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  1. Totally feel that one. My sister and I decided to play a few rounds solo to watch what the matchmaking would be like and it's exactly the same. I quit after 5 rounds but my sister told me it just got worse the longer she played. Always doin' everything on your own, helping the others survive and the moment the killer got you not one single soul feels obligated to help you out - what ends in all of them dying because all they do is hide in lockers and wait for better times to come.
  2. Ehm yeah there are a few things that you have to look out for!
  3. So I finished the first game, but none of the 3 main games (though I'm doin' pretty good on the Alien: Isolation-front!) Corpse Party BR (PS4) - 0/51 -> 51/51 It was absolutely great though I had problems with the sound but well, it was absolutely stunning! Loved every second of it and took me good 15 hours to clear (almost) everything. And I think I'm not going to play Little Nightmares and The Walking Dead Season 2 but instead Doki Doki Literature Club! Plus and Oxenfree. But these games are all after the main three so if I read it right it doesn't matter if I switch the games randomly, right? πŸ‘»
  4. Quick Update: Didn't finish any of the games on my list but I did finish a few games though! Deadpool (PS3) finally finished the game after almost 2 years. 11/51 -> 51/51 Life is Strange: True Colors (PS4) beautiful game - in my opinion the best LiS so far. Also finished it for PS5 but the second run only took me 6 hours. 0/41 -> 41/41 Corpse Party BR (PS4) loved it. Played it for the Vita a few years ago and now took the chance to play it again with trophies. Wonderful. Can't wait to play Blood Drive for the πŸ‘» Halloween Event πŸ‘» !! 0/51 -> 51/51
  5. @monochrome thanks for your comment. Yeah you're definitely right about it taking some time to find a good balance and now I'm less afraid of it working hearing that at least one person has a rather good experience with the changes πŸ™‚ I figured playing with a third person makes it better for my sister and me. We'll see how that'll work out the next few days. And I can't believe you have less camper 😯 that's like every killer I encounter for the last WEEKS πŸ˜‚
  6. Since the HELLRAISER Update the Ranking System as well as the Matchmaking System changed. I think everyone noticed that by now. After playing for a few days I wonder what you think about the changes? I really have problems enjoying the game so far. Me and my sister carry the whole game and the other two survivors don't do sh*t. It feels like they are putting two "average" players with two "beginners" for an "average/starting killer". From +20 rounds every single one ended with us having +20.000 blood points while the others barely reach 8.000. I don't know what they do but it's not playing the game properly. And everyone knows it's hard to escape when all you do is try saving the others and in the end two players have to repair three/four gens. Would like to know if you experience the same. Now that they set all the "Ranks" back I find it even more annoying.
  7. Pretty valid reason but you choose actively to wait for a sale, not bothering to play the game to release - the problem are the people wanting to play the game to release for a sale price. I'm fully with you and I don't often play games to release only if I'm really badly interested in them because of the same reasons - not gonna expect a game that's been recently released for less than 40-80 bucks though.
  8. So I payed 80€ (that's around 95$) for the Collection and I think it's definitely worth it. I mean it's the new one for PS4 and PS5 and both Remastered games (LIS 1, BTS) also for PS4 and PS5. So it's like 30 bucks each game. And I think it's time that everybody has to understand how much money and work goes into video games. We can't expect to get a AAA title every year for 30 bucks. This sh*t is expensive and it's only fair to pay a higher price when it's just been released. The industry is completely f*cked and no one cries about it when EA releases a new FIFA for 100 bucks that's the same every year only that Ronaldos face looks a bit better than the year before.
  9. "Trover Saves The Universe" - Squanch Games Finished story, 0/28 -> 28/28 (PS4) Okay so actually this was really fun but I can't take any points for it. It was way shorter than I expected it to be and even the clears for the platinum and the DLC didn't get me near the 10 hours. It was like 7 hours max. So just you know. I would say I choose another game so I have still 10 games in the list and we pretend like this never happened because neither could have known that this game would be this short πŸ˜‚ So if you guys are okay with that then I would throw Vampyr (PS4) into the ring. But back to Trover. It's a really funny game from one of the Rick & Morty producers. And it feels like it through the whole game. The look, the jokes, even the trophies. The game is VR compatible and the way the tried to handle the whole "motion sickness" problem is very neat. I did try it after finishing the game but VR is just so strange ... it's just not for me except it's Beat Saber πŸ˜‚ Like the game title already says: Trover is going to save the universe. Trover is the violet fella in the picture above - but we don't play Trover, at least not the way you would think. So the character we play and Trover visit different worlds, doin' some stuff to save the universe and yeah... That's it.
  10. First of all congrats to your clear! If I'm right the Judgement series belongs to the Yakuza series right? Wanna play them but the trophy lists seem fairly hard (and long). And yeah it is strange that it has an English support but it's actually just a port from the vita game that was also released in the west (but back then without trophies). So I think it was easy since it already had a translation with it. Dunno why they still decided to only release it in JP. And for the genre, if I did understand the wikipedia article right about what Moe is then it's not a Moe game πŸ˜‚ Theres a picture of what the first (Blood Covered) and third (Blood Drive) game looks like: So I would say it's a (Survival) Horror RPG. Survival because you can die fairly easy or reach a wrong end faster than you'd like because you missed something. Don't know for 100% what Blood Drive is like but if it's anything like the first game then it just changed from RPG Maker style to something Chibi-esque. But still brutal and bloody. There's also an Anime (with 4 episodes) around the first game. That's how I got into the whole series πŸ˜‚
  11. I just bought it and you can play it in English as well! So now we have this sweet sweet trophies not only for Blood Drive but for Blood Covered as well 😊 But you have to use an Japanese Account to buy it so there's that :/ @Arethien I will also play Corpse Party: Blood Drive (PS Vita) for the Halloween Event since I can't wait to play the first game again and the first of October is still soooo far away πŸ˜‚ And I think it's easiest to take it as a Horror RPG πŸ€“ that's short and it puts the most important genres together.
  12. I can't decide if I should play Blood Drive or the PS4 Version from the first game! Good thing I still got time to decide.
  13. Then I never said anything 😢😚 I thought it would only be like 5-6 hours. But then it's of course a very fine choice!
  14. I don't think SOMA counts since it's fairly short πŸ€“
  15. Ohhhh this sounds very interesting and looking through all the posts above I see that I have A LOT of spooky games in my library I didn't touch for quite a while. So my list would be: Corpse Party: Blood Drive (PS Vita) A survival horror rpg. It's the third (?) installment of the Heavenly Host-saga. A group of school friends, a charm gone wrong and murderous little ghost kids that'll try to kill you. Brutally. Alien: Isolation (PS3) Survival horror/Stealth/Shooter. The story revolves around Ripleys daughter. Amanda visits the space station Sevastopol after she heard the news that her lost mother might be there. But that's not the only living thing on the deserted station. - started it back in 2015 and was already done with my nerves after chapter 2. After finding out that THE alien will appear the first time in chapter 3 I never touched it again. Perfect time to start the game once again and finish it!! Vampyr (PS4) An action rpg. Settled after WWI in London. The main character awoke as vampire and now we can roam about the dark city and either restrain ourselves from the bloodlust or give in and murder innocent people all around. Games in consideration for later: Corpse Party (PS4), currently not available in german store House of Ashes (PS4), release 10/22 Hades (PS5) Those Who Remain (PS4) Metro: Last Light (PS3) The Medium (PS5), release 10/03 Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc (PS Vita) The Walking Dead: Season 2 (PS Vita) Afterparty (PS4) Little Nightmares (PS4)