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  1. I didn't know about the Vita version but not counting that, this was to be the first proper football management game on a Sony console since LMA Manager 2007 way back on the PS2. It's crazy really that PlayStation owners have been deprived of this type of game for so long. With that in mind and as a big LMA fan back in the day I was excited when I heard FM2023 was coming to the PS5. It's a worry and a shame that said version has now been postponed. Hopefully a postponement is all it is and it does eventually get over the line and grace the PS5 with its presence in the coming weeks.
  2. I have a crazy 137 days total playtime on the online portion of GTA V. I don't play it anymore but for a period of a few years around late 2014 to about 2017 I played just this game and rarely anything else. This was before I became interested in trophies but I did later get the platinum for the game as well. I set myself a goal of reaching rank 1000 from RP earned so a lot of the hours went into achieving that.
  3. Not available physically so perhaps not too relevant but there's a digital PSN game called Timothy's Night which I think is a PS5 exclusive.
  4. I really like the accolade system so will be sad to see it go. I have a small collection of them and it was always nice to receive one. I regularly gave them out as well on the rare occasion I'd play a multiplayer game. Hopefully Sony change their minds and keep it after all.
  5. Platinum #102: Riders Republic (PS5) Solid sequel to Steep with a step up made in some regards over the earlier game in terms of the way you navigate around the map and the addition of more competitive multiplayer modes. When it comes to trophies it's easier than Steep as well though there is a focus this time on PVP with some of the trophies. Thankfully these are participate only so you don't have to win. Overall it's more grindy than hard though I did think a couple of trophies were slightly tougher than the rest. These particular two being one for completing stunts (though they get a lot easier once you're more experienced with the game) and another for capturing districts in tricks battle. Those aside it's pretty much plain sailing though it seems slightly glitchy in that sometimes you have to complete more events/objectives than stated in order to unlock the relevant trophy. I probably had a better time with Steep overall as that was more snow based which was my preference but this was still a fine game which I'd definitely recommend. I'd place it at around a 4/10 difficulty overall for the platinum by todays standards though if you only play triple A style games it's probably more of a 3/10. To obtain the platinum it took me around 50-55 hours.
  6. Excellent work. I've read before this is among the toughest platinum's you can go for.
  7. Balan Wonderworld I managed to platinum Balan Wonderworld (PS5 version) after having it on the go for the last couple of months . It's actually a pretty good game which I'd recommend to people who enjoy 3D platformers. It's definitely better than it was given credit for at launch anyway at least on PS5. The platinum journey however is really frustrating due to some bizarre gameplay mechanics which go some way to souring the experience. These range from big to small from the horrible Balan Bout QTE's to how the stages don't appear in numerical order in the hub world. It's worth a look though especially if not going after the platinum and just playing through the story.
  8. I'm not sure if they'd necessarily be from a game. Aren't some of the default avatars just random pictures/images?
  9. The original Injustice? That's generally thought of as being a really hard platinum. Edit: Sorry this was intended as a response to aranhaFEILONG's post above but the quote function must have malfunctioned.
  10. Completely untrue. FIFA games most likely wouldn't be easy to any but the absolute top players. To those experienced with the franchise they'd be more than doable but still hard work in places as well as being very time consuming. The online trophies alone would scupper most people.
  11. I pretty much never buy games when they're first released so this isn't a problem I encounter very often. The only instance I can think of is going back a few years when I bought a digital version of Friday the 13th. This is the one that later went fee on PS Plus but I bough it either on release date or just a few days removed. I collect slasher films and I'm a huge fan of the film genre so I was intrigued by this title enough to want to play it early. As it turned out I didn't like it at all and only played it for a couple of weeks before abandoning it forever. I wasn't into trophy hunting back then so at the time it didn't bother me that I barely earned any trophies. If I was to have my time over with it again now in my current mindset I'd probably persevere with it a little longer to try and get a few more of the trophies done. (As it was I only earned about 5).
  12. I got the Kaze and the Wild Masks platinum this morning. A great 2D platformer that I'd highly recommend to anyone who enjoys these sort of games in the vein of say a Rayman Legends. I went into it with high hopes of it being good and it was even better that I anticipated. The game was a bit harder than I expected given the amount of platinum achievers (which is fairly high) but it's something most gamers would be able to do sooner or later I'd say given some patience and persistence.
  13. I got the Injustice 2 platinum/100% last night after over 7 months of working on the game. As you can imagine the most problematic aspect of the journey was obtaining the cat call ability for the trophy tied to it. I didn't have much luck with this and it ended up taking a fair bit longer than I'd anticipated. Working towards it I opened around 2,700 loot crates or mother boxes or whatever they're called in total to no avail. In the end I got it from a random ability tower a few days ago. In terms of the game itself it's a really good fighting game overall which I would recommend. Great cast of characters, solid story-mode and the online is still very active. Frustrating cat call trophy aside it's pretty enjoyable.
  14. Moons of Madness could be an option.
  15. I got the platinum for Ratchet and Clank earlier today. I'd never played a game from this series before but after now doing so I can see why it's popular. It was fairly easy with the only really annoying trophy being the one for beating the first hoverboard gold cup race within 1.35. I thought that was actually quite hard and frustrating but I eventually got it done with a lot of persistence. Hopefully this little bit of experience with the series stands me in good stead to begin Rift Apart which I've had on ice for a month or two.