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  1. Ok. You think that guy cheated?
  2. Exactly. never again day one!!!
  3. Ok. thanx
  4. Can someone please explain how to obtain the throwdown trophy? thanks in advance
  5. No.and miles/money trophies are bugged.
  6. Same here. Everytime the same with Codies games and the glitched trophies. Last day one for me too!!!
  7. Trophy will be fixed in the October update.
  8. You don't have to own a car. Just restart the game should work.
  9. I've got it yesterday in junior wrc career. I think simulation and hard difficulty works good. Thank you nevertheless!
  10. You have to drive on the ideal line the intire track and master all corners. You see that in the left corner of the screen.
  11. Is there someone here how knows how i get a punctured (flat) tire? No matter what i do (sim setting,hard difficulty,no repair) the tires survive. Any help would be great!!!
  12. Ok 😡 Thank you for the info.
  13. 👍I'm looking forward to it
  14. No, you just have to complete. maybe only career counts.no rival event's. just do a few more.
  15. For the 1000 ss stages i recommend 'Bot' (Spain). Can be done in 2:30min.
  16. I've try it already and it works all alone too,like in the other topic explained.
  17. We need a 'Race Master' fix NOW please!!!
  18. Like wrc 8 and ''perfectionist' trophy. Still cannot plat the game. That's Kylotonn.
  19. Looks like they don't care about a fix :-(
  20. You have to win a multiplayer stage for the trophy. Not just complete.
  21. Is this trophy still glitched? I do 4 wrc seasons with more than 15 objectives and no trophy. please help guys
  22. Is anyone looking for a friend to beat his Ghost-Time? If so please add me. xXBurniXx
  23. No. still not able to download a friends ghost.
  24. Hey. Ich suche auch noch jemanden für die online Trophäen. Psn.Id. xXBurniXx Aber 200 Rennen! Würde das jemand machen?
  25. Sind hier noch online Spieler?