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  1. Nice free ps5 upgrade, Imagine this game will be great with Ray tracing and dual sense support. Time to get back to start my second playthrough.
  2. Just played about 45 mins.. and i really like it, fantastic really it will be system seller for awhile. I am a bit biased though, Fan of third person shooters and fast paced combat that forces you keep moving like Doom and Control. Top that off with Alien Prometheus / HR Giger art style and being a roguelite will have me hooked for sometime I think this is all I will be playing for awhile on PS5 until I beat it.. My only negative so far is that I was expecting more detail in the in game play graphics, have seen some very close pop in. But if that is a bit is a downgrade to make it run at 60fps consistently then I'll take it. Also loving the haptics and adaptive trigger use, good soundtrack and 3d sound..
  3. Can confirm this is the issue. Had the same bug issue, just need follow this and just keep trying. It helps if you get close to billboard for the accuracy of the hit detection.
  4. Did you have trouble popping the complete darkness trophy afterwards. I played through the game without cheats but used them at the end instead of spending time with cleanup. I made sure not to save my game after using cheats, quit to xmb and went in and opened the vault I needed in perilous ascent. No trophy.
  5. Yeah understand this, every game has bugs, and launchs unfinished. But it's more a question of how many bugs and how unfinished. Little minor bugs and jank is a.little different than lots of bugs and game breaking issues. If your constantly encountered.bugs then it starts to become unplayable and ruins the experience. Cyperpunk is the poster boy for this, look how releasing a game that defective worked for them, still not back on PS store. Yeah that was the issue I had you cant drop directly from the moving platform, I tried a heap of times managed to land one jumping early and hitting a random lower level bar.
  6. Yeah all sounds familiar Kristoph lots of minor in game jank. I managed to glitch through the floor tonight, That's giving me fallout 76 flashbacks. I am starting to feel like some of trophies are bugged also. I have already escaped the Necrum mine with flagons eye but trophy did not pop. I should have a number of misc vendor trophys by now being near endgame.
  7. I have put in about 6 -7 hours into the game today and have come across quite a few bugs, and two almost game breaking bugs that I some how managed to glitch pass. There is a section where you escape on this moving platform, and have shoot a cannon to take out flying sligs. The cannon has some form of cooldown after taking two shots, but it didn't reload if I missed a shot on Slig. Took me about 25 goes to get passed this section. There is another monkey bar platforming section before you enter the necrum mines, it is horrible to navigate due to bad grappling jumping mechanics. The mudokons following AI is as bad as previous games, maybe worse or magnified due to dealing with new game mechanics. Overall the game is good though, more challenging than new and tasty. unfortunately it feels very under done and seems rushed. They did delay the launch and probably should held back on this one.
  8. YouTube channels are having a click bait field day with this subject. They will look pretty silly once the real truth comes out with the fear mongering. Sony are not in a position really to piss their gamer base off and lose gamers to other platforms. With Microsoft making territoral advances on their turf. This is one that definitely could cause alot of backlash. Not saying this will not happen eventually maybe In a couple of years time.There's just too many politics in play here, for them to make a knee jerk reaction, they need to work with gamers and give them plenty of notice.. Similar to recent big changes to Destiny 2, they announced they where removing 40 percent of the game for the beyond light upgrade. Gamers where losing access to content they have paid for.. They copped backlash with the short notice and they extended it to allow people plenty of time to work through this content. Which was more than fair, it was on you if you didn't get through it. I personally don't care about losing access to a game I have bought that I have completed 100%. I'll never play it again, if I want it back for some reason, I'll buy it on disc for dirt cheap somewhere.
  9. Yeah this has been on the cards for awhile They are probably moaning because they are realising they may have to finally go back and play their PS3 backlog. different than having to deal with MP servers being shutdown really in terms of finishing games or 100 percent . I highly doubt all of this is true, people need to chill. It's a really bad look for Sony to block digital access to games previously bought. It would effect the digital sales for PS4 / PS5. As people would fear that could happen again there.and rather buy physical. All that is happening is that store shutdown and you won't be able honest the prices for PS3 games and DLC on PSN now are stupidly expensive for a old game.. much cheaper to buy the game 2nd hand on disc if available. The bigger issue here is if the store is shut down soon, it may also trigger developers to.all start to shut down their MP game servers for PS3 / Vita. As they can't sell the games to support the infrastructure costs.
  10. Glitch worked for me on PS5 today, thx for detailed guide. Trick was to keeping holding down X action one upgrade / craft one full ammo. Keep holding down X craft 2nd ammo, change to desired upgrade mid ammo craft and after finish you will get the upgrade. Just keep repeating this and holding X and switch mid craft to next upgrade . If you run out of ammo crafting materials switch to next ammo you can craft. Worthwhile upgrading your pocket size to carry more inventory and ammo as you progress through the game before chapter 10. I would also ease off the ammo crafting in chapter 9 so you aren't maxed out in the cheaper ammo to craft, like ignifer, etc..
  11. Yeah the game premise is that you can manipulate the environment, so you can setup your own glitch if you know what your doing. I definitely had few times I had to restart due to glitchy behaviour. The only other thing that would slow U down is loading and cut scenes, but that is skippable. If you gain access to end level areas early by glitching you could skip alot out. 18 mins, does seem a little dodgy to plat though.
  12. I hope this ok with PSN profiles, I am not affilated in anyway, just thought I would let people know that there is a really good YT channel covering all things trophy hunting. He really makes a effort and does little funny skits that are quite funny. He does a great one In reference to ratalaika games.. nothing bad just funny.. worth checking out if you have not come across it before.
  13. Lol really, shame maybe should just open source the build and let community write code and submit pull requests to update platform. This is what I do as job, so would happily contribute where I can.
  14. Just a thought as a feature request it would great to have way to pin trophies (unachieved) as a backlog TODO list and prioritise them in one aggregated list. This could be added as block on profile page under trophy cabinet. For me, it really helps with act of committing to knock off backlog trophies and have constant reminder everytime I look at my trophy list ( farcry 2 plat I'll get there one day) Otherwise I may forget and never get back to them, until to late. Imagine this is something worthwhile for others to see on your profile that your actively seeking same trophy that requires Coop MP. Good for community interaction etc. You seem to have the code framework for this in the trophy cabinet, so could just branch and rework what's there already. Could be a nice enhancement feature add for premium members, but not my call there.
  15. I personally rather the trophies all autopop like destiny 2. Where you can earn the trophy on either PS4 or PS5, log into the game and server pop both for only doing it once. If I have earnt a trophy once, I don't really want to do it again. Understand it gives you a reason to play it again with a 2nd play through and different character. They should justb have seperate DLC trophy for that like B2 or B3.