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  1. I wouldn't say that NBA 2K20 is easy to pick up. I bought it when it was on sale really cheaply a month or so back but though I can see it's a deep and well polished game I think it's very difficult for a newcomer such as myself. For the life of me I can't get a handle on the defending at all. Every time the opposing team attack they pretty much always score a basket as I literally can't seem to do anything to stop them. I've never played a basketball game before so that of course doesn't help but i think someone coming in to it in the same boat as myself would also struggle massively with the defending. Don't want to knock it too much though as it does seem like it would be a top game for an experienced player or a big basketball fan.
  2. I got the 100% in Steep this evening. Out of the three DLC trophy packs the Extreme one is definitely the toughest. There are two trophies here which are a bit tricky, one where you have to achieve 5 gold medals in Extreme events and another for getting 10. I was mainly doing all the DLC's early last month and back then I couldn't get a single one of these gold medals. Played the base game a lot since then though and after getting the platinum last night I went back to the Extreme DLC today. This time I was as able to get the remaining 2 trophies done for the 100% without too much trouble. I guess I improved a lot over the course of the last few weeks.
  3. It's just a stand alone game where you play as a dolphin. Don't think it's part of a series or franchise.
  4. How about something like Jupiter and Mars which takes place underwater? Would be kinda dark I imagine so would be similar to nigh time.
  5. For me it would probably be the trophy for completing combo training in Dead or Alive 6. Another couple from the same game that linger in the memory are the trophies for getting 50 wins online and 5 consecutive online wins. I did both of those legit without boosting so for someone who isn't too good or experienced with fighting games I was pleased with myself to achieve them.
  6. The bull riding game 8 to Glory doesn't have any online trophies and is supposed to be a fairly easy (if a little grindy) platinum. Only other one I can think of is eCrossminton but that looks like it would be a massive grind and would quickly become boring.
  7. When looking at the trophy list here on the site for UltraWings Flat I noticed that several of the trophies had no achievers. If anyone reading this has experience with the game then is this because these trophies are glitched or just that no one has bothered to go for them yet? It does seem to be what would be the harder trophies that have 0 achievers and as there is no platinum it's probably an off putting game to trophy hunters so it's feasible I guess that just no one has put the time in to unlock them?
  8. I don't mind grinding at all. Before I became interested in trophies I actually set myself the goal of reaching rank 1000 in GTA V online so after doing that no grind I've come up against since can compare/faze me. Now that I'm much more trophy focused I'd rather have a long grindy trophy that I know I'll earn eventually if I put the time in as opposed to a frustrating skill based one that I possibly may never get and will be irritated no end in trying to accomplish.
  9. I played Zeus Quest Remastered recently which has to be up there with some of the worst I've ever played.
  10. Really impressive platinum, great work. I've got this in my backlog myself and I've read some things before about how hard it is in particular with the combo trials. It's a fantastic feat for you to be able to pull it off especially as you mention perhaps not being one of the stronger players with fighting games. When I eventually try it myself there's no way I'll be able to platinum it, think I'll have to settle for about 50% at best.
  11. I think I'm going to get this as well. Never played a basketball game before but I've been tempted to try one for a while so at this price it's probably the right time. Possibly there might be some trophy bugs which is whats pushing the price down but as someone else said it would be extremely difficult to platinum anyway so that doesn't matter as much as it normally would. Having never played a basketball game before I'd be happy to just get it to around 50-60% completion trophy-wise.
  12. I found several of the more high end tricks/stunts stages on Riptide GP2 to be very difficult.
  13. How about these 3 all of which have ridiculous online trophy requirements. First one is a racing game and the other two fighters. All three would be incredibly difficult to finish I imagine as most likely hardly anyone is playing these games online. Not only that but just getting the wins would be a struggle (unless boosting). *CARX Drift Online *Omen of Sorrow *Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid
  14. Hopefully the trophies won't be as prone to being glitchy this time around.
  15. Not sure if it's the case in other countries but here in the UK right now out of the few shops that are open most are shying away from taking physical cash. Even petrol/gas stations are encouraging payment by card. The only place I can easily get rid of my physical money right now is when going food shopping in big supermarkets as there I can pay using the self service checkouts. It's because it's thought cash is something that may pass on COVID 19. Hopefully things will have improved a lot by the time the PS5 comes out though so maybe it won't prove to be an issue.