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  1. As it stands right now I'm going to buy: Puppeteer The Last of Us: Left Behind InFamous Festival of Blood Mirror's Edge Pure time trials DLC
  2. Great work, a very impressive platinum to have as I think it's sometimes regarded as the hardest of 2020. I picked this up in a recent sale and am slowly working my way through just completing the story. Though I have the platinum's for the N'Sane Trilogy games I don't think I'll have any chance with this. I think I'm quite near the end of the story and so far I've only managed to do one level where I've collected all the boxes. Much more difficult than the previous games as you said.
  3. Mine was Clockwork Tales of Glass and Ink. Never played one of these hidden object games before but I mostly enjoyed it. I've got a couple more buried in my backlog so will perhaps prioritise digging them out a bit faster than originally planned.
  4. As already said I don't think there would be anybody anywhere who has nearly all the AAA platinum's. That said there are probably rather a lot of trophy hunters who only play and thus platinum mainstream big budget games as in they don't play any Indy or EZPZ stuff. Not quite the same thing I know but I think it's the best the original poster could hope to find.
  5. King of Fighters 14 for the trophies related to online party vs mode.
  6. I might get Edna & Harvey's New Eyes as the price for that is very cheap and I think it's supposed to be a very solid point and click style game. Possibly might finally pull the trigger on Truberbrook as well.
  7. I just got my 69th platinum last night which was for The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics. It was pretty decent for a budget game but I did run into some crashes one of which ended up corrupting my save file.
  8. I'm going to say MXGP Pro which I had to give up with and delete from my console earlier today at around 98% completion. There is one trophy I've been unable to get where you have to beat a ghost in time trial mode of one of the top 60 times in the world for any of the tracks. The closest I was able to get was still over 4 seconds shy of the top 60 time on the Germany track. It's annoying because the trophy is actually a bit glitched and if working properly would be easy to obtain. Ordinarily you're supposed to be able to beat any ghost time to obtain the trophy so in theory you could just set a crap time on an alt account and then better that on your main profile. As I say though it's broken and only the top 60 ghosts from each track can be downloaded.
  9. Thanks for the replies and the help. It's been a little while since I played the game so I can't remember for sure but I think it was telling me that AWD wasn't available for the truck I was using and I was doing so badly I couldn't afford any tyre upgrades. I'll double check though and a great suggestion on the selling vehicles I already have to earn extra money. I hadn't thought of that. I'll look into the AZOV 64131 as well so thanks for the tip with that. It sounds ideal so will definitely buy it if I can afford it.
  10. Hi. I'm a new player to these type of games and after starting SnowRunner a few months ago I've really struggled to make any headway. I've put a decent amount of hours into it but I haven't been able to compete even half the activities on the first map (Black River?) with even less progress made on the 2nd map (Smithville Dam?). My main issue is that with the 2 or 3 very basic trucks available from the start I keep getting stuck in the mud on all but the very first few jobs. I'm guessing I need to either purchase better tyres or buy a new truck with AWD but as I can't earn much money I'm not in a position to do that. (I have found a decent amount of upgrades but they don't seem to be useable with the trucks I have). With these issues in mind I was thinking that I probably need to purchase the DLC vehicles to improve my chances of getting anywhere. I understand the High Roller pack would be a big benefit so I'll get that but I'm not finding too much of an issue with the scout vehicles I currently own anyway. Instead it's more the trucks which are letting me down massively yet there only seems to be one of these available to buy which is the Navistar 5000 MV? My worry though is that this vehicle perhaps won't be much help to me in the very early stages of the game as it looks to be a very different type of truck to the ones you get at the start? By which I mean it's just the cab by the looks of it so presumably you need to attach a flatbed or whatever to it separately but I'm not sure if the very early missions in Black River allow for this? My current truck has a trailer part already integrated so my load just goes straight into the back of it. Not sure how that would work with the Navistar though? Any help/advice would be much appreciated. Such was my struggle with the game that I haven't touched it in weeks but with only 3 trophies earned so far it's sitting at a undesirable E grade on my profile. Would like to be able to improve that grade a bit but the game has me at my wit's end.
  11. I'm currently at level 37 so I'm hoping to be able to hit 40 before the deadline.
  12. Thanks for letting people know. I may pick the game up in the future though will probably only do so if it goes on sale.
  13. I've only won once I'm sad to say. Guess I'm just not very good.
  14. I don't much care for Fall Ball either or any of the team games for that matter. The one where you have to jump through the hoops is probably the best of a bad bunch Worst one for me in terms of which one I get eliminated from the most though is probably Jinxed.
  15. Jump showdown is the most frequent one for me closely followed by Fall Mountain. Royal Fumble is the ultra rare one in my experience as I think I've only been a part of it twice.
  16. Up until today I've only had the occasional disconnect problem. Today though I can play the game okay for the most part up until the point where I get eliminated and then it just crashes every time on the elimination screen at the end of the round. I'm referring to the screen where those people eliminated fall out of the squares. As a result I can't earn any money or kudos/RP.
  17. That clears it up for me then. Thank you.
  18. How long do you have to work towards the trophies such as "reach level 10 fame in a season"? How does it work in terms of how long each season is?
  19. Okay thanks for the response. Sounds like it's a game best avoided for the time being at least.
  20. As Baka_Marimo said I think it's Train Sim World. Or at least it is if you mean DLC's with trophies. I don't know much about it so could be wrong but the developers seem to have been a bit sneaky and released the latter DLC almost as a separate game called Train Sim World: Additional Expansions. So on the site here it's listed as two games but it's perhaps something where you can't play the expansions content without the base game? In any case because of this Additional Expansions gimmick it avoids being flagged up as the game with the most trophy DLC which I think is still commonly thought of as DriveClub?
  21. I don't think its been out for years or at least not on the PS4. Pretty sure it only came out in around the summertime of last year.
  22. He means the auction house which works a little bit like ebay where you can bid on cards with your MT coins currency. I think its been removed from the game in the Netherlands though. I myself wasn't sure what the original poster meant by NMS?
  23. This is a really good method so thanks for sharing. I was able to get to level 31 using this so it definitely helped. Since getting the trophy I've continued to play survival to grind for gold. Since then I usually come unstuck at stage 19 with Kukri so even using the cheese method this part's still a challenge but it gives you a much better chance. As mentioned constantly doing the rolling block while against Kukri helps a fair bit as well. Thanks again DEMON.
  24. That sounds really annoying. Reminds me of Solitaire which was similar in that it didn't have a save file so several of the trophies had to be done in one sitting there as well. Going back to Fight of Gods what do you have to do to earn the colours exactly? Am I right in thinking that once unlocked they're like an alternative outfit colour for each character?
  25. I don't think any of these fighting games can be classified as "braindead easy". Braindead easy to me implies the game is an utter cakewalk in the sense of the EZPZ type games such as Gravity Duck, Milo's Quest etc. The only fighting game that falls into that category is the recent Superhero X. Games like Dead or Alive 6 can probably be done very quickly for certain players but are going to be a real struggle for others. That said the original poster does seem to have some decent pedigree already within the genre so would probably find your list very helpful.