sony plays hard ball and just gets rid of it all, trophies, games and publishers. They will earn top honours if they pull no punches..
  10. Bring it on I say trophy Armageddon to the trophy spammers or trophy revolution to everyone else. If I lose a few plats to a few easy games Ive done, for the greater good I'm all for it. Stuff it, lets blow it up pretty please Sony and see where the chips fall.
  11. The DLC for first game was terrible and lots of issues from not being play tested enough, waste of space especially. Let's hope they do a better job this time around if they release DLC.
  12. Oh ok, so do a non campaign free play quick race on a DLC map, I'll try that tonight, thanks for the help. Does feel that these DLC trophies are bugged, but in a good way.
  13. Wondering if someone else has had this happen. I recently bought the DLC and had the unleashed trophies(best time in time trial) pop after placing first in a quick race for each DLC map and not the Win (place 1st) trophy. I have not done a unleashed time yet on the time trials to confirm that they have stuffed up the API coding and switched the requirements accidentally. Not complaining though as the unleashed requirements for these maps are much harder than base game.
  14. Still too early to tell, but racenet still up and running fine, did a few online events today. Have to wait a week or two to confirm there is no shutdown. You right it makes no sense they shut this and dirt rally down and leave dirt 3 and showdown still going on PS3. Delisting here makes much sense here as the driver. Possible that EA have stuffed up on their external comms.
  15. Yeah looks like that's its only hopefully fingers crossed servers are still up even after weekly reset. Are PC versions MP servers shut?ldown They usually start with them.