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  1. Sounds a lot better than the answer I got. Thanx again!
  2. Thank's mate!👌 You are absolutely right, just 20 new event's (20 offline event's) would solve the problem for loads of players. I hope that more people will write a ticket to the devs. Would love to finaly plat this game! I wrote them a ticket 6 months ago and they said it's no more in there hands because the studio was acquired by another one. Codemasters i believe. But it still has to be possible to fix this.
  3. Hope more people are posting messages like this!!!
  4. Hy guys. my game has been showing an error (not connected to ps network)for a few days now. I wanted to ask if my stages and km/miles still count to the 'legend' achievment? because it's not uploading the datas. Any help would be highly appreciate! thank you in advance.
  5. At the loading screen of an online race.
  6. Game runs again without errors.
  7. I just saw it too, but it still isn't fixed. thanx for your help !
  8. Ah ok I have seen a round in mitten is like 0,3 miles. so it's not far away
  9. East Mitten (Arizona) but with 7k miles you already have the trophy.
  10. You can do that in an public lobby with at least 12 (better more) people they are matchmaking at the SAME MOMENT and in Japan region servers.
  11. It's in you driver profile. like drive 1000km with 4 stroke bikes or get max affinity.
  12. Okay, thanks again!
  13. thank you for the solutions!!! what do you mean about unbeatable endurance races? thanx in advance
  14. So there's still noboby with a career trophy it looks like the patch was just for fun. At least they try to entertain people in these great times 👌
  15. How hard can it be to fix that career issue? Really sad 505 !!!
  16. Ok. that's really annoying! but common in codemasters games 😤
  17. Time attack on short custom tracks (quick xp) you get 50k for 10 rounds.
  18. maybe you have overlocked an event? if not theres a patch on the way in the next few weeks.when nothing else work i would send a message to codemasters.
  19. It's glitched. best way is to make a backup save before the last event.if the trophy will not pop load the save and try again. Throwdowns and 1.2.3rd place are not needed.
  20. No. Throwdowns are not needed.
  21. Only one multiplayer trophy for competing in a race.
  22. Yes, that's really annoying!!! Can't be that hard to put 20 event's in the game.
  23. Oh sht. sorry for that!!!