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  1. You just have to open the photo mode on that locations
  2. maybe it would help if everyone reported the issue here. https://fs30.formsite.com/505games/acc-console/index.html
  3. compared to NH5 it is easier as there are no challenges. only time consuming because of the number of online races
  4. Master of all you need to add a livery to every car. but variety is the spice of life trophy is bugged
  5. this one (usa tribute) was by far the hardest time trial when the dlc came out,but was changed with an update.needed around 5-6h to complete
  6. i think the points were the same. when i played the ps4 version at least they were
  7. 8500 is silver,9000 gold,platinum 9500 and you have to drive at least 250km with the points without falling again,hope that helps
  8. Yes,can be done in race creator.
  9. since the ps5 system update the game crashes before almost every hive. is there anyone else like this?
  10. You have to win the sponsor event with the cobra
  11. i read the developers are thinking about it. hopefully it will come sooner or later
  12. Ok,good to know! thanx
  13. Same for me, but i don't think that counted as a real drift-event more than practice.
  14. Looks like someone obtained platinum. Anyone know something about an update?
  15. Fastest way is Daytona speedway. you need 500km (125 laps) with each bike for max affinity.
  16. you can also park your car next to the track and cross the finish line after 24 hours.
  17. does anyone know when the game is officially released?
  18. at the audi event it helps when you don't brake too hard and always give a little gas
  19. No,unfortunately only in 25th Anniversary mode at the audi event it helps when you don't brake too hard and always give a little gas.
  20. sorry but unfortunately can't help you with your problem.i started with the ps5 version first and maybe 2 weeks later with the ps4 version, both digitally.
  21. Hey guys ✌️ does someone know like 'finish an event with tires/brake-pads in critical condition' trophy works? i finished 2 events in career with 0% each but no trophy. do you have to destroy new tires/brake-pads during an event? thank you
  22. Try the Suzuki because it's the only bike with blinkers.
  23. unfortunately it's patched
  24. had the same problem with another dlc. one of the first event's repeating had helped