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  1. Yep that's sounds pretty familiar Ekrawest. I tried playing on my PS4 and it's all the same problem. So not isolated to just the ps5. Apparently on PC there are a heap of crashing long loading problems too. Played a bit of co-op today and it sorta works.
  2. Yes similar issues, is happening quite often enough to a problem. Exiting game and loading back wouldn't be so bad if it didn't take forever to start. Noticed fast travelling it really struggles to in load map and assets. It doesn't feel like a game that should be resource taxing on the ps5..feels like its justs poorly optimised.
  3. Anyone having similar issues with the ps5 version, it's taking forever to load into the normal campaign map (10+ mins) and once loaded in if you travel to another main section of the map it glitches are just floating in white space. Needs some serious patches to get up to scratch
  4. They will have to patch it to check serverside and autopop, like Destiny 2 does. It's sounded like it going to be well supported with DLC coming out in June, so maybe best to raise it as support ticket with the Devs.
  5. Do you think this will get patched out? Is it even possible to have 25 seperate outposts, I imagine there is a limit of some kind? The trophy description seems a bit vague anyway, I feel its a bit deliberate than glitched personally. 'Activate 25 outposts' is plural yes but could be plural for the activity of just doing it multiple times.
  6. I had the same problem had to delete about 30 to 40 friends, and it worked logged in straight away. I still had over 100+ psn friends though, funny a known PS3 bug has founds it's way onto a PS4 game. FYI, I had completed all feats before this and the trophy did not pop. So the feat fetish trophy seems like it is online required and not labelled in the guide. May be unobtainable once they shut servers. Once I was able to login it did not pop either, I had wait for a day and logged in for my feat scores to be synced to leaderboard. Once that happened it popped.
  7. I second that, go play that to get some perspective on what is a broken game.. add fallout 76 to that mix also.
  8. That's, what ive been saying, put it behind a pay wall, like what they did with changing your PSN ID. This would deter potential hackers or dodgy friends accessing your account deleting trophies. Add a security layer of Two factor authentication for the transaction and even if you account is accessed by a hacker they cant change your password / TFA setup without your phone / email authenticating. I would happily pay 10-20 bucks to delete a few trophy sets in bulk. $50.00 is a bit pricey though.
  9. I wouldn't say this is very easy platinum that gives people the wrong impression going into the game. takes some skill, mastering game mechanics, persistence and grind time especially if you don't buy the DLC. Then it's more a 4 / 10 difficulty. That said the DLC is highly recommended to buy as it makes the game much easier. Probably drops it down to 3/10. With new weapons, BFGs, epic perks it brings to the RNG pool. Once you have the DLC you just need to keep replaying levels until the RNG is kind then it becomes easy. But this requires persistence and could take 3 or 4 goes on eldritch difficulty. Even when RNG works for you, you can still die pretty quickly if you are unlucky. The early difficulties are a cake walk however.
  10. Can anyone confirm the impossible / hard mode glitch still works after 1.005 patch. About to start my impossible playthrough soon.
  11. I got wishbone first try on the suits just make you aim the marker correctly. Glad I didn't have to do this normally seems quite hard to get the timing correct very small window.
  12. Beware this game requires owning 4 dual sense controllers no multiplayer for 4 player race trophy. Stupid
  13. I noticed Hitman 2 and DLC disappeared recently from my purchased library the other day on PS app, it is recently now appearing. Hitman 1 is there but no DLC to download, I own the GOTY edition. So seems they stuffed up a bit with packaging all of this content for world of assassination. Hopefully it's back for everyone. One other strange thing is that it's is now saying I own Hitman 3 when I only own the standalone version of H1 and H2.
  14. I had the same issue, but it is because of the hide and seek tasks add to the count in tasks stats total. The trophy only tracks 500 tasks in classic mode which isn't listed in the stat tracker seperately. I just had to do another 200 or so tasks in classic mode normally without glitch method to finally get it to pop.
  15. Yes that's what I was trying to say, don't be nasty, I am one of the first to dunk on spam developers and hate these press X spam games. But at least game achievements had the balls to post this to take the heat for all the spam Devs who have been abusing the system for longer. Where are they in all of this, dont hear a Peep. Too busy making bank and trying to work out how to skirt around Sony's new policies so they can continue operations. When I used the word Kudos in my last post that was probably a bad choice of words. Apologize on that one, definitely not defending them in anyway.