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  1. I don't think so,at least when the game was released.
  2. You have to do the 24h legit. if you start now with the community event's there are only 4-5 left and nobody knows whether new ones will be added
  3. Rewind was never available in wrc games!
  4. Just by doing 4 event's 5 days in a row. if the servers would work,more players would have the trophy already.
  5. Hi guys. can someone please tell me how the game is today in 2021? is platinum obtainable? or is it still a buggy mess? Thanks in advance!
  6. ok, good to hear that career counts
  7. Yes,you have to beat the times. i did the first 2 straight away, but the Audi in Monte Carlo is a lot more difficult! i've read without day1-update the times were easier? how many do you actually have to beat for the activation of the private team? and do the anniversary event's in career mode count towards the trophy and private team?
  8. what helped was to finish 3 event's with tires/brake-pads at 0%
  9. Hey guys ✌️ does someone know like 'finish an event with tires/brake-pads in critical condition' trophy works? i finished 2 events in career with 0% each but no trophy. do you have to destroy new tires/brake-pads during an event? thank you
  10. If you mean the race in Charlotte (road course). after the start, try to shoot the leader or even two opponents (crash the 2.in the back so he takes out the 1. aswell) out in a tight corner.once you are in the lead you are not allowed to let them pass.block overtaking attempts.hope this helps!
  11. Yes. Can be done in private.
  12. If you have the complete 10 seasons and all other trophies delete your save,complete a season but before the trophy should pop restart the game and finish it.
  13. Limited car dlc is needed in the current community event.
  14. Run a few laps in custom race at east mitten.
  15. try repeating one of the challenges. i think the one for 10 will pop at the latest after the last challenge.