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  1. Death Stranding and Crash Bandicoot currently.
  2. Some that I'd like to see make a return are: LMA Manager Dino Crisis Virtua Fighter
  3. PlatinumChasers is a good one that I've started watching a fair bit from recently. The man behind that (Ben) seems like a very helpful and friendly guy.
  4. I started Crash Bandicoot N'Sane Trilogy for the first time this morning.
  5. I got two platinum's to close out the year over the last couple of days. Firstly InFamous First Light last night and then Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown earlier this evening. Ace Combat 7 was my 50th platinum so a pretty respectable game to milestone with. I always enjoyed flying planes when playing the GTA games so I thought Ace Combat could be a good fit for me so decided to give it a try earlier this year. Took me a while to earn the platinum but I'm very glad I bought it.
  6. Got my 47th platinum last night for Concrete Genie. Enjoyed the game for the most part as it was pretty unique with the painting gimmick. It didn't out stay its welcome either being a pretty short game in terms of story. Sometimes I found it hard to figure out exactly what paint icons I needed to select for things like the billboard and sketch moment collectables so it could get a tad annoying there. Other than that though pretty enjoyable.
  7. I enjoy racing games and I've had a good time with MXGP 2 in the past so I'm pleased to be able to get Monster Energy Supercross for free. Hopefully it will be as good as MXGP 2 proved to be for me and the fact that it seems a fairly easy platinum only sweetens the pie!
  8. For me probably Grand Theft Auto V, Rayman Legends, Dead or Alive 6 and Need for Speed Payback would be my top ones.
  9. I got the platinum for this myself recently and also quite enjoyed it. Didn't really understand the story in all honesty as it kind of mostly went over my head but a solid game as far as the lesser known indie games go. In my case I did need a guide for the bird singing trophy and to mop up a few of the flowers I'd missed plus I was a bit mystified at first with the fireflies puzzle. The changing seasons to solve puzzles gimmick was very well done though as you say.
  10. Good news then if they can be done solo. I'll perhaps pick the game up at some point. Thanks for the information.
  11. For the mini game trophies can you play them solo against the computer or are they something that need to be done online against other players?
  12. I have this exact same problem (on the PS4 itself not here on this site). If anyone happened to be looking at my profile the only way they could see my complete list of games is to click on the trophies section itself of my profile. If they just clicked on the games list it would only show about a third of the games I've played. Quite annoying as some of my more impressive platinum's aren't on the games list. Not that there's a mass of people looking at my profile of course so it doesn't really matter but it does bug me.
  13. Just got the platinum for I am Setsuna. A Tale from a Land of Snow I believe was the name of the platinum trophy itself. This was a pretty enjoyable JRPG and was fairly straight forward to platinum. There were a handful of fairly grindy trophies I had left to do towards the end and I found two boss fight that I encountered quite difficult but other than that nothing too hard. Best thing about the game was the music.
  14. I'm fairly new to trophy hunting so don't have that many plat's at the moment. Of those I do currently have my proudest ones would be GTA V, Rayman Legends, Dead or Alive 6 and Need for Speed: Payback.
  15. At the moment I'm working on a number of games with three of these being ones I hope to platinum. These three are: Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown (Bit worried about this one as I have the Ace difficulty S rank run up next which could prove to be a platinum breaker) I am Setsuna Alice Madness Returns (PS3)