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  1. it will be 250 kills needed
  2. normally the trophy should pop after you cross the finish line with the given time on the 3rd bike.
  3. 👌 you should give that trophy an rko outta nowhere for this 😉
  4. maybe 😂 that's realy strange
  5. as far as i can remember, i didn't do that in the helmet editor, but in the customization menu there was a share option at the bottom left.
  6. You have to share your helmet.
  7. as of today,at least 24 event's are still available. i don't know anything about laps that don't count.
  8. do you also have a junior team in development? because without a junior team i have no problem. have already written milestone but no answer.
  9. Hy ✌️ Is this still working with doing online trophies by yourselve?
  10. how long did it take you to develop the team?
  11. No.you have already completed the event.
  12. try replaying the very first event. that's what worked for me.
  13. Yes. there are still 25 event's to come.
  14. Does anyone know if the Community Event's are over forever?
  15. Is there any way that we can get just 20 new Community Event's please? So many people are asking for this!
  16. maybe because of the weekend. hope for tomorrow 🙏
  17. Look like i can install the game again 👌
  18. Yes. i've asked him about the trophy and he said a friend helped him for a little payment. Not his best choice
  19. Hi.just saw it.maybe we should ask him about the trophy. i have just not installed the game. if someone knows more it would be great if they let us know
  20. I did almost all of the hive's solo or hosted the game and the 100 assignments unlocked at around level 10 (shield/inhuman)
  21. Replaying the very first event unlocked the trophy for me. maybe restart your console and try again.
  22. The drift trophy is about distance (100m) not the score. east mitten should be easy to do this.
  23. Now the game is on sale again, but plat is still unobtainable. Not cool!!!
  24. Had the same issue with 75 stamps in uproar. backup save has not worked. replaying the first event unlocked the trophy for me.
  25. That would be a solution. A few event's can not be that difficult.