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  1. Firstly, the dash cam didn't record any exonerating evidence. AND even if it did, police have a long history of withholding that kind of evidence in cases or editing it so drastically that it doesn't paint an accurate picture of the events. Secondly, you are playing a game assuming the best resolution would have happened if they had just turned themselves in without actually studying real life situations where families have been separated (yes, even white families) for inane reasons. Lastly, let me get this straight... When you were 16 you knew how to solve every problem thrown at you in a reasonable and rational way? Yeah, Sean was dumb for running away, but in an adrenaline pumping situation where he probably killed someone, watched his father die, and was in a weird explosion... He reacted unreasonably, because it was an unreasonable situation. People and cops have reacted less reasonably in safer situations. Also, Daniel's depiction is spot on to my own when he was 9 years old and other children that I have had to interact with as a result of having a 9 year old. Sure, it might be a bit heavy handed, but Daniel grew up without a mother and with a brother who was trying hard to find his own identity.
  2. Found a topic on another forum. Thanks!
  3. I started it last week and have been having a lot of fun. I'm doing it legit (with the exception of 1 trophy, which doesn't make sense). I spent about 15 hours or so just building up my base once I got to a certain level unlocking a lot of furniture and items to build with. I am dreading getting to level 60 and having to redo everything I've done.
  4. Talk to the character disguised as a barrel up the way. Rest at the grace and fast travel anywhere. Fast travel back and change the time to daytime. She appeared for me after I did those steps.
  5. It has been a while since you posted, but I wanted to check to see if you had planned these saves long before the PS5 upgrade was installed. Thanks!
  6. I cannot get the downgrade to work. Whenever I try there is a "Query" field that updates every time I try and start the download again. So the result is the mapping that I try to do, does not work and the system continues to try and download the 1.12 patch. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  7. After a few tries, I wanted to add what worked for me. I used a friend's PS5 to do this, rather than the reset method because I didn't want my media files to no longer link to my trophies. I had already uploaded my save to the cloud before attempting this. Login (one time login) and install the base game and Sam's Story DLC. While waiting for the game to install, go to "Saved Data and Game/App Settings" > "Sync Saved Data" and disable save auto sync. This kept happening before I could stop it and auto synced my trophies too for some reason. As soon as the game has installed, restore your licenses on the console. Download your save file from the cloud. Disconnect from the internet. Start game and load up your Sam's Story save file. Make sure the trophies say 0/69 when you go back to the home screen, if it doesn't, your trophies auto synced (this was my issue repeatedly) and you must log out and log back in again and go back to Step 3. Beat the game and confirm the trophies pop. Sync your trophies with PlayStation Network. I finally got these trophies today after a few hours of messing around with it. What a headache. Good luck everyone!